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"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."-Albert Einstein

Who are you? You are a collection of thoughts creating an experience.You think you look a certain way--that is how you look. You think you acta certain way--that is how you act. You think people either like you ordislike you based on various observations they make about you--that ishow people will treat you. Your life is one big concept that you keeprepeating to yourself until it feels solid and true. Your body. Your behavior.Other people. It's all a perception of your own creation. The only thingsthat can truly be labeled as real are your thoughts. I don't need you tounderstand this right now, I just need you to follow the bread crumbs untilyou're able to understand it later on. This isn't theory this is practical, and ifyou choose to follow these steps all the way through, there will be directproof that you are what you think.

The idea of changing your thoughts in order to change your life iseasier said than done because your beliefs are hardwired at this point. Youcan pretend that you understand what Einstein meant when he said life is anillusion, but you can't actually grasp it on a level where you can see pastthat illusion because you don't fully believe that statement. An illusion isfake, made up, but your life isn't because you live with it each day. Real isreal because you can touch it. To say it's an elaborate projection fromwithin goes against everything you have been telling yourself for an entirelifetime. Anytime you smash against the dominant beliefs you have built upfor years, the first reaction is to dismiss it as crazy. But after you get overthe egotistical idea of whatever you don't believe in must be crazy, yourmind does an interesting thing, it actually begins to question itself.Your mind may fight this truth on a surface level, but you know therehas always been something deeper than this idea of "seeing is believing,"and every night you experience just how unreliable your senses are--indreams. Remember that dream you had that was similar to your real life, butdidn't quite make sense? You kept dreaming, you weren't immediatelyroused by the lack of believability. No matter if it was a dead relative whowas having a conversation with you, a friend who you recognized but wasin a different body, or a classmate who you hadn't seen in years that youwere having sex with; you bought into the concept to the extent that thedream was able to be played out as if it were real. Your thoughts overridethe imagined facts of your reality when dreaming, and, even moreinteresting, they actually create another world that becomes as real as theroom you're in right now. If your consciousness is strong enough to createan endless array of worlds and scenarios that feel no different from whatyou call being "awake," then what determines real?Throughout your entire life, you used the logic of if you can touch it,smell it, see it, then it's real. However, as proven by your own dreams,that's not true. Your mind can create those sensations even when asleep.You can have sex, hit the lottery, fall, almost die, and in that moment thereis nothing telling you that the feelings are only perceived. What's thedifference between the dream world and the waking world? One is moreconstant because you spend more time in that story than the other. From ametaphysical standpoint, you could say life is an extended dream. The mostpopular phrase used in enlightenment is "wake up" because the dreammetaphor is the easiest thing to wrap your mind around. To "wake up"doesn't need to wait until death, you can attain it now. Those that reach thislevel of understanding realize what life has always been, and all of the fearand anxiety become silly. There is nothing to stress over once you becomelucid in your dream. This is the power you are about to tap into.If you need something more scientific to push you forward, look atquantum physics, zero point field research, or quantum foam tests thatdemonstrate that virtual particles pop in and out of existence depending onthe observer. When not being observed, they remain waves of energywaiting to take shape. "Everything we call real is made of things that cannotbe regarded as real," Niels Bohr won a Noble Prize with this information,but you can change your life with it. This book will prove it in terms ofresults if you choose to accept one thing: The external world is a vibrationalforce that collapses and then projects what you call life experience, notfrom that physical brain in your head, not from your "I wish for this, give itto me," ego-driven consciousness, but from your true self.

Your first thought may be that you and other people are creating thisshared world together, like some group project, but there is only you. Youare the observer. Everything is you. To quote quantum physicist JohnWheeler, "There is no out there, out there!" It's all inside of you and alwayshas been. Think about all the times you felt a situation was hopeless, and itworked out. As a kid and as an adult, you experienced "Oh shit" momentsthat you now laugh at, because it ended without you getting in trouble orended with you getting what you wanted. People call it a miracle or aguardian angel, but once you move away from the supernatural, it isrevealed as your true self protecting you from your own stupidity. Any timeyou make a mistake and don't learn your lesson, it repeats later, teachingyou that same lesson that you were supposed to learn earlier. Your life wasnot created for you to lose. Even when "bad" happens it is actually goodbecause it advances you to either think differently or move differently.Struggle is only struggle because you're attached to primordial thinking.Life's trials are built to wake you up, not to keep you clinging on to yourold fearful life view.

