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"I'll find someone to finish the software encryption?" Zhao Junsheng asked.

"I'll do it myself, since it is my idea, so it'll be easily to make it into a reality!" It's not that I don't trust the programmers under Zhao Junsheng's control, it's just that they have never done anything like this before, and it wouldn't be a small joke if the encryption they created was too easily cracked.

"Sure, when will you finish it? The earlier out software goes into the market the better, including the time to get it approved I hope to have it in the market before the year ends!" Zhao Junsheng asked.

"I don't have a computer at home, so I'll do it on Sunday when I go to Shao Nian Gong, I'll give it to you next Monday!" I said.

"What? You have no computer at home?" Zhao Junsheng asked shockingly.

"Yeah, why?" I asked, what's there to be surprised about, it'll was more weird for a family to be able to afford a computer in 1994.

"Then you wrote the input method in Shao Nian Gong?" Zhao Junsheng asked.

"Yeah!" I answered.

"Have you had any exposure to computers before going to Shao Nian Gong?" Zhao Junsheng was even more surprised.

"Nope," I didn't know how to answer, if I said I did, then that'll lead to my rebirth, that is my secret, I don't want anyone to know. Furthermore, I truly didn't have any exposure to computers in this life, so my answer doesn't count as a lie.

"What!?" Zhao Junsheng's eyeballs were about to fall out, he really didn't know what to say.

After a long while, Zhao Junsheng finally calmed down and said, "I finally understood what is meant by a genius, it looks like our family's Yanyan isn't worthy of you!"

"Uncle Zhao, don't say that!" Guilt appeared in my heart.

"How about this, Xiao Liu. I'll gift you the computer in my study, since I don't use it at home anyways," Zhao Junsheng pointed at the computer on the desk.

"How can that be fine!" I immediately refused, you have to know that a computer costs ten-thousand something to twenty-thousand.

"How can that not be fine, I'm not giving it to you for free, accepting it is to work for the company!" Zhao Junsheng said pretending to be unhappy.

"Okay!" I said. It wouldn't be good if I continued to refuse, since it is for the company.

"Okay, I'll get Old Gao to send you back. It's getting late, your family will be worried if you don't go back soon," Zhao Junsheng said as he started moving the computer on the desk.

"I'll do it," I received the monitor in Zhao Junsheng's hands.

Due to the issue with time, Zhao Yanyan didn't get me to stay any longer, but I would clearly feel the unwillingness to part in her eyes.

Zhao Junsheng held the system unit and sent me down stairs, then got Old Gao to put everything in the trunk.

Oh! I started getting anxious again. I got a computer out of nowhere, how am I supposed to explain it when I get home?

"Leilei, what's going on?" Seeing I carry the computer into the room, my mom asked me strangely.

"Shao Nian Gong's Xu-laoshi lent it to me, I got two first place when I went to compete in Yanjing, Xu-laoshi said I'm gifted, and so lent me one to practice at home," I said out the excuse I thought of on the road.

Hearing me say that, my mom didn't have anymore queries, but started asking about something else," Leilei, you got two first places in the last competition? My mom asked surprisingly.

"Yeah, why?" I only just noticed that I didn't tell my parents about getting awards last time. My parents probably thought I couldn't get any places so they didn't ask me either.

"Then why didn't you tell us after coming back? Not telling us such a big thing!" My mom said excitedly, "Old Liu, come out, our son brought back two first place the last time he went to compete in Yanjing!"

Hearing that, my dad hurriedly came out from the study, " What, Xiao Lei, you got two first places?"

I nodded.

"Quickly let mom and dad have a look at the certificate, ha, now I, Old Liu, also have bragging rights. I get so annoyed when my co-workers talk about their family's kid doing this and that, now it's their turn!" My dad said happily.

Certificate? Oh god! My certificate were robbed away by Zhao Yanyan… When we came back this chick said that the certificates weren't safe with me, and would safe keep it for me, and said that it might add marks when I apply for university in the future, what'll I do if I loose it. However, I knew that this chick probably went to keep it in her collection again.

"The certificates are with Xu-laoshi, he wants to photocopy it for the records," I waffled.

"Ooh! Old Liu, since our son got a prize, should we buy something to visit Xu-laoshi!" My mom suggested.

"Yes, we should, we should. Son, Let's go to class together this Sunday, your mother and I want to thank your Xu-laoshi." My dad said.

"Okay!" I answered. It looks like I have to give Geezer Xu a heads-up, or else it would be terrible if the truth came out there.

I really quickly finished the encryption for the input method. This technology was everywhere after 2000, it could be said to have reached it's peak after 2010, stuff like the RSA were all used in it. After encrypting it, I added a shell to the input method's program, I think that this technology should not be cracked until after 2000.

The input method could be said as my first step to making a business, originally I wanted to sell it out in one go, but from the looks of the Huaxia software market, it would not b able to sell for much. After much thought, I decided not to sell it all, and cooperate with Zhao Junsheng instead. Although this manner of cooperation will bring long-term benefits, and the profits will be far greater than selling it out in one go, but this would require a very long time for me to get my startup funds. To myself, who has been reborn, time is money, I cannot afford to wait.

It's nearing the end of 1994, 1995 was coming soon. In 1995, a lot of big things will occur. Huaxia's internet just started, specific websites were just developed, Intel's first generation Pentium CPU had just started it's development phrase, the storage of SDRAM started to become popularized, Microsoft's Windows 95 was also officially released.

In which areas would I be able to get a share of profit? The CPU's core technology of this era is no longer a secret after 2010, storage has already went into the era of DDR3, Microsoft's Windows 7 was popularized, the next operating system was also in development.

I could introduce a higher frequency CPU before Intel, or release the DDR technology, or even release Windows 98 before Windows 95. However this all needed money, it needed me to start a large research group, although I have the technology and experience from my previous life, but this was very hard to achieve by myself.

Funds! This really was a problem. Suddenly, a sinister plan appeared in my head.