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"Heh! I just feel like you don't like me anymore," Zhao Yanyan deliberately turned away pretending to be angry. However her round eyes betrayed her. Although she turned her face around, her gaze was still on me.

"Okay, okay didn't I come back now!" I spoiled her.

"Liu Lei, I missed you. My dad and mom aren't home tonight…" Zhao Yanyan whispered beside my ear.

I felt a sudden sense of excitement. Speaking of which, ever since we came back from Yanjiang, Zhao Yanyan and I didn't do anything like that anymore, this chick has probably started to get lovesick.

"Ai, Boss, you can' be like this! You didn't come for four five days, and started getting intimate with saozi.⌈1⌋ You're too unkind right? Isn't this typical hoes before bros?" A voice sounded out behind me, I didn't need to turn my head to know that it must be my best friend Guo Qing.

"How about getting intimate between the two of us?" I turned back with a smile, with a lecherous expression.

"Never mind, I don't have any unhealthy interests," Guo Qing waved his hand, and pointed to the people behind him, "What are you looking at? This is my boss, are you all dumb?"

"Boss's boss? Then what should we address him as?" A bulky student asked.

"Boss's boss? Isn't that our ancestor?" Another glasses wearing student that looked slightly educated said.

Fuck this, where did these people come from? And ancestor? After a while I'll fucking be Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang.⌈2⌋

"Who are they?" I pointed to the strangers and asked.

"Them? They're third years in our school, you weren't here the previous few days boss, these people came to our class to ask for protection fees. I can't just beat up Liu Kesheng whenever I don't have anything to do, causing that brat to just ran away the moment he sees me. My fists were itching at the time, so I just beat these few up on the way, I didn't think they would forcefully make me admit that I'm their boss!" Guo Qing explained.

"So you agreed?" I asked.

"Hehe, Boss, I'm now the Boss of our Fourth High, I can walk sideways even in front of second and third years!" Guo Qing said proudly.

I remember that Guo Qing didn't only say once to me that his dream was to be a boss like in The Godfather, surrounded by money and beauties, cash and jewelry.

I, who had been reborn, changed Guo Qing's personality, causing him to start developing towards his ideal self. Now that Guo Qing has become the Boss of Fourth High, what about after a while? He might even continue to development onto the society. I, who had been reborn, deeply knew that at the end of the 90s, countless underworld gangs were eliminated by the government, was this actually a walkable path? I started becoming unsure.

If Guo Qing really walk onto this path, then it'll be very beneficial to my future business. In Huaxia, a lot of industries cannot separate from the underworld. The most obvious one is the entertainment industry, after that is real estate, logistics etc. also have certain ties with the underworld.

However Guo Qing was a close friend, and the only friend that I would spill my heart to in my previous life, I don't want anything to happen to him. I knew that, being a godfather has always been his dream, he also said that in his previous life that if he becomes boss, even death is worth it.

What should I do? Finally I clenched my teeth, let nature take its course! Guo Qing's nature wasn't bad, as long as I guide him correctly, and not let him take curbed path, then we can give it a shot.

The rich bosses with power and money didn't have to be involved in illegal business, a lot of the people were in gray areas, and had a bunch of lackeys, yet opened a guard company or other types of business and became legal.

These companies, didn't deal with drugs, and were only tended to rule by force, as long as they didn't harm the civilians, it wasn't a bad path to walk down.

It looks like this would rely on my correct guidance, I can't give Guo Qing walk down an illegal path, otherwise, something will occur. Thinking that Guo Qing had me beside him to watch over him, I let out a sigh of relief.

"Elder Zhao, according to our investigations, a large amount of funds has been transferred into an anonymous account in Huaxia Bank from overseas," a person wearing glasses was reporting on his work in an office.

"Oh? How much money?" Zhao Limin put down the pen in his hand and asked.

"160 million USD!" the person wearing glasses said.

"What? Why is there so much money?" Zhao Limin exclaimed.

"Yes, that's why we felt it was important, do you think we need to tell the higher-ups?" the person wearing glasses asked.

"This cannot be treated casually!" Zhao Limin frowned. Such a large some of money appearing suddenly, and it was transferred into an anonymous account, there can't be any problems right?

After the person wearing glasses left, Zhao Limin immediately reported it to the department in concern.

After school, I randomly made up an excuse to tell my mom, saying that I wasn't going back at night. Then followed Zhao Yanyan into her home in the development area.

As I entered the house, before I had a chance to change shoes, Zhao Yanyan grabbed my neck with both her hands, and hung onto me…

"Ya, it's seven!" I was sleeping peacefully, when I was awoken by Zhao Yanyan's scream.

"Oh, it's just seven! Worst come to worse we just won't go today!" I stretched and said.

"What! Today is midterm exams! We won't make it if we don't hurry!" Zhao Yanyan said anxiously.

Midterm exams?? This was really a coincidence, the second day I went back to school it was the midterm tests.

"Aiya, where are my panties? Where did you throw it, help me find it," Zhao Yanyan ran naked around in front of me.

"Please, you took it off at the entrance," I climbed off the bed, and started getting dressed.

Zhao Yanyan and I got to school at exactly seven fifteen, ten minutes before the exams.

I answered the exam paper without any difficulty in boredom. The final question for English was writing a small composition, an idea with a hint of terribleness surfaced in my mind. What should I write about? I don't know why, but I immediately thought about the erotica I read only in my previous life, what should I write? Liu Lei's epic battle with Ye Xiaoxiao? Never mind, the maiden seems pretty pure, if she has any bad reactions after seeing my composition then I'll be finished. I should probably write something a bit more subtle, such as my class tutor and I were great friends, I loved her a lot, she also loved me a lot. Gaga, this is a great idea!

After ten minutes, I placed down the test paper in front of Ye Xiaoxiao in satisfaction, and walked blatantly out of the classroom.

"How did it go?" Guo Qing walked out from the building with a cigarette in his mouth.

  1. Saozi () = Brother's wife, and since Boss () also means the eldest brother, 's wife is naturally saozi.
  2. ://