Waking up or collapsing the field isn't about doing magic; it's aboutunderstanding the engine that's powering your life. Everything in thepractical universe, when placed under a microscope is made of energy,that's no secret. What's been hidden is that you are both the plug and thepower source. It doesn't matter if you're into metaphysics and embrace thedream metaphor or if you're scientific and buy into the holographicuniverse model or quantum theory. All that matters is that you open youreyes and stop pretending as if your life is being controlled by chaotic forcesoutside of you. No matter how you try to slice it, the external world is aconcept. Thoughts create reality. Your thoughts.

Spirituality quotes, New Thought ideas, Vision Boards, these thingsare popping up more and more in your life, and slowly but surely you havebeen starting to investigate if there is something to the power of the mind.This isn't an accident. If someone would have told you about a vision boardparty ten years ago, you may have looked at them like they were crazy ortapping into some devil shit, but your mind has matured, and it's pushingyou to take baby steps towards a new view of how life actually works. I'mnot interested in revealing all the answers. That will become your puzzle topiece together. However, I am interested in showing you how to practicallyput this into practice so you can use it, not next year, not next week, but themoment you finish this book and every day after...

Looking Glass

Rhonda Byrne, the author of The Secret, wrote: "All that we are is a resultof what we have thought." In response to this claim, a man replied on amessage board with an aggressive comment criticizing this idea. Personally,he would never think to be in the position of his current financial struggle,only abundance. The "insane" idea of blame the victim for being the victimis controversial, but this is where you have to wipe your ass withcontroversy and think about what your own dominant thoughts are. Whatyou want to happen is not what you actually think will happen. On thesurface, people say they want the world and all the good fortune it has tooffer, but underneath that surface, they see the world as this big scary placewhere nothing ever works out because of various injustices or inequalities.Years of thinking that life is out of your control cannot be changed in a day.Proclaiming you want all the money in the world and all the happyexperiences you can handle, does not erase the concept of what your life hasbeen built on. The thought that things won't happen in your favor isdominant; when things actually work out, that becomes the exception. Youfeel happy, you give thanks, you praise, you do all of these things becauseyou don't expect "good fortune" to happen normally. Good things are calledblessings, miracles, luck, when in fact if your mind were truly positive,everything from setbacks to achievements would be seen as beneficialbecause they are all moving you in the same direction--forward!Think of the time you achieved something remarkable. You lookedback to see what you did leading up to that moment which could reveal areason you deserved to win. You received extra money and pointed tolending money to a friend as the reason it came back to you twofold. Youget a promotion at work, and you pointed to how you didn't break whenyour employer was getting on your nerves, and give thanks because yoursacrifice has finally paid off. Your mind is making up bullshit stories toexplain abundance. You can't even accept victory without needing to makeup an excuse for it. I repeat, in your mind winning is an exception, not astandard. When you're expecting good news or going out for a job, what doyou actually think? You feel nervousness, but what do you think? Thewords "I hope...I pray...I wish...If I'm lucky..." pop into your head.

Maybe you wear a lucky charm or look to the sky and ask "please." Why?Because you don't see the world as a giving tree, you see it as a roulettetable.

If your conscious self truly thought in a winning way or a forwarddirection, then why would your mind speak words that denote uncertainty?"Because you never know. I don't want to get my hopes up, assume, andthen be disappointed when it doesn't happen." That's the fact I need you tograsp. You hope for success, but your deepest thought is not success; it'sfear. The fear of not getting what you want has created the idea that youneed to wish, cross your fingers, or ask other people to pray for you becausethis entire life you live is based on doubting yourself. Few people feel as ifthey deserve something for nothing, not even you, your thoughts havealways been "do this to get that," with a series of obstacles constantlyblocking you from winning. The universe isn't going to surprise you withsuccess when you spend 90% of the time expecting failure. Your wakinglife is the same as your dream state. You don't actively decide what you willdream, your subconscious has already laid it out before you even go tosleep. It's determined by the things that are already on your mind, whichyou may not even be aware of because you think on Autopilot.

Look at your life. You don't think big, you coast. You counter positivethoughts with negative thoughts all day long. You think of something youwant, try to hold on to it, then think of reasons why you won't get it, whichleads you back to "I hope" or "If I'm lucky." For each forward thought, youhave a backward thought. Every hour you fire off more counter thoughtsthan proactive thoughts because you have built a world where you have tobe realistic, humble, or practical. You are afraid to be great, not because youdon't want to be great, but because thought after thought reminds you thatsomeone like you can't do it!

