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"Oh! I understand!" Xu Zhongbang said disappointedly, "Mr. Liu, please give me half an hour, I have to immediately call the main office! This is too unbelievable!"

"Okay," My expression still didn't change.

Xu Zhongbang ran out to make a call, I wasn't interested in the contents, since the thing was in my hands, and thus I had the initiative, the price of this was entirely my decision.

After almost an hour, Xu Zhongbang finally came, when he entered the room he saw that I was playing the Linkup that came with Shuguang 95 in boredom. It was one of the most popular desktop games in offices in the future, others games that were added alongside it were Bejeweled and Puzzle Bobble etc.

Xu Zhongbang looked at it then exclaimed, "Who added this game? This is amazing! It's far more interesting than our desktop games."

Hehe, of course it is more interesting, if you could look within the computers of the office workers, you would know the value of these games. It's just that I added them into my Shuguang 95 ahead of time.

"I contacted the main office, name a price, Mr. Liu!" Xu Zhongbang clearly knew the value of this operating system, when he talked communicated with the main office, their surprise was no less than his, and ordered him to buy this operating system no matter the cost, if it doesn't work out, then not cooperating would be fine, but don't ever turn the other party into a competitor. Microsoft's CEO of the main office Bill Gates immediately booked a planet ticket, and was expected to arrive the next morning at Songjiang international Airport. Xu Zhongbang understood how big his responsibilities were, if this situation turned bad, then he couldn't afford to pay the cost. Therefore he didn't say any extra, and just frankly begun to ask about the price.

"How much do you think it's worth?" I didn't answer his question, and asked him back.

"Ah?" Xu Zhongbang momentarily blanked, he didn't think I would ask this. He had originally thought that I would name my ideal price, even if I named an absurd price, as long as there was a price, there was no fear of the business being not done.

"Does Mr. Xu think this operating system have a price?" I continued to through out smoke bombs.

"Have a price? What do you mean? Unless Mr. Liu doesn't want to sell it?" Xu Zhongbang became even more confused after hearing that.

"Yes! I can't sell the operating system, but we can cooperate in another way!" I said in an indisputable tone.

Hearing I say that we can cooperate, Xu Zhongbang's originally swirling heart immediately calmed down again. If the other person isn't selling, then he can't force it. Furthermore, as long as they can cooperate, his own mission could also be considered done.

"How does Mr. Liu want to cooperate?" Xu Zhongbang asked.

"I fear that Mr. Xu will not be able to make the decision on my request…" I really couldn't bare to name something absurd towards my old boss.

"How about this, our CEO Bill Gates is already on the way to Huaxia, if Mr. Liu has any special requests, then you can speak to him directly."

"Okay. Call me after he arrives," I said. Then I took out over a hundred 3.5 inch floppy disks and gave it to Xu Zhongbang. "This was the installation disk for Shuguang 95, you can let your CEO have a look."

Xu Zhongbang immediately took it over, he just wanted to talk about this issue with me, but he also knew that these things would be confidential before the cooperation is set, and so he didn't say anything.

I was familiar with Xu Zhongbang's personality, and knew that he wouldn't do anything like stealing other people's results (it seems like I'm doing so!), what's more is that everything I wrote was protected, I don't believe that they would be able to decode it with the current technology.

(Author's Note: Writing an operating system by one person is almost impossible in real life, here is just imagination. This is a Dushi and Sci-fi novel, the main point of it is entertainment, don't think too much into the details.)

"Mr. Liu, this is the CEO of us Microsoft, Mr. XX," Xu Zhongbang pointed to a young looking American with blond hair.

"Hello, Mr. Bill," I spoke fluently using English with a slightly American accent. How could I not recognize the CEO of my previous life!

"Oh? Mr. Liu can speak English?" Bill asked weirdly.

"A little!" I smiled. No shit, I didn't lack communication with him, how could I not know how to speak English.

"That's good, since it's like this, please name your conditions Mr. Liu," Bill said.

"I will not sell the copyrights of the operating system, but I can allow Microsoft to sell it. Furthermore, I can promise that Microsoft can participate in the development of the next version of Shuguang operating system," I spoke about all the things Microsoft could get.

"Then what does Mr. Liu want in return?" Bill wasn't an idiot, he knew that my conditions were for them, I didn't mention about what I needed.

"50% of the operating system's profit! This amount cannot be changed," I didn't like to negotiate the cost with other people.

"50% That's too much!" Bill exclaimed.

"Is it? If it wasn't the because of the current economic system of Huaxia, I can establish my own company and sell it by myself, and didn't need to share the profits with anyone," I said.

"But you don't have any patent related to graphical user interfaces!" Bill said.

"Hence this is also another reason I want to cooperate with you. However it isn't the main reason, because patent done in the US is not effective in Huaxia!" I said slowly. Huaxia didn't join the WTO at this time, a lot of the things were not linked with the world, in other words, even if Huaxia's products copied the products of other countries, they won't win any lawsuit!

"Okay! I'll agree with you, but you must show us the code!" Bill Gates decided. He wasn't very interested in making money in the first place, money was just a number to him, he was much more moved by technology.

"This isn't an issue, and I will keep my promise, the next version of Shuguang operating system will be developed by both of us," I didn't sleep properly for more than a month in order to write this system, I definitely won't do anything like this in the future. Although I have a hundred and eighty years of life, but isn't it more painful if half my body is paralyzed yet I can't die. It was better to act more generously, I will only supply the key technology in the future, and let them complete the rest.

After that we decided that, Microsoft will push out Windows 95 earlier in December this year, Shuguang 95 will be pushed back to 1996, the changed version will be called Shuguang Windows 97. At the same time, Microsoft decided to give 30% of the profits from Windows 95 to me as compensation for pushing back the release date. Windows 95 will also be renamed to Shuguang Windows 95.

After signing the contracted , we got it notarized, essentially it was nearly eight when we finished everything. Xu Zhongbang offered to treat me to dinner, but I refused. I didn't return home at the proper time these few days, my mom was already getting suspicious of me, not to mention my dad, they kept on asking in different ways if I went to the arcade.

Haha, I'm rich now. 30% and 50% A new richest man in the world is about to be born. I hummed as I walked leisurely on the road.