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Mark growls, "Shut up. All of you get out. I'm bored to death."

The aunt is more and more unhappy. She swings her arm round and hits her uncle." You bastard, my European tour will be ruined. You'll pay me…"

"Madam, the eldest lady has a heart attack." The servant screams.

Alisa shudders and runs upstairs. In the room, Selena is pale with her hands over her chest, lying on the bed, breathing hard and frowning painfully.

"Come on, call the emergency car…" Alisa tells the servant to look for the pills. After taking the pills, Selena doesn't respond at all. Soon, the ambulance comes and takes Selena to the hospital.

At the door of the operating room, Alisa is holding her hands and praying. Her aunt is still telling that their family is bankrupt, and now her daughter is sick. The uncle is so bored that he waves and slaps her aunt in the face and runs away in a hurry.

Alisa looks at them speechless and becomes sad. "Nurse, how is my sister?" Seeing a nurse coming out, Alisa hurries up to ask.

"The patient's condition is very bad, her mind is not clear, she has been calling a name which is Davis!"

Alisa is pale and clasps her hands. "What should we do then?"

"It's better for this person to come here, then the patient may get better…" The nurse suggests.

Alisa finds Mark who is smoking outside the corridor, she whispers, "Uncle, you call Davis to come over. The nurse says to let him come here, so my sister has hope." Mark's face is decadent and he shakes his head and sighs, "I've already called, he won't answer the phone."

The aunt quickly says, "I have known for a long time that rich peopleare all bad, and they can't help us at the critical moment. Fortunately, Selena haven’t marryied him, or she will be blind in this thing."

The uncle accuses, "You idiot, don't shout at such occasion here…"

As soon as aunt hears uncle scold, she is unhappy, and begins to spit again, "You bastard, if you didn't lose Yahua, would people look down on us?"

Alisa tightens her eyebrows. "… One day, you will kneel beside me and beg me…" Davis's vicious words like curses come to Alisa's mind. She shivers heavily. Buy Yahua, the women of Mark's family should die. All this seems to be a conspiracy.

Alisa turns and leaves the hospital. Mark shouts after her, but she doesn't hear. Half an hour later, Alisa's thin body appears outside the iron door of the sun's Versailles Palace. Mrs. Wu leads Alisa into the villa.

"How are you, Alisa!"

"Ann, I want to see Master Davis…"

"He is not very convenient now .You can wait in the living room first."

Ann puts in a cup of tea and withdraws. Sitting in this huge living room, Alisa's figure is even thinner.

Ten minutes later, Davis hasn't appeared. Alisa can't wait to get up and go straight up the stairs, following the revolving stairs. In fact, as soon as she went up to the second floor, she hears a series of lewd cries of hot women. Alisa's blood is surging. Shift, this man is not as good as a beast. His fiancee is still in the hospital. He even has sex with women here.

"Bang" Alisa kicks open the bedroom door.

There is no other room on the second floor. This is a surprisingly large round bedroom. The door is designed as a palace style. The door seems to be hidden, so Alisa kicks it open.

On the round luxurious big bed, a woman is struggling to twist her body. She is wearing bright red and transparent gauze clothes. You can see her round, plump breasts towering up. The long wavy hair disorderly covers her enchanting face.

At the sound of kicking the door, she screams with fright and rolls from bed to Davis' arms with the quilt in her arms. Alisa recognizes at a glance that this woman is Nana, a leading online movie star. Strangely, Davis is still dressed in neat clothes and doesn't even take off his pants.

"You, you bastard…" Alisa yells, "Davis, you scum, my sister is still in the hospital. You are playing with women here."

"Who is this bitch, Davis?" Nana rubs Davis' thighs with her toes and asks coyly. She almost gets on the right track with Davis. This annoying woman breaks in, breaks her good news, and get on the right track.

Davis turns his face and kisses Nana's lips. He smiles vaguely. "Honey, go out and wait for me…"

"No!" Nana is deliberately shaking her plump breasts. She is sexy and attractive. Davis's face darkens and mercilessly pushes her out of bed. "Get out, now!"

Davis is famous for his bad temper. Nana dares not stay any longer. Although she is hurry and can't say anything, she goes out with her clothes in her arms. At the door, she deliberately hits Alisa hard and whispers, "bitch…"

Alisa is on the fire. She grabs Nana. "Who are you scolding?"

Nana stops and chuckles, "It is you. What's the matter? Don't you send yourself to him to play?"

Alisa's face suddenly turns pale and her hands begin to loosen.

"Get out, do you hear me…" With a low roar from Davis, Nana pushes Alisa away and walks out. Before leaving, the look of contempt makes Alisa unforgettable. Yes, I have no right to say because I am also so dirty.

Davis squints at Alisa and smiles. "Do you know what to do?"

"You bastard…" Davis impatiently interrupts her rant, "If you're just trying to vent your emotions, now you can get out of here."

Alisa shivers with rage, hoping to kill him at once. But she can't. Her sister is waiting for help. "Well, you are cruel. My sister is ill. In the hospital, she wants to see you…"

Davis slowly sits up straight, leaning on the head of the bed, sneering, "Why should I see her?"

"You, you, you are her fiance."

"That's not the reason…"

"What do you want?" Alisa is almost crazy.

"You have driven away my bed-mate, or you can please me instead of her now. Or you get out and let her in. My patience is limited. Before I change my mind, you'd better say it right away… "Davis laughs.

"OK, as long as you are willing to see my sister, I am willing to do anything."

Davis's eyes flashes, "OK!"

Anyway, it's not the first time that she is defiled by him. For her sister, she can only degenerate once more.