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"Okay okay, let's eat," Zhao Junsheng helped the two out of the predicament.

"Xiao Liu, tell Bomu about your plans," Zhao Yanyan's mother started interrogating me.

"Uhmm, Zhao Yanyan and I are still students, what plans can we have," I said embarrassedly.

"Xiao Liu, don't be shy. Junsheng told everything about you to me, at the start Junsheng told me that there is a boy that is quite close to Yanyan in school, I was really angry then, and wanted to immediately get Yanyan to bring the person here to ask him who he was. However Junsheng didn't want me to interfere, and said let's wait a while and see. Then yesterday, Junsheng suddenly told me that our daughter found a gold mine --" When Mother Zhao said these, Zhao Yanyan almost buried her head under the table. Mother Zhao continued, "I asked Junsheng what happened, he asked me if I remember the boy that was close with Yanyan? I said of course. Junsheng then said, he saw him today, and made a software and wanted to cooperate with their company, although I don't really understand, but I didn't believe a child could make anything amazing. Then Junsheng told me that, the software the kid made is at the top of the country, if it was used well, then the profits is definitely above ten million. Xiao Liu, essentially Junsheng almost praises you as a god. Originally I was still very much opposing the relationship between the two of you, but then Junsheng said you definitely have the ability to bring Yanyan happiness, so I didn't say much."

I clearly understood Zhao Yanyan's mother's meaning, after saying so much, she just wanted to indirectly tell me that she acquiesced in Zhao Yanyan and my relationship.

Zhao Junsheng continued, "Liu Lei, although you have a shocking talent in computing, you have to work hard in academics too. I heard that your results in the Senior Entrance Exam weren't really good, Yanyan will be going to Huaxia University in the future, if you can't get in, then we can't help you."

Ai! Typical Huaxia parents, I had thought that Zhao Junsheng's view was already modern, I couldn't expect that it still didn't move away from the traditions. After going through primary school, middle school and university, I clearly understood that the majority of the knowledge learnt at school will not be used at work. However Zhao Junsheng was underestimating me too much, even if I didn't get reborn, it was guaranteed that I would get into Huaxia University.

"Uncle Zhao, it's nearly the mid-term exams, I think I will not disappoint you guys," I promised.

"Dad, don't just say things. Liu Lei's academics are great, look if you don't believe me!" saying that, she opened her backpack and showed something she took out from it.

I immediately started sweating a lot, isn't that my 100 marks English test paper?

Zhao Yanyan's parents looked at my exam paper, Zhao Yanyan's mother said confusedly, "Old Zhao, didn't you inquire about it? I remember that even Yanyan didn't get 100 in this test? It looks like Xiao Zhao's academics aren't bad!"

Zhao Junsheng scratched his head embarrassedly, "I'm not so sure either, Old Gao said he went to check the school files."

My god, so this family have researched about me from ages ago, if I didn't meet Zhao Junsheng coincidentally, it would still be hidden from me for who knows how long.

I embarrassedly gazed at my test paper and explained, "I guessed it, guessed it."

Zhao Yanyan put away the test paper, then said, "Che, you say you guessed it every single time, who would believe you."

"However I have a question," Zhao Junsheng asked in a weird tone, "Xiao Liu, why is your test paper in Yanyan's backpack?"

Zhao Yanyan and I didn't know how to answer.

After dinner, Zhao Junsheng called me alone to the study, I knew that he must have some serious maters.

Zhao Yanyan's mother also understandably got Zhao Yanyan to another room to do god knows what.

"Xiao Liu, after you left yesterday, the company had a conference just for your input method, everyone thinks that your input method has a future, and there's no problem popularizing it. However have you thought about how Huaxia's software industry is different from the foreign countries, there is a serious problem here," Zhao Junsheng frowned when he said this.

"Are you taking about pirated versions?" I immediately guessed what Zhao Junsheng was talking about, pirated versions, it didn't only exist in the 90s. Piracy was also a rather major issue in my previous life, even worse than it is in this era, pirated software were all over the internet.

"That's right! In Huaxia's computing industry currently, knowledge of copyrights is still rather lacking, I think that even the WPS used in your Shao Nian Gong is not the official version," Zhao Junsheng said worriedly.

"Hehe, I already thought about this problem, Uncle Zhao, we can encrypt the software!" I told him all about the software protection methods that were commonly seen in my previous life.

"Encrypt? I've heard of it, isn't that just having a manual for every software, and when he software starts, it will random ask the what the line of number is on a random page in the manual, if it is answered wrong then the software won't run, are you talking about that?" Zhao Junsheng asked.

"Uncle Zhao, that's just one of the types of encryption, this method is already outdated!" I said.

"I feel like that too, this does not achieve the goal of encryption at all, anyone that wants to use the software just have to photocopy the manual once, even if they don't photocopy it, the people in the same company can still share a manual," Zhao Junsheng nodded and said, "Unless you have a better idea?'

"Yes, Uncle Zhao, we can encrypt it using a registration code!" I said.

"Registration code? What's a registration code?" Zhao Junsheng asked weirdly.

Ai! It seems like people haven't been using this method to encrypt software in 1994! Thus I explained, "What I mean is that the same software can be installed onto different computers, and then will generate a registry ID that is unique through checking the registry code of the computer, then we can create a password through customer service after they give us this ID number, which would be the registration code, the user can only use the input method properly after the corresponding registration code has been inputted.

"This idea is too amazing! Xiao Liu, how did you think of it?" Zhao Junsheng said excitedly. The problem that he thought would cause a lot of headache was easily solved by me within a few sentences.

I shook my head, I only spoke out the experience from my previous life, within a short period of time, this encryption method will spread through the entire world.

"I just thought of it casually!" I waffled.

"Thought of it casually? Xiao Liu, did you know that, if we continue to develop this encryption software, we can earn tons of money just from that! It seems like I was right, my daughter found a gold mine!" Zhao Junsheng said happily.

"Hehe," I laughed fakely with embarrassment, I was completely plagiarizing!