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Rebrand, embrace that brand, project that brand. Those are the first stepswhen changing the game. Who are you? Goddess Consciousness about toplay the game of life. What do you do when you start a new simulationgame? You pick a name and then create an image. Over the next few daysrebrand yourself internally. Think of it like a superhero alter ego, yourbrand should represent your power. Avoid some random stripper name like"Mercedes" or "Sinnamon" or any nickname that doesn't resonate in yourcore as powerful. If you love your name, use it. If you have a name in yourhead that you always felt you should have been named, take it. Next, addSpartan in front of it. Spartan Kim, Spartan Simone, Spartan Amanda,Spartan Nicki, Spartan Jasmine, Ho Maria turned Spartan Maria, it doesn'tmatter so long as you know that from this day forward you're a fuckingWarrior Queen, not a bystander bitch.

Now that you have your name, understand what your brandrepresents. Are you Tiffany, classic luxury? Are you Playboy, sexual yetelegant? Maybe you're Forever 21, young, carefree, down to earth. Yourname should match the attitude you want to embrace. Yes, you're a Spartan,you don't take shit, you don't back down, you ooze charisma, but that's thefoundation. Your brand is your external calling card, the image that theworld gets every time you walk outside. That "S" on Superman's chest says"You can't fuck with me." You need to find your S! When you dress, nomatter the outfit or the occasion, it represents your brand's attitude. Whenyou do your hair, it's not whatever, it represents your brand's attitude.When you walk, that's your brand's switch. When you talk, that's yourbrand's swagger. Choose your brand's style and commit to it.

If you're Haute Couture, you don't walk with your head down,shuffling your feet, like some awkward cow. You float as if thesemotherfuckers can't afford you. Even in sweatpants on the way to themarket, you're still rocking that get up and go outfit like it cost major coins.Even with your hair in a ponytail, you don't rock that shit like a soccermom who is stressed and tired. You make sure it's on point like AdrianaGrande on a red carpet. It's not the look, it's the feel. You are power, yourbrand is power, so don't only feel that, project that in your own unique way.


The next step is to fall in love with the mirror. Let's strip away all theclothes, the hairstyles, the makeup, and glossy material shit of your brandimage. Now that you know the energy you want to project and the attitude,rebuild the actual woman who will be serving as your Spartan brandambassador. This is about YOU and the MIRROR. All of this past bullshitabout how you look good but you're not all that, or how you need workdone before you can go snatch souls, it's all fiction. If you look in themirror and see everything that's wrong, that means when you go out inpublic other people will also see everything that's wrong. No matter whatyou wear to mask yourself, if you give into the idea that a part of your bodyneeds improvement, then it becomes a bulls-eye for others to hit.You create your insecurity, not other people. If there weren't anythoughts in your head about, "my breasts are too small, my butt is too flat,my voice is ugly," then there would be nothing to be insecure about. Otherpeople only notice what you first notice. Think back to a pimple you had,you were so sensitive to the size that when you were forced to go out inpublic, you felt as if everyone was staring at that bump. It's all in yourhead! You give life to your issues by thinking they are negatives to beginwith. Get in the mirror and start changing that projection. I don't care howlong this step takes you. It's better to get this right than to rush.You have to want to fuck yourself. That's the only goal at this point.Wake up, and before you put makeup on, before you style your hair, beforeyou push your tits up, or try to suck your stomach in, love what you see inthat mirror! I don't want you to lie about being pretty. Don't turn to the sideand hit your best angle to feel sexy. Don't squint and imagine that you areblemish or acne scar free. Don't practice smiling with no teeth to cover upthat mouth that needs braces. Don't comb that bang over your big assforehead to hide your shame. Don't shove your fat into a waist trainer,shove your face into the mirror and accept yourself. Stand as you are everymorning and embrace you for you before you start the day. The only thingwrong with your body is that you think there's something wrong with yourbody. You may not see this the first day or the second day, but you mustkeep working at this until you remake your avatar into the beautiful shell itwas meant to be. Keep looking until you start projecting something thatmakes you smile, and that same image will begin to reward you when yougo out in public. Think back to a day when you got an insane amount ofmale attention. You wonder what you did, if it was your hair, your outfit,the fact that you just got a new boo. None of that! It's about how you feelinside. Emit that feeling of flawless and you will make any dick hard.What you feel inside, you will project outside--fact. Too many of youare walking the streets with busted avatars and only attracting men who youthink would want this, "7 in a face, 9 with makeup" creation you call self.You don't have to pretend as if you're perfect to feel sexy. This isn't aboutdelusion, where you lie about what you see reflecting back. Those womenwho swear "I look good" but really don't, know they don't look good.They're merely trying to boost themselves up via empty words and falseswagger. I don't want you to be that typical chick that goes out full of hotair gets exposed by a man who isn't afraid to tell her she's a 6 with a badclosure, then crumble. You have to believe in your beauty on a real level.Take the negative and only see the positive in it so that if someone were topoint it out, you won't flinch, because you are okay with that feature. Don'tfix your mind to think "There are too many things wrong for me to believethat." This is your world, your character, your projection, it's all withinyour power to change. I want you to fall in love with yourself as is, becauseeven with things you once called flaws, you will see that it's all part of theentire sexy package known as your Spartan Avatar.


