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A man will only fuck you over if you let him. The key being "lethim," but so many women refuse to take responsibility. Their egospaint this picture that they fell for a man who had no warning signs,who was a master manipulator, and that they were merely anunsuspecting victim in his dishonest game. If you think a man cangain mental power over a woman without her giving it, you'reeither delusional or stupid. You control who gains access to yourheart, but the first step is preventing these bums from gainingaccess to your ears. The counter to this will be the defensive cry of,"If men would be honest, we wouldn't have this problem." Ifpeople didn't like cocaine, there wouldn't be cartels. If peopledidn't steal, there wouldn't be alarm systems. If men were drivenby love as opposed to sex, you wouldn't need intelligence. But youdo! The reality is that you don't wish a problem away; you takesteps to prevent yourself from being victimized. Go write a bookabout how men shouldn't lie for sex, do you think the average manis going to put his dick away and play nice? Post a social mediamessage about how men are all dogs. Do you think the averagewoman is going to stop wanting to have that dog's puppies? Goscream from the mountaintop about what's fair and morally right,and see how much the world changes by the time you go on yournext date. Males are winning because they understand what womenwant to hear, tell it to them, and these girls get open. Women knowhow men are, no girl that makes it through high school is naive, yetthey continue to fall for the same tricks. The 21st century is a pussygold rush, where any man who can feign interests can strike gold!The solution isn't to tell the burglar not to rob your house, thesolution is to put a fucking lock on your door, and arm yourselfwith weapons to keep your heart safe from these crooks. How does a man go from being just a guy you find to behandsome visually, to someone you're actually developing feelingsfor? He tells you a story. How does he reach that next level of sexif you're the type of girl who doesn't sleep around for fun? He doesor says things to make you trust him. How does this man get theright to become your boyfriend? He either asks you or claims youwithout asking, and you choose to go along with that title. Threesteps that depend on the same thing in order to move forward ateach turn, a woman giving a man access. A man can lie and saythat his last girlfriend cheated on him and that he just wants to findsomeone to trust. If you choose to believe that lie at face valuewithout vetting him, that's your fault. A man can lie and say sexdoesn't matter, wait 90 days, 3 dates, or whatever arbitrary rule youcame up with to avoid sleeping with guys too fast. If you let himfuck because he waited and put your faith in time spent as opposedto time discovering, you have no one to blame but yourself whenhe suddenly vanishes. A man can lie and say that he's ready for arelationship, but in reality, he's either comfortable with you as aplaceholder or feeling pressured to give you what you want so hecan get or keep getting your benefits. If you agree to that titlewithout making that man show you that love, it's going to be yourbad when it crumbles because you didn't question that man'smotives and allowed yourself to be claimed. Women have thepower to say "no," at every point! A man has to ask permission totake you out, to sleep with you, and even to commit to you. Soagain, if he fucks you over, you can't blame the person that playedyou until you look at the person that gave permission.

The majority of women rush into love as if they only get oneshot. Your good friend Fear is pulling your strings telling you togive that man a date, but not to ask too many questions because hemay not like girls who pry. Fear is telling you to have sex with himbefore you're ready because handsome men these days are going toget it from someone else if you're acting stingy with your kitty cat.Finally, that fear that you won't find another man like the one youbarely vetted will make you anxious for a relationship title...doeshe really like me...what's he waiting this going to stay asituationship...That fear transforms from anxiety to joy when hedoes ask you to be his girlfriend or suddenly starts calling you hisgirlfriend. You were afraid he didn't want to commit to you, thatyou were wasting your time, and for him to solidify that you'retogether doesn't trigger questions like, "Why does he want to bewith me? Why do I want to be with him? Do I know enough abouthim to commit myself? Has he done enough to show me that he'sworth committing to?" Instead, you go with the flow. You don'tknow why you want to be a man's girlfriend other than loneliness,you're just happy someone you like back wants to lock you down.

When you break up, and you will eventually break up when youdate with a man in full control, you will look back and point thefinger at him.