You wait until someone else does something remarkable, thenmotivate yourself to do the same thing. That only lasts a short while, thenyou lose motivation. Your true self is constantly dropping hints to push youtowards your true potential, but you remain scared! Rejection anddisappointment have become so embedded in your mind, so you don't try,you simply live life on autopilot. Direct proof that thoughts control reality isfound in your everyday life. You hope you can afford to buy something, andthat stresses you about money all week. You worry that someone is mad atyou, so you dread talking to them all day. You skip out on going to an eventbecause you think other women will be dressed better, so you create a lie tomake it seem as if you're not insecure about your body, just too tired to goout. Life controls you when you allow counter thoughts to back you into acorner of mental frustration. Every day you affirm things about yourself thatare as true as you choose to believe. Then you buy into these ideas, makethem the story of your life, project it out to be played, and the cycle repeatson autopilot. The problem is your default thoughts are negative, stressful, ordoubting. More people have "crazy" dreams than they have dreams wherethey are relaxing and sipping tea in a mansion. Why? Because your mind israging with anxiety throughout the day! Thought after thought about howyou don't look a certain way are always at war in your mind. Thoughtsabout how you don't have enough of something make you depressed, bitter,or resentful internally so you keep projecting that externally. Recurringthoughts that people will always see you as less than what you are andthere's nothing you can do about it, places a chip on your shoulder and anidea that life isn't fair--so life remains unfair. You don't want to keepliving like this; you are sick and tired of being frustrated...and that's whythis book is appearing to you at this exact moment. Fearful thoughts projectthe strongest reality, and the time has come to change that.

Goddess Consciousness

Every day you wake up and convince yourself that the story of [Insert YourName] lives on the third rock from the sun, is [Insert Your Age] years old,and has to do XY&Z to have a good and happy life. That your concept oflife and your story plays out like a movie every day based on these series ofthoughts that you have been thinking since before you can remember. Canyou stop in the middle of your movie scene and say, "this is all fake," youcould, but you won't because you think everyone in that scene will see youas crazy. The reality that you are immersed in has made you fear doinganything other than what's normal because you have already decided theoutcome. You don't push someone because they push back. You don't tellsomeone you like them because they may not like you back. You don'tdrive fast because you may crash. Even in your dream world, you are stillcontrolled by those same boundaries that you place upon yourself whenyou're awake. You don't lose your fear in your dream or your sense ofworry because you don't know how to live without those limits! Yourthoughts, to this point, have been consciously and subconsciously fearbased. You don't want to rock the boat of life because you don't wantanything "bad" to happen. Therefore, you keep playing out your story justlike Ryan plays out the entirety of Gravity without taking off her helmet inspace and saying to the camera, "This isn't outer space and my name isactually Sandra Bullock." You play your role because you think the role istrue self.

You could do anything you want in life right now. You can move to anew city, cut a friend off who annoys you, or go skydiving because it's alljust an illusion that goes where you steer it to go. However, it's an illusionthat's so convincing that it holds you in check with imagined repercussions.You don't move to a new city because you're afraid you won't find a newjob fast enough to pay your new rent. You don't cut your friend off becauseyou don't want a confrontation or to seem mean. You don't go skydivingbecause your parachute may not open. You are still Ryan in Gravitypretending she's an astronaut. Even though it's all a concept, it feels real, soyou are going to play it as real until the day you die. This is your red pillmoment. You can put this book down and keep playing your role or you canchoose to change your reality every day for the rest of your life.If life is a game, if you're just a character of your own true selfthought creation, and this world is one big dreamscape, hologram, orquantum field where you play out various adventures, then how do you goabout changing it? By understanding who you are in relation to the rest ofthe world. You become confident through truth so that there is no fear whenyou venture out and behave in a different way that will net you differentresults from what you are used to getting in life. So what is that truth thatwill make you fearless? Goddess Consciousness. Nothing bad will happenbecause bad no longer exists when you understand that you are beingcontrolled by true self who only wants to live life to the fullest. You won'tdo anything directly or indirectly to ruin your life, so abandon the idea thatthis character has the free will to fuck everything up. You have been a slaveto over thinking and indecision. Your character was molded from thecollection of other women, some weak and some strong, but all who hadthat one flaw: A need for true love.

