"Fell For Bromeo" Introduce

Fell For Bromeo


   The night was like an extremely wide blanket with the moon lying on it, and stars all around the moon, like crystal and sparkling gems, playfully blinking in the moonlight. The water-blue curtains of the French windows fluttered in the wind, mixing with the fine and dense breath in the air. In the elegant bedroom, a gloomy wall lamp adds a little bit warmth to the room, making people look unclear. However, on the beautiful and romantic bed there staged a exciting scene. The sudden pain of being ripped through penetrated every nerve in her body, and made her sober. Yes, she was sober, but she was still emerged in the happiness. In the middle of the night, she nestled in his arms like a lazy cat, her head resting on his strong arm, and even though his arm was numb, he remained motionless, for fear of disturbing her to fall asleep. In the night, the deep eyes looking at her sleeping face were filled with endless tenderness and pampering. She was very pretty since she was a little girl, and her skin is white as snow, her eyes were decorated with long and thick eyelashes. Whenever she made a mistake, she always blinked innocently, making him unable to punish her. The delicate mouth liked a ripe cherry. He did not know since when did he want to kiss her at the sight of her lips. He couldn't help laughing, and happiness was mixed with helplessness over the years. They grew up together since they were children. He was one year older than her. From elementary school to high school, he was one level higher than her. However, when they were in college, they were at the same level. Not because he failed the college entrance examination, but because he was waiting for her one year. He cared about her because there was a boy went after her. Whether their families or friends, all thought they would be a couple. In fact, because the two families were old friends, they were already a couple since Alice was born that their families had decided for them. Everyone thought that when they enter adolescence, they would be together, but they just violated the common sense. Their love transformed to another form, and they became a bosom friends. Every time he wanted to beat her to death when she introduced him to her friends liked this: "He is my bromeo." Everyone doubted, "What? It looks like he is your boyfriend." "He will never be my boyfriend. I am the one who would not even flush when I see him jerking off."

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