He told you things that made you like his personality, hedidn't mention his bad habits or show signs that he would growbored. No shit! Men aren't in the habit of leading with their worsttraits. They hide negatives and amp up positives like any smartperson would when trying to win. Most women don't date to learn,they date to be liked. Most women don't have sex because he earnsit, they have sex because the combination of hormones, fear of himgetting it elsewhere, and the pressure he puts on you in private,becomes enough. Most women rush into a relationship only to findout a man has all kinds of incompatibilities and baggage. Thesemistakes can all be avoided during the dating stage, but you're sofucking afraid that you will miss out on a once in a lifetime man,that you don't kick the tires and check under the hood before youdrive him off the lot!

In Theory vs. In Reality

What do you really know about men outside of the stereotypesabout thinking with their dicks? Dad may have told you that menlie and sweet talk. A brother or male cousin may have shown youvia their own mistreatment of girlfriends what men are capable ofeven when they have a good heart. Maybe your ex-boyfriend,turned platonic guardian angel, has given you a glimpse of howmen will do anything for new pussy. You think you know how menare, but you have no idea. You're like that NFL coach who watchesfootage of the rival team, knows their top plays, and still can't stopthem. It's not enough to know about men on a surface area whereyou make them all into generic cavemen looking to flatter you,fuck you, say they love you, and then dump you. You have to knowwhat the male agenda is, so you can train your mind to be preparedfor when the generic becomes an actual individual who you like.

Theory remains theory until you put what you know to the test, andthat's the problem, the idea of a man versus the actual walking,talking, smiling, physical man is different. I hear, "He was sodifferent from the normal guys I meet," and that's the problem,most of you date the same types, and you've seen most of theirtricks...but you become confused when you meet someone whoknows how to read you, lead you, and make you think he'sdifferent.

All it takes is a guy who has game, who thinks outside thebox, or who understands your type better than you understand histype, and you won't know what hit you! Don't let your ego gasyou, trust me, you are a type. You have some typical bitch attributethat men look for when plotting to hook a victim. Once a man readsyour behavior, he generates your type, and guys who are expertswill break you down based on how he broke typical women justlike you down in the past. You may not be extremely this way orextremely that way; every woman has shades of variouspersonalities but that's not the same as being unique.

I call this breed of men, Dicknotists. They aren't the shy guysor simps who you tend to ignore, they have qualities, physical andcharacter wise, that make them popular with most women. Theguys who you crush on the most for whatever reasons, otherwomen crush on too, and they have the confidence to know thatdespite your resting bitch face, your phone in your hand, or yourdefensive or sassy attitude, he can have you because he has hadother women who act like you. These men are programmed to runthrough women, and no matter how special you claim to be, all ittakes is one phone conversation or date to break you down in hishead. Once a Dicknotist figures out that you're a romantic who'splaying tough because you have trust issues, he'll adjust his gameto exploit your typical ass. If he figures out that you're arelationship girl who just wants to be loved, because Daddy wasn'taround, he has a hustle for that as well.

Even when guarded, your flaws still shine through. If you arelonely or bored, the odds are that you will end up telling this manway too much information about your past, and after one date, along phone conversation, or even a week of texting, he willautomatically know how to game you. A Dicknotist adjusts hisgame to become "Mr. I Understand You," and will tell you whatyou want to hear. You're a victim, people haven't done right byyou, poor baby. Then he will share similar real or fabricated storiesthat bond you, to make it seems as if you're building trust. He seesmy flaws, and still wants me. Ha! It's all a facade. Most of the menyou really want have this Terminator-like ability to read you, pushyour buttons, and get you sprung. Therefore, if you are going to dobattle and end up with your dream guy as opposed to settling forsome dork, you have to know how to outsmart the Dicknotists andprove you aren't the normal female.