Attraction isn't about being the prettiest, it's about that intangible sexappeal of knowing you're the shit. You've dated men or had crushes onguys who didn't look like token pretty boys. They were funny looking or abit rough, but still gave you that tingle because they projected sex despitenot being Prince in Purple Rain pretty. Physical perfection is an opinion.Your universe likes flavor, not vanilla. There is a reason the top movieactresses have weird features, as opposed to perfect comic book drawnbodies and faces. Julia Roberts, with her snort laugh and big teeth, becamethe epitome of the girl next door sex appeal. Madonna with that huge gapand mole, became iconic. Zoe Zaldana, no matter if she's brown, blue, orgreen, doesn't look like Jessica Rabbit, she looks even better because sheoozes confidence with those fuck me eyes regardless of how big her nose orears are. Cleopatra was portrayed as this great traditional beauty of history,but she had a hook nose and her father's features--Still brought down afucking Empire with her sex appeal. The point is, there is no mold forbeauty, you're the one creating it in your own head. It's time to revisit howyou think about your looks in an honest way.

If you have a big nose, love that big ass nose, it makes you stand out.No one's laughing at it, if you aren't. No one's making fun of it, if youaren't. The moment you stop noticing it as a blemish, the rest of the worldwill follow. If you're a bigger girl and want to drop some weight, gold starfor you, but for now, you are the size you are and you can't hide out untilthat gym routine begins to yield results. Your confidence has to be built onwho you are right now, not who you will become after a diet or surgery, orthat insecurity will always be in the back of your mind. There is no suchthing as a perfect weight, breast size, or ass size because that cancerous wayof thinking will always find something new to pick at and change. Thinkdifferent and think higher! Look in the mirror and love every ounce of bodyfat you have. Understand that the men in your world have more than just afetish, they have a hunger for your body the way it's currently built. Thisgoes for all body types and all facial features, if you love it, others will alsolove it. If you aren't happy, then you will continue to meet those people thatmirror your own thoughts about your looks. Again, do not skip this step andjump to dating. If you still feel insecure, your world will point it out. Atoddler who rudely yells out your flaw, a group of people who laugh as youwalk by, a nail tech who is speaking another language but still shading you.Your flaws will get pointed out if you cheat this step! Don't leave that damnmirror until you love yourself minus any, "but I would change..."statements. Know that a man will want to plant his face in your box like youknow the sun will rise tomorrow! Your avatar is that of a Spartan Queen:Sexy, Fierce, and Unbelievably Tempting.


