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If I release Pentium MMX's information out, then I think their old owners would definitely be very interested in it right? Hehe, I can sell the technology that I have which is slightly ahead of this era's to the corresponding company, this should bring about a huge profit.

I started just as I decided to do it, and climbed up from the bed in the middle of the night, and begun to make my moneymaking plan. Everything was so much easier with the computer Zhao Junsheng gave me.

First I will claim that I am an expert a a certain academy in Huaxia, and started a project, but don't have the funds for production, so I was prepared to give it to someone else. I then listed the technical specifications for the MMXCPU series, as well as some of the core information, this will all be rather vague, so I won't be scared if they take it as their own after seeing it. They wouldn't be able to create anything with just these information.

After that I followed this method, and wrote a letter to Seagate, claiming that I invented the Fluid Dynamic Bearing technology, this was a unique technology that was only introduced in 1996 by Seagate, the thought of this probably doesn't exist yet.

Similarly, there was one for Microsoft as well, claiming that I invented a new version of the operating system, I listed all of the functions and specialties of Windows 98, and a small amount of code. At the same time, I also said that I also sent the same plan to IBM.

After this, it was already becoming white outside the window, the sky was getting bright.

I put everything I wrote into a floppy disk, and prepared to go and find Zhao Junsheng, to ask him if there was anywhere with access o internet, I had to send these out as quickly as possible.

I think that Microsoft would definitely not believe my plan after seeing it, they might even send a few people over to see if I really had the thing, it looks like I needed to write it all out quickly. Although I did participate in the development of several versions of Windows in my previous life, it was still rather hard to write out an entire operating system in a short period of time, it was lucky that I had studied the code for Windows 98 in my previous life, and so it doesn't take that much effort.

Hehe, how much should I sell it for? Intel relied on this Pentium MMX to get big, the technology of Seagate wasn't worth that much, as for Microsoft… Just wait for me to demand an exorbitant price!

The next morning, I called Zhao Yanyan when my mom was making breakfast, and told her that I had some business at her dad's company in the morning, if Ye Xiaoxiao asks, then help me ask for a leave, if she doesn't ask then there's no need to take the initiative and tell her.

After breakfast, I went directly to Zhao Junsheng's Tianheng Computers. Zhao Junsheng's company name was really in front of its time, most people within the country called the PC as "jisuanji" in 1994, very few people called it "diannao".⌈1⌋

Zhao Yanyan probably told Zhao Junsheng that I was going there, so the moment I entered the door, the receptionist directly told me that Director Zhao was waiting for me in his office.

"Xiao Liu, why did you come to find me at the company so early in the morning?" Zhao Junsheng asked when he saw me enter.

"I already finished encrypting the input method, and came to let you have a look," I said after I put down my backpack.

"Oh? So fast? Didn't we just decide it last night?" Zhao Junsheng was now completely immune to my abnormality.

"To be truthful, I already had a plan for this type of encryption method, it's just that I only put it into action last night," I explained.

"Is that so! However, even if there was a plan, other people definitely wouldn't be able to finish it in one night. Quickly take it out for me to have a look!" Zhao Junsheng said impatiently.

I took out a floppy disk and plugged it into the computer on Zhao Junsheng's desk, and started running the input method software. A frame popped-up in the screen with two choices, one was "Trial", the other one was "Register".

"This software can only be used for thirty days without registering after installing, if registration is not done after thirty days then it can't be used," I explained to Zhao Junsheng.

"Oh! Not bad!" Zhao Junsheng said. "But if it is re-installed after thirty days, then can't you use it for another thirty days?" Zhao Junsheng questioned.

"Hehe," I laughed. "I thought about this problem ages ago, once the software trial ends, then a bit of information will be left in the main boot record, it doesn't matter how you re-install the software, once it runs, it will recognize the information left in the main boot record, the only method is to reformat the entire hard drive!"

"That's a pretty evil move!" Zhao Junsheng said admirably.

I copied the file for registering the computers for Zhao Junsheng, and reminded him several times that he needs to pay attention to the safety, and cannot allow it to leak out. Otherwise it would be terrible.

Zhao Junsheng was very happy, and immediately called his secretary over, and got her to contact all the related departments, and send the input method to be approved. I named the input method, "Shuguang Pinyin 1.0".

As for sales and advertisements, I gave Zhao Junsheng's company complete control. I don't need to worry about Zhao Junsheng lying to me about the sales numbers, since the my objective to earn money is essentially the same. Zhao Junsheng's purpose of earning money is for his daughter, and I was also earning money for his daughter.

"Oh yeah, Uncle Zhao, do you know where in Songjiang can I get onto the web?" I nearly forgot about an important matter.

"Get onto the web? You mean Internet right?" Zhao Junsheng said after thinking about it for a bit.

"Yes, the Internet!" I said.

"Songjiang University's computer suite seems to be linked onto the Internet, I heard a few university students said something about going to InfoHighway." Zhao Junsheng said.

That's great! I thought I had to go to Yanjing to get onto the net.

"Then do you know anyone in Songjiang University? I want to borrow their computer to send a few emails," I said.

"Oh! This shouldn't be a problem. I know their head of computing, he bought Chinese character cards from our company before.

"Uncle Zhao, then please help me contact him, it would be best if it is today, I'm in a hurry," I said. Time is money to me!

"Okay, although I don't know what you're going to do, but Uncle Zhao will support you," after saying that, Zhao Junsheng flipped through a phonebook. After a while, he picked up the phone and dialed a number.

"Hello, is it Mr. Huang?"

"I'm Tianheng's Zhao Junsheng!"

"Yes, that's me, I want to ask if your computer suite can connect onto the Internet?"

"It can, that's great! I have a friend's child that wants to send a few emails!"

"Okay, I'll send him over to find you!"

Zhao Junsheng hung up the phone and said to me, "Xiao Liu, I contacted them for you, go to Songjiang University's computer center, directly find Mr. Huang, and say that I introduced you to there. I'm quite busy here, so I won't accompany you, I'll get Old Gao to send you over."

  1. Jisuanji () and Diannao () both mean computer, but the latter is more commonly used nowadays.