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The approval of the input method from Zhao Junsheng's side was more or less smooth the entire way through. Due to it being an original high tech product, the country was also going to give a bit of support.

At the start of November 1994, Shuguang Pinyin 1.0 was official introduced to the market, the price was set at 198 Yuan. This price was already very low in the software market at the time. Due to the copy of Shuguang Pinyin being free of charge, anyone can ask for it, a trend of using Shuguang Pinyin input method flowed through the country. Since it was easy to use, and could automatically recognize hard to pronounce words, it made a lot of people put down their original input methods, and chose Shuguang Pinyin.

A month later, checks alongside requests to buy the registered version were sent to Tianheng Computers like snowflakes, everyone at Tianheng, including the receptionists were busy taking calls or receiving checks. Zhao Junsheng couldn't not enlarge the size of the company to deal with the lack of manpower.

For my share of the profit, Zhao Junsheng helped me open an anonymous account in Huaxia bank, this was also specified by me. Due to the arrival of the Intel and Seagate representative, I had to find an account to place the funds.

The cooperation with Intel and Seagate was very smooth, both of them were very satisfied with the data I provided. They all asked to be prioritized if I have any new research results in the future. This was just a simple favor to me, so I agreed, and told them that my relative was a high ranked official at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, so it would be inconvenient for him to met in person, so all future actions will be handled by me.

After hearing that, both of them respectively gave me an extra 10 million and 3 million Huaxia currency, in order for me to prioritize considering their company under the same terms in the future. I agreed ambiguously, and both returned happily.

I looked at the 160 million dollars on my bank account, and laughed coldly in my heart. Now that I have the money, I can produce it myself, continue to cooperate with you guys? Dream on!

The sales report of the first month for Shuguang input method came out really quickly, Zhao Junsheng said excitedly to me," Xiao Liu, do you know how much we sold? 2200 copies! We only gave out 3000 trial versions, and 2200 wants to be registered!"

I was very calm towards this result, this was only the beginning, there will be more in the future.

Seeing that I wasn't speaking, Zhao Junsheng though that it was because I could speak due to the sheer excitement. He continued, "Subtracting the fees for approval and the advertisement, our net profit reached 330 thousand! It's 330 thousand Xiao Liu, your profit in a month has caught up to Uncle Zhao's profit in a year!"

"Hehe, Uncle Zhao, I think this is only the beginning! There will definitely be more money earned in the future!" I said while smiling.

"Yes! This is just the beginning! I, Uncle Zhao, will follow you from now on, I really admire you now!" Zhao Junsheng said sincerely.

Zhao Junsheng, also my dad-in-law, was trustworthy. A plan begun to surface in my mind.

That morning, I arrived at school, and was immediately called to Ye Xiaoxiao's office by her.

"Liu Lei, why are you always absent recently?" Ye Xiaoxiao sat in front of the desk, and asked bluntly.

So she was still clear about me being absent, I thought I was neglected.

"I'm asking you something, why are you laughing like an idiot!" Ye Xiaoxiao glared at me unhappily.

"It's nothing, it's just when I think about having Ye-laoshi, this gorgeous beauty, thinking about me, I get really happy," I said casually. To be truthful, I really didn't treat Ye Xiaoxiao as an adult, her age is just a little child in my yes.

"What are you saying! I'm your teacher, who knows what your brain is thinking all the time," Ye Xiaoxiao frowned.

"I'm just speaking the truth! Oh yeah, Ye-laoshi, do you have a boyfriend?" A crafty smile cropped up on the corner of my mouth

"… What are you asking this for?" Ye Xiaoxiao's face immediately reddened, just like a little woman.

Hehe, it is obvious that she doesn't have one from her reactions, there's eighty percent chance that she's still a little girl that hasn't done anything. Thinking to this point, an inexplicable excitedly appeared in my heart.

"Only by understanding each other can it be easier to communicate!" I said with another layer of meaning, however Ye Xiaoxiao probably wouldn't think that my other layer of meaning is that only by understanding each other can the possibility of becoming lovers come up.

"Ai!" Ye Xiaoxiao sighed, "Then let me understand you first!"

"So what does Ye-laoshi want to understand?" I said playfully.

"Why didn't you come to class these few days?" Ye Xiaoxiao asked.

My god, after all that, it's back to this again. This Ye Xiaoxiao is truly persistent.

"Something happened at home," I explained.

"What happened?" Ye Xiaoxiao clearly didn't believe my excuse.

"Ye-laoshi, let's talk about something else. Such as what is your ideal boyfriend like?" My playful self surfaced again, and couldn't help but tease.

"Definitely not someone like you!" Ye Xiaoxiao was really angry, and didn't think about what I said and directly blurted out.

However, after saying that, she realized that she misspoke.

How can she say something like that to her own students. Ye Xiaoxiao didn't like pursuers, those pursuers always liked to ask what her ideal Prince Charming is like, at the start Ye Xiaoxiao would answer perfunctorily, but she got sick of it later on, and directly used "Not someone like you" to reject them. Therefore, when her own student asked that, Ye Xiaoxiao also subconsciously through out such a line.

"Is that so, then that's a shame, it looks like it's hopeless for me. Then I wonder if I can become Ye-laoshi's friend?" I asked with a hidden agenda.

"Okay," Ye Xiaoxiao was still embarrassed about what had just happened, and didn't notice what I had said, so randomly answered.

"Oh, that's great. If there's nothing else then I'll leave first," I said to Ye Xiaoxiao.

"Okay, leave first," Ye Xiaoxiao answered carelessly.

When Ye Xiaoxiao finally reacted, the person in front of her already left the office. What happened to me? Ye Xiaoxiao muttered to herself, originally I wanted to scold him harshly, I didn't think I'll get tricked by a few sentences, and then even agreed to be his friend in confusion. Ye Xiaoxiao got angry thinking about it, how can a teacher be friends with their students.

When I got of the office, I joyfully sang, "That night, you didn't reject me, that night~…"

Ye Xiaoxiao, how old are you, you're just past twenty at most, I'm already thirty! You're still too inexperienced to play with me.

The moment I entered the classroom, Zhao Yanyan stuck to me. I didn't come to school these few days while busy handling the things about Intel, there's eighty percent chance that this chick missed me.

"Not coming to school for some long, I miss you so much!" Zhao Yanyan said in grievance.

"That's because I had proper business! Furthermore, it's not that many days," I clenched Zhao Yanyan's soft hands and said.