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The next morning, I saw Zhao Yanyan frantically glancing around on her seat when I entered the classroom. Seeing that I had arrived, she quickly said, "Liu Lei, this is bad! My dad seems to have found out about the two of us!"

"Ah?" Although I already knew about it, but my heart still jumped. Zhao Junsheng didn't interrogate Zhao Yanyan last night did he? Hopefully this chick didn't say anything about me eating her, Zhao Junsheng did warn me!

"What did he say to you?" I immediately asked.

"Nothing really, it's just that he suddenly called me to a room alone and asked me, if there is someone called Liu Lei in my class. I said yes. He told me to ask you to come over tonight, since there's something he has to talk to you about," Zhao Yanyan said.

"He didn't ask anything else?" I asked worriedly.

"No, I found it weird as well, how does he know you? Don't you think he noticed something?" Zhao Yanyan was so frantic that her cheeks were bright red.

"It's fine, it's fine!" Hearing that it was just that, I relaxed.

"Are you going tonight?" Zhao Yanyan asked.

"Do you want me to go?" I asked her back with a smile.

"Ya! You're still laughing! What time is it, not worried at all," Zhao Yanyan said urgently.

"Nervous for what, what's weird about dad-in-law looking at the son-in-law, he might even be really happy and marry you to me," I said without worries.

"Ai! You've got me, why are you like this! Never mind, don't go tonight, I'm scared that my dad will beat you up when he gets agitated," Zhao Yanyan shook her head and said.

How could he bare to beat me up, I thought, he is still relying me to help him earn money. Thus I said, "Why shouldn't I go, of course I'll go. After all, if its fortune, it's not misfortune, if it's misfortune, then that's unavoidable."

"Ai, then okay. If my dad asks you about us, don't just say what comes to your mind, we have to just stand firm on saying that we're good friends!" Zhao Yanyan reminded me.

I didn't think that a good student like Zhao Yanyan would also act in collusions with others to ensure that their testimonies tallied with one another's. I answered her perfunctorily.

After school ended at night, I called home using a phone booth, and told them that I was going to visit a classmate's home.

My mom kept on asking if it was a boy or a girl, I lied to her saying that it was Guo Qing. My mom did know Guo Qing, he came over to my home once. Thus she didn't ask anymore, and merely told me to return earlier.

Zhao Yanyan brought me onto a Hongqi car, it looked exactly the same as Audi 100, as if they were twins. I really didn't understand how this car was designed.

Zhao Junsheng's home was in the developing area of Songjiang city, due to being busy at work, Zhao Yanyan often stayed in her grandfather's home. The apartments here were mostly duplex. In 1994, only people that are rather important in Songjiang city's business industry could afford to live here.

There was a very large living room once I entered the door, as well as a indoor staircase that can go onto the second floor. This type of luxurious suite is the dream home of many people ten years later.

Seeing that I arrived, Zhao Junsheng walked out of the door smiling, and said to me, "Xiao Liu, you came!"

"Uncle Zhao, you called me over after not seeing me a day, are you trying to bother me, your provisional son-in-law, to death!" I smiled.

"You're not serious at all, how would I dare to hand my daughter over to you!" Zhao Junsheng clapped my back and said laughingly.

"Heh~ It looks like you don't have any good intentions, was there some problem with the input method's introduction to the market?" I understood this old fox too well, would he invite me over to visit if there wasn't any problems? As if he's truly trying to deepen relationships.

"Hehe! Eat first, eat first, we'll talk about the rest of the stuff after dinner," Zhao Junsheng said while smiling.

Zhao Yanyan stared dumbfounded at the two of us who were acting all familiar, when she heard me proclaim myself as the provisional son-in-law, it scared her so much that her insides were all jumbled together, however her father's sentence "hand my daughter over to you" stunned her. What is going on?

"Yanyan stop spacing out, come and eat!" Zhao Junsheng called Zhao Yanyan, who was still standing dumbfounded at the door.

"Aiya, did Xiao Liu come?" a beautiful young woman wearing an apron came out form the kitchen. This must be Zhao Yanyan's mother.

"Hello, Auntie," I said politely.

"Don't be so courteous, call me Bomu. Old Zhao, get Xiao Liu to sit down first, I have a few dishes that aren't done in the kitchen!" Zhao Yanyan's mother turned around and went back into the kitchen.

"Do you drink, Xiao Liu?" Zhao Junsheng asked.

"A little," I didn't refuse, it's not good being too fake. I had a surprisingly good alcohol tolerance in my previous life, Zhao Yanyan's wedding was purely an accident.

"Then one bottle for each of us," Zhao Junsheng handed me a bottle of Songjiang beer. This is our Songjiang city's brand, and is very popular right now. However I knew, the factory will start going downhill form 1996, then endangered because of a few corrupt leaders, and finally bankrupt. The laid off employees would be countless. In truth, the taste of this beer is definitely not worse than the famous "Harbin Beer" and "Xingsanxing Beer", but it's fate was decided by it's identity as a nationalized business.

"No problem," I received the beer, and first poured a cu for Zhao Junsheng, than for myself.

"Good! Those that drink beer are real man, and will do great things in the future!" Zhao Junsheng praised.

"Dad, you're so annoying, how can you encourage him to drink beer?" Zhao Yanyan said unsatisfactorily. Although this chick didn't understand the relationship between her father and I, her ability to accept things was rather strong, and most importantly, her father didn't oppose us.

"Hehe. A grown girl truly can't be kept at home, she's not even married, and is already speaking on Xiao Liu's side!" Zhao Junsheng teased.

"Dad, what are you saying, I don't care about you anymore!" Zhao Yanyan's face immediately reddened.

At this moment, Zhao Yanyan's mother also carried the dishes over, "Old Zhao, what are you talking about with Xiao Liu and them?"

"Hehe, just talking about our daughter, Xiao Hui, came over quickly, we're all waiting for you," Zhao Junsheng said.

Zhao Yanyan's mother set the table, and sat down next to Zhao Junsheng, "Xiao Liu, no one's an outsider here, treat it as your home, don't be courteous and eat. I don't know if these dishes suit your preferences, so just put up with it."

"How can I, Bomu's dishes brings up my appetite with a look," I quickly said.

"Hehe, you kid," Zhao Yanyan's mother laughed.

"Mom, leave him alone, Liu Lei's going to feel embarrassed," Zhao Yanyan immediately got me a sparerib.

"Hehe, mom gave birth to you for nothing, how can your elbow turn to the outside⌈1⌋!" Zhao Yanyan's mother looked at me as if she meant something else.

"Mom, you said it yourself that Liu Lei isn't an outsider," Zhao Yanyan argued with a red face.

  1. It means that she's taking care of others better, commonly used to talk about girls treating their boyfriend better than their dad/rest of the family.