Double Click Then Scroll Screen

Alisa turns around and is ready to go. "I saw your sister once yesterday, and you didn't do anything…" Alisa's back is frozen.

"Come here…" Davis can't wait to enjoy his prey. He could not wait for it when she seduced him so nakedly last night If he hadn't looked at that pitiful faces, he would have done it.

Why can't you do it? Damn it, Davis suddenly has a bad feeling in his heart. He has never felt like that way about women. Woman, it's just a trade between money and meat. He never cares.

"This is the living room. Let's change a place…" It's easy to say that, but it's difficult to do it. At the think of what is going to happen, she cannot help but be afraid and sad. She can't be as cheeky as Davis.

"No one dares to come in without my order…" Davis's voice becomes hoarse because of lust. He licks his lips and looks at her bare white neck. His blood begins to burn.

Alisa comes to him mechanically and glances out uneasily. Davis takes a controller from under the sofa and double clicks it. The heavy palace curtain hangs down from the glass doors and windows. The headlight in the middle of the crystal light goes out, leaving only a circle of light yellow star lights shining around, which sets off the ambience in the living room very vaguely.

"Kiss me…" Davis's voice is dry and hoarse, low and full of magnetic temptation.

He smells Alisa's hair fragrance, the soft hair tip brushes his neck, her lips, like butterflies, perches on his forehead, face, and finally lips

It's just a light collision, and it's going to burst into a violent spark. Davis's desire rises in a flash. He holds her soft lips and licks and kisses them again and again. Alisa's dreamy grunt seems satisfied and arouses Davis's greater desire.

He holds her back in his big hand and deepens the kiss. A flash of pleasure, like lightning, crosses Alisa's brain, swims around in all four limbs. She cannot help chanting.

Davis makes a satisfied smile from the corner of his mouth. He puts his big hand into her collar, grasps the plump breast, gently rubs and teases. Alisa's body was paralyzed slowly like a pool of spring water in his palm.

"Are you comfortable? Call out when you are comfortable. I like the way you shout… "Davis licks her earlobes and encourages her.

Alisa wakes up from the chaos. Her cheeks are red with shame and she refuses to make a sound. What a shame. There's nothing more humiliating than a pleasant voice when rapes. Alisa wants to dig a hole in the ground.

There is a glimmer of satisfaction in Davis's eyes, and he deliberately begins to stimulate further. Damn woman, I will see when you can stop pretending!

Under Davis's skillful teasing, Alisa's small face is as red as a ripe peach. Her whole body skin is full of ruddy luster, and she is charming, panting and confused. She doesn't shout, but he couldn’t help it. She is so confused that he can hardly bear the swelling. The damned goblin is a natural charming.