Know Thy Enemy

Why don't men seem to care about love the same way that womencare about love? Are they emotionally unavailable as some like tobrag, or are they simply hiding their emotions because they'reafraid of being hurt? All men are emotionally available, even thosethat are guarded or went through past heartbreak. Men invented theart of courting, poetry, the love song, and every other sappyconcept. Romance was a tool created by men because women havealways been regarded as the highest prize he could win! Just aglance from a woman can inspire a man to do all kinds of thingsthat go against his inner logic, no matter how hard or jaded heappears. Every single woman has the power to cast a spell over aman that brings him to his knees. Go research the greatest menthroughout history and there will be a correlating woman who hadhim wrapped around her finger! Women are dangerous creatures,so men developed a way to filter Lust from Love. If a smart man isgoing to be brought down and smitten by a woman, she has to beworth it, not just a pretty face, not just a nice girl, not just anurturer, and not just intelligent, she has to be fucking Cleopatra, awoman worth throwing it all away for without regret. Thetechnique that man cultivated in order to keep typical women awayfrom his heart was the ability to separate women into twocategories: Sexual Object & Romantic Interest.

So many women assume that if a man likes the way she looksand wants to have sex, then he must be into her on a deeper level.Why waste time going on dates, spend money, sit for hours on thephone, just for the act of sex, unless he likes you in a real way? Awoman will rationalize that there are dozens of other girls thatwould sleep with him easier, therefore, a man chasing her insteadof chasing an easy fuck means there has to be more to his attractionthan sex appeal. False. Let's go back to the male power to separatelust from love, the Object from the Romantic Interest. Savvy mendon't allow themselves to get close to any woman until she provesthat she has something different from the last several women he'sdated or slept with no matter how good she looks or how sweet shebehaves. To open up too fast is to make the same mistake lessermen make every day when they fall in love with hos, basics, or endup stuck with a baby mama that is nothing more than a bottombitch.

Some of these men made that mistake in the past, others haveavoided it, but the genius is that as he goes from boy to man, heperfects this process year after year until it becomes airtight.

During high school into college, a male is naive and open, which iswhy most men experience heartbreak during this time that smartensthem up. He learns to vet girls better by being burned or seeing afriend get burned emotionally. By the time he's in his early to mid-20's he's learned to create a "Representative," a mask he puts onwhere he can make a woman think that he's letting her in by tellingher about his past, present, future ambitions, etc., but in reality, he'snot actually opening up at all, it's a fluff story meant to get her toopen her box of secrets so he can see if she is more than meets theeye. By the time a man is in his 30's and up, he's perfected theseparation game to the point where he knows how to get into awoman's head without her ever truly knowing him on a deep level.

Nevertheless, that man is still looking for the same thing every mansince the dawn of civilization has hunted for, a woman that is amust-have catch. No matter how good he has become at playing thegame, a man is always open to true love! He's dying for a womanwho knocks him off his feet, but all he finds is the same old fool'sgold of a typical bitch that falls for his mind-fucks. There is no onebox you can fit in to become a woman who all men want, norshould you try to fit into such a desperate category. This isn't abouthow to be for him, this is merely an insight into what is actuallygoing on in the mind of the men you meet who seem guarded.

Everyman wants true love but fears the trap of mediocre love.

You can't be so prideful to think that the reason you haven'tfound success is because men simply aren't looking for love thesedays. The idea of "I'm single because there are no good men left,"is basic bitch propaganda fueled by hurt and bitterness. There aregood men if by "good," you mean someone looking for a seriousand lasting relationship. Wedding facilities aren't going out ofbusiness anytime soon. The problem is that men don't want thebullshit that most girls are selling. Men don't want love for love'ssake. Love is easy, love is plentiful, and for a man to find a womanto love him for simply being him is as common as seeing aPumpkin Spice Latte with the name "Becky" on the side of the cup.He was born--his mother loved him. He grew up--his firstgirlfriend loved him. He's in a situationship--that girl who hewon't even commit to loves him. Get the picture? Most womenlong for someone to love them for real and do anything to provethat, but men routinely achieve that and they have realized aftereach break-up that love isn't enough to make a man happy. ChrisRock once stated, "Men would rather be happy than comfortable."Truth has never been so clear! Men are greedy; we aim high, evenif that means leaving a perfectly comfortable situation where awoman gives us love. A man wants to lock down that girl who hecan't find anywhere else. Why? It's a challenge! A man doesn'twant to be handed a pretty sword, he wants to pull the one thatcan't be pulled from the stone, Excalibur...

