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"Get in the car…" Davis growl impatiently.

Alisa takes a look at him and keeps going at snail speed.

"Alisa, I guess you have liked me…" Davis says shamelessly.

Alisa sneers, "you're so narcissistic, Davis. My sister is attracted to you because she's so kind and has no judgment. I will like you unless I am blind. "

Davis gets angry. He turns the steering wheel in a hurry. The car almost jumps onto the sidewalk in front of Alisa's heel and crosses in front of her. He forcibly stops the car and opens the door to come out. "Alisa, listen to me, get in the car, or I'll rape you right now…" Davis's face is dark and his eyes are filled with rage.

Alisa changes her direction and goes on, "Beast, what else can you do besides rape?"

Davis is furious. This damned woman actually speaks to him in this tone. He jumps out of the car and directly covers her on a big tree. He stares at her eyes domineeringly, looking down from a height. Alisa's clear eyes are slightly red, and she is about to cry out, but she pretends strong, and she stares at him with such indignation.

"Sir, your car is out of order. Please show me your license…" A traffic policeman comes up.

Davis reaches for a business card and throws it in the face of the traffic police. "Get out now…" He roars.

Traffic police only sees the first few words: CEO Davis of Ling group "I'm sorry, I'm sorry to disturb you…" Alisa is shocked. She doesn't expect that the traffic police will be so polite to Davis. Isn't the power of Davis's family so great that they can do anything they want without punishment?

"Get in the car, now, right now…" Davis has been very angry. His patience is going to be polished by her. She is just a little girl. He can handle her!

Alisa learns. This time, she obediently sits in the position of copilot.

"Don't move!" Davis gives a low roar and the tall figure comes over. Alisa turns her face nervously. He sneers, but the movement in his hand does not stop. His long arm helps her fasten her seat belt. His face is so close to her lips, and his breath is very domineering.

"Alisa, do you think I'm so thirsty? I can have every kind of women only if I want… "As if laughing, Davis gives her a sideways look, then sits up straight and starts car. Alisa's face turns red instantly. She just thought he wanted to kiss her

Red Ferrari sports car, carrying Alisa in the bustling city here for half a circle. Finally, the car stops in the high-end business district. This is the famous "Mistress Street" in s city. These are all expensive luxury goods, so all the rich men buy for young mistress.

"Get off the car." Davis's tone is always so arrogant and overbearing, which is beyond doubt.

"Davis, don't be so naive. I won't be your mistress…" Alisa says in disgust.

Davis's face is very ugly. "Alisa, do you have a brain? A stupid, unresponsive woman like you, I don't want even if you send yourself to me. I'll tell you that I bring you here today because your sister said you didn't like that style of clothes, so I brought you to choose… "