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Under his squinting eyes, Alisa takes off her clothes and covers her chest with her hands. Her white body trembles ceaselessly and comes to him with a dead face.

"Come here, kiss me…" He orders like a tyrant.

Alisa's self-esteem is once again crushes by reality, and she leans gently to his lips. Her cold and soft lips become bitter and salty with tears. Davis tastes the bitter taste, and suddenly his heart feels as if he has been stabbed by something.

He pushes Alisa away with all his strength and scolds with disgust: "You just like a dead woman. I have no interest at all."

I’m reeally unlucky. How can I meet such a stupid woman as you? He dresses and goes out right away…"

Davis is so fierce that he closes his suit and kicks out. Alisa quickly dresses herself and follows him. Passing by the living room, Nana follows up again. She holds him in a coquettish embrace.

"Davis, can you let me play the number one of that movie? I love you so much." She is talking and discharging.

Davis frowns in disgust, reaches out and pushes her away. "Get out, don't bother me…"

Alisa looks at Nana with sympathetic eyes. Just now, they are still very happy. In a second, Davis kicks her away. She doesn't know if this woman is stupid or if Davis is a cold-blooded man.

It is in the hospital ward.

With Davis' help, Selena finally wakes up from a coma.

The doctor says, "The patient should not be stimulated, otherwise it will recur. You are clear about this disease. It has been so lucky for the patient to live to 20 years old. If she replases, maybe we also can't help… "This is what the doctor told Alisa and Mark in private in the office.

Alisa looks blue. In the ward, Selena holds Davis's hand and smiles happily. "Thank you, Davis. Without you, I might not be able to wake up."

Alisa stares intensely at Davis for fear that he will do something drastic. Davis's deep eyes glance at Alisa's pretty face, and the corners of his mouth unconsciously flash a smile.

"Selena, wish you recover quickly. Don't think about too mucht…"

"Davis, I had a terrible dream. I dreamed that I was wrapped in a black fog, and I couldn't run out. Then I saw your figure in front of me. I ran and ran all the time so that I woke up…"

Davis is a little stiff with a smile. Alisa quickly squats down and holds Selena's hand, she comforted, "Sister, don't worry, no one will leave you, I, and He, we will all guard you."

Selena nods contentedly and looks at Davis. Hher eyes are brimming with tears. Davis, do you really love me in your heart?

Outside the hospital, it is dark. Alisa stops in front of the red Ferrari sport car and doesn't let Davis leave.

"You've wasted me three hours. What else do you want to do?"

"Davis, it's your duty to take care of my sister…"

Davis pounds the steering wheel, furious. "Damn it. OK, I'll tell you the truth. My engagement to your sister is just a deal with Mark. Do you understand?"

Alisa is shocked. Is that what Davis says before about the woman in her family? Davis looks at Alisa's face which is hard to accept. He says with a wry smile, "But if you are willing to be my mistress, I can consider to continue to take care of your sister. There are only a few days left for a half dead person like her. "