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"Davis, you know why I don't want that dress. There's no need to change. As long as it's something you Davis have touched, I won't accept… "

Davis raises her chin in a mischievous way. "Listen, I've touched your body too. Do you want it?"

"You…" Alisa stares.

Alisa is so absent that she has no interest in trying on clothes in the clothing store. The brand is very expensive and with enthusiastic staff, but they meet a girl who has no desire to shopping.

Davis can't stand any more. He reaches for something casually. "This one, this one, return that row, this row, wrap it up for me…"

The credit card is heavily thrown on the cash register, and his dark eyes shot out. After checking out, Davis leaves these clothes on the car. He drags Alisa's arm and shoves her into the copilot seat.

After a rush, the car stops in front of an open-air cafe on the beach. This is the place where lovers come to date and drink coffee. The night is like water. Sitting here, you can see the bright moon hanging in the sky, and the sea is rippling with silver light.

Davis pulls Alisa out and presses her against the wall of the cafe. "Alisa, are you looking for death?"

"Take your dirty claws away. Don't make me hate you more…" Davis comes up in a fit of rage and bows his head and kisses. It's the stupidest thing to quarrel with a woman. Kiss can stop the chattering mouth. It's much easier to kiss directly.

"Oh, let go…" Alisa struggles for a moment, but in exchange for Davis' more generous kiss.

It is a long time before Davis let go of her lips, and both of them is panting. Alisa still stares at him stubbornly, and refuses to admit defeat. "What do you want?"

"What do I want? Don't you see it all? From now on, you are my Davis's woman. Without my consent, you are not allowed to move outside your home, I don't allow you to avoid me."

"Davis, are you kidding? Do not think that you have defiled my innocence, and you become someone of me. You're nothing, you know? I will expose your ugly face to my sister sooner or later. "Alisa steps back pale and looks at Davis warily.

Davis lets go of his hand and suddenly smiles inexplicably: "OK, up to you. One day, you will kneel beside me and beg me…"

Alisa sneers, "You just have your daydream!" Alisa retaliates, throws all the clothes off the car, steps on them heavily and leaves.

Alisa, you can't escape after a few days, Davis sneers. After that, Davis doesn't show up in three days, and she feels much more relaxed.

As soon as she steps into the house at night, she hears her aunt's shrill cry. "You bastard, you old bastard, how can you sell Yahua to usury, you old man, you know gambling all the day, and now you have finally defeated this family…"

Alisa is shocked and looks at the depression on the face of her uncle. Her aunt sits on the floor like a woman and cries. "What's the matter, aunt?"

Aunt wipes her tears and glares at Alisa. "You come back just in time. Your uncle has lost the company of Yahua, and your elder sister has no ability to ask help from Davis's family. Well, now we have no food to eat, just waiting for starvation! You don't go to school either. Come out and work tomorrow! "