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Alisa struggles, kicking her feet up to his crotch.

"Well…" Davis has a pain and lets go of her. His face takes on a ghastly expression. How can this damned woman be as hard to tame as a little black panther. She kicks his genitals.

Seeing Davis cover his private parts and wring his brow painfully, Alisa, like a child who does something wrong, turns around in fear and runs away desperately. Alisa stumbles down the road, stops a car and goes straight home.

"Alisa, what's the matter with you?" Selena is shocked to see Alisa running back with wet, messy hair and tears on her face.

"Your family’s women were born for making love with me. Do you understand?" In Alisa's mind, Davis's terrible threat suddenly appears. Why did he say that?

"Sister, I'm ok. I went to the seaside with my classmates and fell into the sea by accident…" Alisa makes up a lie at random.

Selena looks at Alisa anxiously, "Why did fall into the sea as an aldult? You should be more careful in the future. You are always reckless. What would you do if I am not here in the future?"

Alisa's eyes are sore, and she wants to shed tears. After mom and dad's accident, the best person who cares about her is her sister. But, sister, what should I do?

"Sister, I'll change my clothes…" Alisa clenches her fists, lowers her head and runs past Selena, holding back her tears, and walks to the bathroom.

"By the way, Alisa, Davis just sent some clothes. He said that he didn't give you any gift when we were engaged. It's compensation… "

Alisa's body is sluggish. She's thundering! He has robed her virginity, how many sets of clothes can compensate? I don't want his clothes. He is beast. Alisa has just dressed up in her room and is packing her things in her bag. The door opens and Selena's figure appears behind it.

"Alisa, where are you going? You pack clothes?"

"Oh, Lucy’s mother and father have traveled abroad. I will accompany her for a few days…" Alisa looks at her sister sadly. She doesn't know what to say. Up to now, her brain is still in a mess. She wants to tell the secret, but she can't.

Selena puts the two dresses on Alisa's bed with a smile on her face.

"Wear it, to see if you like it or not…"

Alisa just glances at the dress. The dress is s light green long skirt with simple style and fine workmanship. The other is light yellow chiffon shirt and knee-length skirt, both of which are Alisa's favorite styles. But these two skirts are disgusting for her.

Alisa pushes the skirt in front of Selena. "Sister, this skirt is too penetrating. What's Davis's vision! If I go out in this way, I will be laughed off. The old style and the old color are out of date… "

"Why don’t you have a try, I think it's very good…" Selena laughs.

"No, because it was bought by Davis. You think everything is good…"

Selena puts up her smile and looks at the angry Alisa in bewilderment. "Alisa, do you have any prejudice against Davis? Why do you always find faults with him recently…"

Alisa almost snivels, then she turns her head and looks out of the window. "Yes, I have prejudice against him. I don't like him. I hate him…" It's not just prejudice. She really wants to kill him with her own hands.

"Alisa, don't do this. Even if I marry him, I will still treat you well. As long as I am in this family, no one will be bad to you."