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"What's the problem with you? Who did you learn it from?" I pointed towards the cigarette in Guo Qing's mouth. This brat didn't smoke in the previous life!

"Hehe, I just learnt. How about it Boss, have one?" Guo Qing took out a box of Hongtashan from his pocket.

"Wow, kid, you're smoking 10 kuai smokes!: I waved my hand to refuse. I still want to quit smoking in this life.

"My lackeys gave it to me," Guo Qing said proudly.

"Why did you hand in the paper so quickly?" I saw him hand in the paper right after me.

"My brain is completely not suited to study! I thought about it, I'll stop studying after graduating high school. University isn't for my kind of people to apply to!" Guo Qing threw the smoke head onto the floor, and stomped it out.

"Why can you do if you don't study?" To be truthful, I do hope that this best friend of mine could walk onto a proper path and get into a good university.

"My kind of people isn't good at study, so we can only rely on fighting through the society with our hands. What else can we do!" Guo Qing mocked himself.

"Hopefully you chose the right path. However, no matter what, Guo Qing, you're always my, Liu Lei's, bro!" I know that some things cannot be turned back once changed.

"Boss, you're my boss for my entire life!" Guo Qing also said excitedly.

"We haven't ate together for a long time right? "I said after a while.

"Let's go, same old place!" Guo Qing smiled and went with me to the small restaurant we often went to when school begun -- Juyuan Snacks.

"Owner, give us a fish flavored pork, and a cold dish. Two bottles of beer!" I said.

"Boss, you drink too?" Guo Qing asked in surprise.

I laughed, but didn't say anything.

That night, I received the call from the representative of Microsoft.

"Hello, I am the representative sent by Microsoft, this lowly one's surname is Xu," The person said from the other side of the phone.

Hearing this voice, I became excited. This person is my old boss Xu Zhongbang, on of the current deputy executive directors in the Huaxia region. When I entered Microsoft after graduating, Xu Zhongbang already became the CEO, and it was because of his appraisal that I could climb steadily to the top, and become the CEO of Microsoft's Huaxia region when he retired

Xu Zhongbang, was boss and subordinate in name in my previous life, but in truth he was both a teacher and a friend. A fresh graduate from university, was difficult to achieve anything in the kind of large company like Microsoft, Xu Zhongbang would not mind the hassle and help me, guide me every single time. It could even be said that without Xu Zhongbang, there would not be the me afterwards. After he retired, I often visited his home, I always treated him like a dear teacher. However, I had to sit with him on the negotiating table, and fight for the most profits for our respective parties.

I held in the tsunami of emotions in my heart, and said calmly, "Hello, Mr. Xu."

"I wonder if Mr. Liu is free tomorrow, let us designate a place to meet, and discuss about the cooperation over your operating system," Xu Zhongbang said.

"Okay, let's met eight o'clock tomorrow morning, in front of Songjiang University's Computer Center. There is a computer there that has my operating system installed," I said.

I have more or less finished Windows 98 in this month, and it passed the trail on Songjiang University's computer suite's computer 586. I named the operating system Shuguang 95.

Xu Zhongbang was a middle-aged man around the same age as my father, right at the height of his prime. When I saw him, he was still wearing the black Chinese tunic suit that he often wore in my previous life.

I walked over, and reached out my hand to him, "Mr. Xu, Hello! I am the representative for this cooperation, Liu Lei!"

"Oh? You know me?" Xu Zhongbang looked at me in surprise.

Oh yeah! Xu Zhongbang and I shouldn't have met in this life, no wonder he would feel so weird.

"Microsoft's Deputy Director Xu, I've seen news about you in the newspapers!" I explained.

Xu Zhongbang immediately replied," Is that so, I didn't think Mr. Liu would pay a lot of attention to us, Microsoft!"

There was clearly two layers of meaning to his words, on the surface it pointed to me paying attention to news reports, but underneath it was saying that I was only acting contrarily to Microsoft.

"Nope, nope. I just look at the technological news at times!" I faked a laugh. I didn't think my old boss in my previous life would one day be standing against me.

"I trust that Mr. Liu already know that we will be introducing Windows 95 next year?"Xu Zhongbang asked.

"Yes, a friend got me the internal testing version," I said.

"Oh? That's great, Mr. Liu should have already looked at it right? Our company's graphical operating system is the most advanced in the world right now, I believe Mr. Liu should understand my meaning," Xu Zhongbang suddenly said.

What meaning? Arrogance? I intentionally asked in a confused tone, " Mr. Xu, I don't quite understand what you meant>"

"Mr. Liu, if the person that developed this system wants to join us Microsoft, we would welcome with open arms, there is no need to choose this sort of method!" Xu Zhongbang said.

Only now did I understand, Xu Zhongbang misunderstood my intention. However, he can't be blamed, when I was in Microsoft, this sort of incident wasn't infrequent, people often found certain directors, claiming to have developed the best system or software in the world, in order to catch Microsoft's attention, and find a job through that. Of course, he may be testing to see my true intention.

"Mr. Xu, I think we should take a look at the operating system then make any further judgments!" I smiled.

"Sure!" Xu Zhongbang entered Songjiang University's computer suite with me.

I turned on computer 586 that has Shuguang 95 already installed, after the familiar self-checking screen passed, a startup screen that I designed appeared -- a ray of light gradually appeared onto the gray ocean, on it was written a few Chinese characters "Shuguang Operating System 95."

Actually my startup screen looked like an animation, however the technology used to make the light on the ocean was the same as the Windows startup screen, it's just expressed in a different way. However mine was more eye-catching.

When it just started, Xu Zhongbang didn't really want to look, but when he saw the interface that was more beautiful than Windows 95, he couldn't help but become dumbfounded.

"Please try it, Mr. Xu," I had predicted that he would have this reaction, hehe, this is an improved version of Windows 98.

Xu Zhongbang used his trembling right hand to hold onto the mouse and opened "My Computer".

As the deputy director of the Huaxia region, Xu Zhongbang was very familiar with the specs of the Windows 95 that was about to be sold, yet the operating system he was using, surpassed Windows 95 not only by one tier in both the interface and features.

"My god! I need to meet the developer of this system!" Xu Zhongbang said excitedly.

"That is unneeded. The creator is an important official in our country's Academy of Science, so it would be inconvenient, I believe Mr. Xu would understand the reasoning behind this," I said.