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I thanked him, than sat on Old Gao's car and went straight to Songjiang University's computer center.

The subsequent things proceeded very smoothly, Mr. Huang didn't ask me anything before helping me find a computer that can go onto the internet. It's just that the email system under DOS wasn't easy to handle, so I took quite a bit of time to finally send the three emails.

The contact number I left was my home's number, and to prevent missing the call when I'm not home, I specified that I can only pick up the phone between 19:00 and 20:00 of the Yanjiang time. In the email I used the status as an agent, claiming to be the relative of the expert that have achieved these results, due to the expert's place in society, it would be inconvenient for him to do it in person, and so has asked me to handle this as I see fit.

The reason I did this was simple, I didn't want to let these companies know that the one who has designed these plans is still a high school student. It would be hard for them not to become suspicious after knowing all this, hence may reveal the fact that I have been reborn.

After doing these things, it was already noon. Old Gao was still downstairs, and didn't leave yet, so I got him to send me back to school. Old Gao's was always respectful to me after knowing Zhao Junsheng's attitude towards me, as if he has already treated me as the son-in-law of the Zhao family.

I met Guo Qing, who had just finished lunch and returned, when I just got back to school, "Boss, where did you go in the morning?"

"I had some business to deal with, did Ye-laoshi ask about me?" I asked.

"No, you're awesome now, Ye-laoshi pretty much doesn't care about you now," Guo Qing said in envy.

"What's good about this, I'm being neglected," I didn't know why, I actually wanted Ye Xiaoxiao to pay more attention to me. I know that I hold an unspeakable feeling towards her after my rebirth, I don't know if this was adoration, it's just a desire to conquer her.

"Oh yeah, Boss, there's a huge good news!" Guo Qing said excitedly.

"What good news? You picked up some money?" I remember whenever Guo Qing told me that there was good news, it would almost always be him coincidentally picking up money from the road.

"What, what kind of good news does picking up money count as! It was on today's newspaper that our city's Zhonghuifa Corporation's chairman of the board was arrested due to corruption and abuse of power!" Guo Qing said extremely excitedly.

Zhonghuifa Corporation? Isn't that a national business that have a lot of official background? They would often get some governmental projects! Zhonghuifa Corporation's chairman of the board is Liu Kesheng's father, Liu Ran! Zhao Yanyan told me afterwards.

"Zhonghuifa Corporation? You're talking about Liu Ran?" I asked in surprise.

"That's right! Liu Kesheng's dad! Fuck, let's see if he's still so pretentious later, I'll find a chance to beat him up again," Guo Qing waved his fist.

Liu Ran was arrested? Although I didn't know Liu Ran in my previous life, it was impossible for me not to have known something as big as Zhonghuifa Corporation's chairman of the board being arrested. The only possibility was that Liu Ran was not arrested in my previous life, and it should be due to Zhao Yanyan that the higher ups has paid attention to Liu Ran, causing evidence of his criminal activities to surface. History has been completely messed up after I was reborn, but hopefully the general direction will not change, or else it would have been pointless for me to get reborn. I thought while frowning.

Liu Kesheng didn't come to school the following few days, I think that this brat got used to waving his father's power around, and now that they're gone he was scared of being looked down upon.

I also started my long wait, after sending the email, no one called my home in the following three days. If it wasn't because I was clear about the technological values in these data, I would have even thought that these companies were not interested in my data. Of course, the other possibility was that these companies were intentionally dragging it on, to lower the price of the data.

Intel's call only came slowly a week after the emails have been sent.

"Hello, is this Mr. Liu Ran?" the other person asked using fluent Chinese.

"Yes, and you are?" I asked.

"I am the representative of the Intel company, my surname is Xu," the other person said.

"Oh, it's Mr. Xu, I wonder if your company has seen the email I have sent you?" I asked.

"Mr. Liu, this call is precisely for those information. About the project written on the data that you have sent us, our company has already started it's development at the start of the ear, so the value isn't that great to us. However if the price is right, then we can also consider it," Representative Xu said.

Heh! Trying to fool me. There is no one more familiar than me about when you release Pentium MMX. If I hadn't been reborn, I might have actually believed your crap.

I said without tension, "Is that so, then I won't trouble you any longer. I have already reached an initial agreement with AMD, they are very interested in my data.

As expected, Representative Xu went silent, after a long while he said, "Mr. Liu, what I said just now is only the opinions of some of the board of directors, the chair has not made the final decision. Please don't sign the contract with AMD yet, give me a day, I believe our final price will be higher than AMD's. I wonder if it is possible for Mr. Liu to reveal AMD's price?"

Are you treating me like a fool, you would dare to call me to cooperate before the chair of the board has made his decision? Of course I wouldn't point it out either.

"About this, I cannot give any specifics, but I can tell you that their price is definitely no lower than a hundred million," I think that this price could be considered cheap in comparison to the huge profits that this type of processor will bring.

"Huaxia currency?" Representative Xu asked probingly.

"USD! One hundred million Huaxia currency isn't even enough for the research funds," I wasn't exaggerating, I believe the other party was also clear about this

After that Seagate's call also quickly came, the contents were more or less the same with Intel's, and they were also done in by my claim to have the intention to sell it to Maxtor.

Microsoft's call came the slowest, the other person first showed disbelief, they completely didn't believe that Huaxia had someone that could make an operating system. I didn't argue with them either, I just said they if they're not interested then I'll contact IBM, in the end Microsoft said that they will send someone over to see the truth.

19:00 the following night, I received Intel and Seagate's call. There was no bullshit in the calls this time, Intel directly said that they are willing to buy the data for a hundred and fifty million USD. However they needed to do the exchange in person, they will send experts to verify the validity of the data in the next few days. Seagate also said that they are willing to pay 10 million USD, but I specified that it has to be written on the contract that Seagate only owns the right to use this technology and not the patent. At the same time I cannot give this technology to a third party. This is because I know that there is a second and third generation for the Fluid Dynamic Bearing technology. These are all my capital to make money.