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He quickly pulls out the chain of pants and rushes in.

"Well…" A happy murmur comes out. At this time, Alisa, already in a daze, is lost under Davis.

Davis is an energetic man, full of tight muscles and full of tension. In particular, the six abdominal muscles protruded from the small abdomen are perfect to the extreme. Such a sexy figure, international male model is no more than that.

After the spring tide, Alisa is weak. Davis walks into the bathroom with Alisa in his arms. The grand oval bathtub is bathed in Lavender petals, Alisa is immersed in warm hot water, and the sense of fatigue disappears

Davis's eyes are always glued to Alisa's delicate skin, and the touch of palm is full of elasticity and silky. Her mouth is slightly swollen by his sucking and kissing, and half of her eyes is full of charming temptations.

Davis's blood begins to boil again. He grabs her little hand and holds it on the edge of the bathtub. He holds her slender waist behind her and slowly sinks down from behind. This strong stimulation and pleasure hit like a raging tide, which directly brings Alisa into the peak state.

After so many times of training, Davis's body is no longer so exclusive and unsmooth, which makes him pass through more smoothly. This time, he makes her legs tremble completely and she falls asleep exhausted.

When Alisa wakes up from her confused state, she seems to be in a warm embrace. He is very domineering to encircle her in his own arms, and his thighs catches her thin calves. Alisa feels that there is no sticky feeling between her legs. It seems that he has helped her scrub. There is impossible. She has a strange feeling in her heart.

No, she can't feel this way about him. He certainly doesn't do it. It's impossible for such a wolf hearted man to be good to a woman. Ann must have done it. She shouldn't be lying here.

Davis is still sleeping. She has to say that this man is so handsome that everyone will be angry. The clear face, straight nose, thin lip, thick eyelashes are long and curly, casting a deep shadow on the eyes.

It's just that the eyebrows are too sharp, which makes his face look full of violence. She hates his unruly manner, and has no humanity at all. Fearing that she may disturb him, she slips out of bed and quickly puts on her jeans, which she is putting on her head. All of a sudden, a pair of hands reaches out from behind, holding the two plump breasts in a very domineering way, and kneading them in a vicious way

"Want to escape?" He says in a violent voice.

Alisa's body is stiff. "You didn't say you wanted to stay overnight. Besides, if I don't come back all night, my uncle will be suspicious…"

"Oh!" Davis scoffs. His greedy uncle wants her to climb on the man's bed, but also manages that she cannot go back home. As long as he has money, he doesn't recognize each other. What a stupid woman!

"One night with me, I'll spend the whole day with you in the hospital tomorrow…"

Alisa turns around happily. "Is it really?"

Davis suddenly wants to beat himself. When would the fuck be reduced to begging a woman to stay with him? Does he, Davis, really degenerates to the point where even a woman doesn’t want him? No, he can't let this happen.

Davis immediately raises his face, vagina, "It is false, get out of here!"

Alisa pulls at the corner of her mouth, immediately pushes away his hand, puts on her clothes, she turns around without hesitation and strides away.