Up until now, the word "selfish" has been negative. It has been used to guiltyou and make you give up more of yourself than you wanted to under theguise of being a good person. You don't have to put other people in front ofyou to be a good person. You don't have to sacrifice your wants and desiresin favor of someone else's hopes and dreams in order to get blessings. Evenwhen you were playing this game while asleep, events were nudging youtowards the truth of, Do you. This world is made for you, but you keepletting people take your spot in line, out of some misplaced concept ofkindness. Selflessness and servitude are hustles and you know it; that's whyyou feel a certain way when you see people who look out for themselvesachieving things that, according to this imagined rulebook, they shouldn'tachieve. Your true self keeps pointing you in the direction of "Put yourselffirst," but you're afraid to do that, so history keeps repeating itself becauseyou can't take your own hint!

You are a Spartan, this is your world, it revolves around you like theearth revolves around the sun because you are the one powering it! Be niceto people, be kind, and be considerate all you want, but at the end of theday, never put someone else before you. This is your creation, but guilt hasmade you play Alfred instead of Batman. You aren't a fucking supportingcharacter, you aren't a sidekick, and you aren't meant to wait until you dieto transport to some other reality where you get a cookie for being adoormat. You have to take center stage now or this experience you call lifewill have been a waste. A boring generic waste where you let everyone ridethe best rides because you didn't want to be inconsiderate. You have theright to ride the rollercoaster, get off and ride it again without getting backin line, because this is your theme park. You must cultivate the Spartanmind which demands: Me comes before He or She. The old subservientmind led to women being used unabashedly by friends, family, and lovers.Family members borrow money that they never pay back, but it's okaybecause the weak part of you says, "They must need it more than me."Friends drag you along to places you don't want to go, but you play alongbecause "I have to be a good friend." Yet when you try that same trick, theygive you their ass to kiss with excuse after excuse. And men, they knowbest of all how willing you are to go above and beyond and never think ofyourself. These men will prey on your kindness, and use it to their benefit indozens of ways, all under the cover of "You're the type of woman I need onmy team (a dumb bitch that does for me without demanding that I do foryou)." A man will call you different and shower you with complimentsbecause you let him take advantage, but you're no different than mostwomen who puts He before She.

He doesn't have money to go out, so you sacrifice what you know isan important show of value and let him give you a house date--Selfless. Heneeds to borrow your car, your money, or your credit, and though your trueself is screaming not to do it, you hook him up because you feel a sense ofloyalty--Selfless. In terms of communication, you're always available totalk because you don't want him to be upset, but he has the option ofignoring you whenever he sees fit with no real explanation--Selfless. Eventhe concept of a relationship is a compromise. You know what's healthy,you know what you want, but you give in the moment a man says, "let'stake it slow... we don't need a stupid title... I'm not looking for anythingserious... You know I want to be with you, but I need to take care of thingsfirst." Excuse after excuse that tells you he doesn't want you is greeted withunderstanding because you choose to put a man's want to be free aboveyour need to be loved--Selfless. This world that you have created comesacross as stressful because you keep walking away from your power!Every time your instincts let you in on the secret, you fight it andmake a typical move that ends with you being fucked over because you areafraid of this power. To be a Master is scary when you're used to being aslave. You want to put your fate in the hands of Karma's reward, of somenew era Zeus in the clouds with a white beard who decides if you win orlose based on his mood. You want an outside power to tell you what to do.You look for signs, read horoscopes, get palms read. Playing the game as ifyou're helpless and at the mercy of the reality, the only reality isthat you are the stars! You have all the power, and you will keep repeatingthe struggle until you realize that it starts and stops with your thoughts.Remember who is in control even when things seem out of yourcontrol. The universe testing you is actually you testing yourself. Never runback to the comfort of your old way of thinking, stay in the moment andknow that the most powerful woman in this reality is you. Enlightenment isdestruction in the sense that all of your old beliefs must die. In the past, youcompared yourself to other people in terms of looks, wealth, and status tosee where you ranked. If you lived around lower income people, you feltproud to be earning more. On the flip side, if you happened to go to a partywith the young and rich, you would feel dejected, as if you should be doingmore in life at your age. Your mood was dependent on what other peoplehad or didn't have over you. As you wake up, you realize that comparingyourself to other people is like William Shakespeare comparing his looks toRomeo's and his wealth to that of King Lear's. It's all a part of your story!A Spartan doesn't compete with girls because there is nothing to competeagainst. Don't point to some rich celebrity as if they're better than you orproof that you are a nobody. They exist to entertain you or to inspire yourcharacter. They aren't meant to be goals or people to emulate, they're justplaying parts in the background of your movie as it moves forward. Thismeans jealousy should be the first human emotion you shrug off, as itdoesn't make much sense to envy your own creation. Someone having moremoney, more success at work, getting married before you, who cares? Focuson moving your story forward, don't get lost in the background scenery.


