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Alisa opens her eyes in shock and sees a capable woman dressed in OL standsbehind them to take pictures. She can't believe that there is a third party present. Is there any conscience in this bastard?

Davis moves out of Alisa's body, pulls on the pants chain, and drops a shirt on her. His smooth and expensive leather shoes heavily step on the green mobile phone. The poor cell phone breaks into pieces.

"Remember, if you tell the secret to anybody, do you know what your consequences are?" He takes the digital camera from the woman and shakes the taken picture under her eyes.

"See? If you want your sister to see this, you just go ahead and tell the truth! "

Alisa shivers and looks at the past. On the big camera screen, her legs are wide open and he presses them under his body with great clearness and profundity. He only leaves a back image. Tears of shame fall down her smooth cheeks, and her face turns ashy.

Davis puts on his suit calmly, cuts his short messy hair, and turns to tell his secretary, Nora. "Nora, save this digital camera for me first."

"Yes, President Davis!" Nora goes out calmly, and closes the door.

Davis gets close to Alisa's ear again, tugging at her ear with the tip of his tongue. His low ear is hot and twittering. "You are very coquettish when you call. It’s much to my liking! Why don't you think about being my underground lover? "

Alisa face is pale and she blushes from her neck to her ears as if it’s lighted by fire. "Asshole…" Alisa bites her lower lip and swipes at him.

His big hand tightly imprisons her arm and then shakes off it heavily.

"Do you want to fight with me? You don't have this power, neither now nor in the future…" With a grim smile on the corner of his mouth, he turns around calmly and strides away.

In the bathroom, Alisa turns the water to the maximum, and the hot water mixes with tears fall from her face. She tries desperately to wash her body, trying to get rid of all the dirty shame.

"Clang!" Cold water pours down her head and wet hair covers her eyes. She crouches on the wet floor, covers her face, and cries. Davis, you bastard, I won't let you go. An hour later, Alisa appears downstairs and looks a little glum.

"Alisa, why do you come down after such a long time…" Selena comes leisurely, thinking that she just asks Alisa to take some medicine for he, but she has left for more than an hour. If not for too many guests and she is unable to get away, she would have come to find her.

Alisa's wet hair is still stuck on her forehead, and her face is melancholy. This one hour is a nightmare for her.

"Sister, Dav…" Alisa painfully finds out that she can't call the man's brother-in-law any more.

"Alisa, what's the matter with you? Are you uncomfortable?"

Alisa shakes her head as hard as she can. As if she has made up her mind, she says, "Sister, please cancel this engagement ceremony!"

Selena looks at her strangely for a long time and smiles, "OK, little girl, where's my medicine…"

"Selena, your medicine is here…" A magnetic male voice sounds behind the sisters. Davis’s wild body appears in the sight of two people. His dark eyes is with a trace of wild, perfect lips hooks out a sinister smile, intentionally or unintentionally across Alisa's eyes.