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She has the mean aunt and the uncle who loves money. If it isn't for her cousin, Alisa will not want to stay here.

"Sister, how do you know Davis?" Alisa asks suddenly.

Selena smiles happily. "We've only known each other for more than a month, but he's very kind to me. Alisa, he's the most perfect man in the world. I think the person I'm looking for in my life is him…"

"But…" Alisa doesn't have the courage to go on talking. She goes out with her bag on her back. "Sister, I'll be back in a few days. You return these skirts to him. That you like him doesn't mean I will accept him. No matter what he gives me, I won't accept…"

In Lucy’s home.

Alisa lies in the pile of books, staring at them with her pencil. Lucy is sitting in front of the computer playing bubble hall. "Lucy, what should I do when I find a man trying to hurt my sister?"

Lucy is absorbed in playing the game. "Then warn your sister."

"But my sister loves him hopelessly. What can I do?"

"Oh, beautiful women love hooligans. You should be calm. Since your sister loves him wholeheartedly, it’s out of your control. Besides, how do you know he's going to hurt your sister? "

"I won't tell you. Anyway, in a word, he is going to hurt my sister. I can't ignore it…"

"Then you can kill him." Lucy sends out a shuttle of shells and sticks them together. She laughs loudly, "Oh, choke, I won."

Kill him!!

"Bang Bang Bang…" Sharp knocks on the door, Lucy drops the computer and runs out, "I'll see who is that, almost breaking my door.”

Alisa stares at the camera next to Lucy's laptop. Her mind moves, then she turns over the memory card in her bag and inserts it. After power on, the picture on the memory card is displayed. Alisa only glances at it, and has no courage to look down.

Asshole, asshole, I'm going to kill you… Alisa quickly pulls out the card and breaks it into two parts. She tightly compiles it in her palm, which makes her palm painful.

A sound of footsteps stops at the door.

"Lucy, who is it…" Alisa feels something is wrong. She looks up and sees a tall and handsome man standing behind Lucy. Lucy always has no immunity to handsome men. At this time, her eyes are shinning with obsession. She takes the man to her home and points to Alisa to make approaches to Davis.

"Look, is she Alisa you're looking for?"

Davis takes off his sunglasses and smiles at Alisa. "Alisa, you're hiding deeply!"

Alisa gives Lucy a hard look. "You betrayed me!"

"Wow wow, this handsome man is really good!" Lucy comes to Alisa's side and whispers, "he has Ferrari sports car! Alisa, be content! If such a man is interested in me, I will pledge to marry him immediately. "Alisa gives her a blank look. If you know his truth, you dare not say so.

When she leaves Lucy's house, Alisa looks at Davis without expression.

"We're quits. Don’t pester me anymore."

"Alisa, who are you to be so angry in front of me? Who are quits? You kicked me and walked away quietly. You even dare to say that we are quits…"Alisa is walking on the sidewalk with her schoolbag on her back, and Davis is driving a sports car parallel to her at snail speed.