Of Placeholders & Game Changers

You think you are Excalibur by default. You don't know what otherwomen do or don't do outside of your friends, so again, yourationalize that the way you act is unique because it lands yousteady dates or boyfriends. However, this is also misleadingbecause men treat the Objects as if they are Romantic Interests.

Despite the bonding, the dating, even the commitment, he stilldoesn't think of you as The One. Why is he suddenly bored,spending more time with his friends than you, breaking his neck tolook at other women, or unable to verbalize how he feels about youin a real way? Because you're still stuck in the role of SexualObject, you've just lasted longer than most. A Sexual Object thatsticks around becomes what I call a Placeholder. You're not therebecause he's in love with you or actually sees a future, you arethere to scratch an itch, to keep him company, in short, you'reholding the place of a better woman. You are something to do whilehe waits for a Game Changer to appear. Why is she called a GameChanger? She signifies a change in his life which sends him inanother direction. An immature man now wants to settle down. Aman, who said he would never marry, suddenly wants to getmarried. A guy saddled with his own baggage becomes inspired toget over his hang-ups so he can be what that woman needs. All ofthis is done without a woman asking; it's done simply because shesparks something in him that he had been longing to find his entirelife. All men seek a Game Changer...the holy grail among females.

Most men won't tell you that you aren't Game Changermaterial, they let you assume that you are, in a cowardly act ofwanting to maintain comfort until she appears. Even if you'rereading this and have a boyfriend, you may just be a placeholder.Hell, I've even met married women who turned out to beplaceholders. The signs are always there! He's telling you, but heisn't really showing you love on his own. You feel unappreciated asif he would rather be doing something else. You feel his stress themoment you don't want to do what he wants to do. You think that'swhat men do in relationships because you've always been aplaceholder. You have always had to fuss and fight to get his love,and you assumed that it was how men, you are aplaceholder. He cares about you, he does a few nice things, he tellsyou he loves you, but he isn't in love with you. Who falls in lovewith a temp? Men lie about how much they love you; they fakerelationships and treat Pussy as if it's Wifey when they don'tactually have to go that far just to get convenient sex or stress-freecompanionship. Nevertheless, the Achilles heel that brings theaverage woman down isn't the fact that men lie, it's the fact thatwomen are so consumed with trying to become what a man wantsforever that they ignore his lies in hopes they can win him overeventually. No relationship should be built on eventually! "How to tell if he likes you," "What to say to keep himinterested," "What color do men like on women," "What does itmean when he says I'm not ready for a relationship..." and the listgoes on and on. I look at these Google results, and I'm happy thesekeywords lead girls to my website, but it tells me that womenaren't looking for an edge to become stronger, they're hunting for agimmick that will make a man love her because she doesn't knowhow to achieve it naturally. Google can't save you! A man will sayhe wants a woman that does XYZ but when you give him XYZ hepushes you away like a kid who's handed a bowl of vegetables.

You know this to be true. You have experienced the hypocrisy ofguys who preach about one quality in a woman then end up with awoman who doesn't have that quality. Which is why you have tostop trying to give a man what he says he wants and stop lookingfor "secret tricks" to figure out how to hook a man's heart!So many of you reading this listen to every opinion on "this iswhat you need to do to get a man," and you try to become all ofthese basic ass things, only to find out that none of it works! Thething about a Game Changer is that you cannot put her qualities ona list where a man goes on a date, checks those attributes off, andafter a week declares her the winner. A Game Changer doesn'tstand out because she's doing what men want women to do, shestands out because she doesn't give a fuck about what a man wantsher to do. She's confident in her skin, and because she reaches thelevel of truth where she can project power without running hermouth, a man knows within the first month of dating that she isspecial. She feels different, talks different, and reacts differentlythan other women, because she is! The question isn't how tobecome a man's Game Changer, it's how to become your true selfto the point where you have already changed the game because noother female is doing what you're doing 24-7/365!

Spartans are Game Changers by default because they can't bepulled out of a stone by just any man. The key to becoming a trueSpartan is what this book will reveal in detail, but first you have tounderstand the strategy of the opposing team.