Let us transition to your role in relation to other people. This isn't a worldyou share, it's one that you rule over, so stop trying to be so democratic.There's a saying, "the world doesn't revolve around you." It's meant tohumble children and teach teamwork, but it's a Trojan Horse that embeds aslave mentality. Giving someone more meaning in your life than yourself isa self-defeating concept that goes against your natural instincts. This ideathat in order to be good you need to be at the service of others is a con.Queens rule from the top, not the bottom. You are a Spartan, this is yourkingdom, and it does revolve around you. That isn't ego, it's truth. You arehere to rule, so rule bitch!

Think of life as your own version of the film Mean Girls, you areCady, the star of the movie who needs to go through a drastictransformation to find her strength. This is the turning point of that moviewhere you realize you're the leader, not the follower. Embrace it! Don'tworry about the Regina George's of the world and where they fit into yourstory? Don't try to share the spotlight with Janis Ian because she's your dayone A1. This isn't an ensemble; your life only has room for ONE star, andthat's you. The rest are supporting cast and background extras sent here toget you to your happy ending. Which means if a person isn't benefiting youin a positive way, then you have to write them out of your story by nolonger giving them your time, energy, or attention.

You may have a best friend that's your ride or die, or maybe a circleof girls who you really love and trust, doesn't matter--they are here tosupport you, not vice versa. Be kind, be there to help, be there to listen, doall the things a friend does but never sacrifice your own wellbeing for theirapproval or benefit. Remember, this is your story! If you feel as if therelationship between you and another girl isn't balanced or isn't benefitingyour experience of life, let that bitch go. Don't feel bad, don't feel guilty,she's just a fucking supporting character. Like Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince,another one will pop up after you fire that one to take that role in your life.If a person were meant to stay your friend, they would have stayed yourfriend. Don't be loyal to a concept. The universe will bring in people toadvance your story and also remove those that no longer grow you. Youmay not want that person to go; you may want them to evolve with you.That isn't how it works. Some friendships last a lifetime, most only lastuntil the next chapter of your life. You will have to shed people like deadskin in order to grow. Don't mourn change.

What about enemies? You will meet girls that don't like you, eitheroutwardly or under the surface. They aren't threats. Nothing can trulythreaten a Spartan. Understand their purpose in your life. Those haters arethere to fuel you and to make your ascension feel that much greater. Lifewithout overcoming adversity or shutting up naysayers isn't as fun. The endof Mean Girls doesn't taste as sweet unless Cady had a Regina character toovercome. Rocky isn't moved to tears in the end unless he had an ApolloCreed to bring that performance out of him. You need people that supportyou, but you also need haters to push you at times. If you pick your friendscarefully you will see that their love reflects the love you have for yourself.Those whom you see as enemies are harmless because their resentment isalso based on love. Jealousy is merely love and hate at the same time.People in your story will only hate you once they envy you. They envy youbecause you are ascending. If you begin to feel negative feelings towardssomeone, let it go immediately, you're giving them power. To see someoneas holding you back or stopping progress means that you are giving into oldhabits of fear. Who is she to envy, to resent, or to wish pain on, but yourreflection?