You were controlled by this idea that you had to pick the right man,not let go of someone, or take someone back because they were your soulmate. Your movie was playing out like a comedy because your entire wayof thinking was built on this lie that there is only ONE person for you, thatyou have to work hard to keep a man, put up with struggles, speak his lovelanguage, and all the other mess that clouded your mind and made you trytoo hard to appease someone else. You gave away your power so you couldfollow those dominant thoughts about what love meant, but your true selfwas always there to make sure you didn't totally destroy your character bychasing pavements. The game is meant to be won, but your thoughts wereso focused on losing that you became your own worst enemy. Yourcharacter was drifting on autopilot for all those years, and your true self wasthere to bail you out or to teach you a harsh lesson to get you back on track.Welcome back to the track! This is the moment you let go and let your trueself, take over. Everything you want to experience in life, the real shit, notthe generic goals you make up to fit in with other people who are stillsleeping, will come into focus once you wake up and embrace this.

Two things will become key to this process. The ability to rebrandyourself through thought. This means that from now on the old weak youwill begin to fade as you relaunch yourself with a new attitude based on...the second part: The ability to remember who you are. Not who yourcharacter is, but who you are--Goddess Consciousness. This will buildyour confidence to new heights, and as your confidence increases so willyour results, but it will only work if you remember to remember! You cansit in bed and try to induce a lucid dream by saying, "When I'm sleeping,remember that I'm dreaming so I can have fun in the dream" It won't work.Maybe you'll do it one of the thirty times you attempt it, but you won'tremember consistently because your mind is used to resetting itself so that itcan be fooled over and over again by the illusion of dominant thoughts. Thesame way that you read a book that is inspirational or hear a sermon thattouches your soul, you feel changed in the moment but not forever. You feelas if you're a different person, vibrating at a higher level... then by the nextweek, you're back to gossiping about work bullshit and you forget aboutthat mini-awakening. You are Consciousness playing a role. That's all youhave to know to center yourself in this game.

I want you to avoid the pitfall where you Spartan Up for a week, onlyto come crashing down full of fear the moment you don't get what youimagined. This isn't a law where you have to bottle up happy thoughts inorder to get the world to give you free shit. This isn't some snap your fingerand manifest materialism trick as if you're a genie. This isn't aboutaffirming something you don't believe in or being fake-positive all day soyou can see quick results. Never lie to yourself in order trick the universeinto giving you things that it's already in the process of giving you!There is a power that goes deeper than visualization techniques or lawof attraction synchronicity, and slowly but surely you will come to know it.You will even return to this book, years later, and see the clues you missed.For now, understand that you are not expected to do magic, break the lawsof nature, or turn your world into science fiction fantasy, this is about youworking within the lines that you created, to get the extraordinary resultsyou were meant to receive. This isn't a race. Do not pressure yourself andpush your thoughts into a backward position with hypocritical ideas. Youdon't need to call out to the universe to help you, give a homeless guy atwenty to get back a hundred, or appease the Karma commission by doingsomething nice that you don't feel. You are free!Boomerang thinking, throw it out come back to me, is poisonous. It'slike those church women who promise to no longer do something they seeas a sin, so they can get blessings going forward. "Lord, I'm going to begood this year so you can help pay for these car repairs." That Santa Claus,naughty or nice list, concept where you do good to receive more is full ofshit. You don't have to kiss some invisible ass to be rewarded with apromotion. It's already yours! You can't hustle a world that is built to giveyou what you want. Understand one concept and the rest will take care ofitself... You are Goddess Consciousness playing a role in order to createthis epic story full of twist and turns that ends with you being fulfilled. Lifewon't play out like a predictable script, but it will play out in a way whereeven spontaneity feels exciting, not scary. Your universe can either benefityou, or it can frustrate you; that's your choice, but it is always working toreflect your true self. Don't pump yourself up, go outside and experiencesomething that upsets you, and run back to thinking life is out of yourcontrol. You have to remember to remember until you can detach yourselffrom the impatience, the stress, and the anxiety that will cause you torelapse into the lie that you are the character, not the creator.That weak part of you is creeping in right now, you feel as if this isgoing to be hard, it won't really work, or you will screw it up. Believe whatyou will, either way, it will be made true. Fear and Confidence are the twowords that will be repeated constantly throughout this book. You must havean abundance of one and zero of the other. Live in the now, and alwaysremind yourself: This Is My Theme Park. Remember to remember thatyou're in on this secret no matter what you're in the middle of projecting.