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"Davis, you're a liar. My uncle won't do such a thing as betraying his daughter." Alisa shakes her head in disbelief. Although the eldest uncle has a bad temper and is fond of gambling, he has not been so desperate to sell his daughter.

"Haha" Davis sneers, "Alisa, you are too naive to believe that Mark has such a stupid daughter and niece." Davis suddenly backs up, turns the steering wheel, and the car quickly leaves the hospital.

Trading? Is sister's wedding a deal? No wonder none of the Davis’s family came on the wedding day. It's no wonder that uncle will cover up for him. It turns out that everything is so ugly. Poor sister

At night, Alisa doesn't fall asleep. She is lying at Selena's bedside, quietly watching the drip in the infusion bottle. In the middle of night, Alisa feels Selena's hand gently caressing her hair. Remember when she is a child, her sister is good to her, and she suddenly feels so sad that she wants to cry.

Her subtle movements fail to escape Selena's eyes. "Alisa, are you still worried about me? Don't be sad, I am OK. I know that you want a laptop very much. I have already ordered it for you. I originally plan to give it to you on your birthday. But I'm afraid I won't be able to do it at that day, so I have asked them to deliver it in advance. You can see it tomorrow… "

"Sister…" Alisa's voice chokes.

"Alisa, I have one more thing for you. The company of Yahua used to be managed by your father. After my father took over, I couldn't believe it was defeated like this. I'm thinking, if possible, you must manage this company by yourself in the future to fulfill your father's wish… "Selena says it hard.

Alisa holds her sister's hand tightly. "Sister, don't say it. You will be OK. Don't worry. We must be together forever."

Selena suddenly falls silent. Alisa gives a few gentle calls, but there is no response. She reaches for her hand in fear. It's OK. She is still breathing. She is about asleep. That night, Alisa doesn't fall asleep. She thinks about it all night.

The next morning, Alisa reappears in front of Davis.

"Did what you said yesterday count?"

Davis squints dangerously. "Have you decided?"

"I have two requirements…"

Davis raises his eyebrows. "I usually don't pay attention to women who have been played by me. However, you are an exception… "

And there is anger burning in Alisa's heart. She tries to control herself. Anyway, he has played with her. It's better to go on until she dies. Anyway, it's the same thing. Close her eyes and let him play. As long as she can save her sister, her self-esteem is shit.

"First, you need to return the company to my uncle. Second, take care of my sister all her life… "

Davis raises his chin gracefully and looks sarcastically at Alisa. "Although it's said that when Yahua is in my hands, it will have a better future, but it's only a few million in a year. OK, give it back to you. Second, it's ridiculous. Do you want me to marry a woman with a heart attack? Even if I agree, do you think my parents will agree? It's funny… "

A marriage of rich families is never something you can count on. Alisa thinks for a moment, "So what do want to do?"

"How about you make sex with me once when I see your sister? In other times, everyone doesn't interfere with each other…"

Alisa's eyes flash a trace of pain and nods helplessly, she comforts herself, and she just thinks she is biten by the dog! "Well, that's the deal!"