As you go deeper into Spartanhood everything will change, friendswill leave, enemies will appear, but it will always reflect your growth froma low vibrational being to a universal power. Don't run from your evolution,embrace it. If you find yourself distracted by rival women who are lookingto bring you down, remove them from your life. If it's no longer amotivation you need, then actively change the scene. If a bitch at work isgiving you mean stares, ignore it until it kills her. A person gossiping aboutsomething that you supposedly did, shrug it off without giving it anyenergy. If your own sister, mother or even grandmother is calling you up tocomplain or be negative, stop being available for those kinds ofconversations. You don't owe anyone your time or attention. Bitch is not anegative word in Sparta. That slur is now a spear that you drive into theheart of the status quo that tried to limit you. Be a bitch, be blunt, be rude,it's your top priority to be happy and unbothered! You don't owe anyoneyour kindness until they earn it and even then they have to maintain it. Theidea of ignoring texts or cutting a phone call short with someone whoannoys you makes you uncomfortable because you have been a prisoner toopinion. If you say you can't come out for drinks, stop entertaining childishconversation topics, or no longer pick up your phone for them, people willthink you're stuck up. "I don't want them to think I'm..." rings through aguilty mind that is obsessed with how others perceive them. You wantedeveryone to like you to the extent where you were willing to suffer throughthe nonsense. Never again! Old you played to your audience because youdidn't want them to call you names. You are no longer a slave to outsideopinion. You are stuck up. You do act Hollywood. You are too fucking goodfor the low vibrational bullshit of basics. You are a Bitch, but they betterhave enough respect to capitalize your B! Other people are only as powerfulas you allow them to be in your world. Shrink the thoughts you give them,and you will literally shrink their role in your life.


Men are not prizes to be won, they are toys from which you experiencewhatever love story your true self feels will be the most fulfilling in thisgame called life. Remember, this story is scripted to give you a happyending, but If you're a non-Spartan that thinks life is out of your control,then you will block that ending. Negative thought after negative thoughtwill be made real so long as you hold on to ideas like, "I will forever bealone or end up settling." From your mind to physical fruition. The menwho come and go from your life will be directly related to your views onmen which were created while you were on autopilot. Men don't want youlike your father didn't want you. Men only want you for sex. Men alwayscheat on you. Men love you for a short while then grow bored. Men are alldogs, liars, and con artist. That's poison you're injecting into your reality.Your belief in men as heartbreakers and pain givers will always be true solong as you give that concept life through your current perception andprojection. Find a boyfriend, stay together for a year, then watch as youbreak up due to one of those things listed above being in your mind.Failure doesn't happen because the universe is out to get you, it happensbecause your weak mind was expecting it to happen! Thoughts createreality. You will always attract someone who gives you what you fear if fearremains more dominant than confidence. A man doesn't determine the lovestory that happens in your movie, you do. The problem is, like the bias ofHollywood, your love stories tend to be ones where the man is in theleading role and you're merely the love interest. Your entire life has beenbuilt to make a man the most important character when it should be thereverse. Jack isn't the star of Titanic, Rose is. Kyle Reece isn't the star ofThe Terminator, Sarah Connor is. Yet here you are, believing you are moreCinderella than The Bride from Kill Bill. You don't want to be a man-eaterlike Scarlett O'Hara, you choose to be Aerial The Little Mermaid, ahopelessly romantic dumbass that would sell her own voice for a dick.Spartan's don't chase, they take! The first step in rewriting your love storyis to put you in the leading role and never compromise that position. Thisidea that you need to be extra to show him you're different, you need towork hard to get his attention, or you need to sacrifice yourself to make himhappy is for peasants, not royalty. You're the Queen; you're the one thatneeds to be impressed, inspired, and shown that this is indeed a real loveand not just a false lust.

This isn't about snapping your fingers and getting a husbandtomorrow, this is about enjoying the movie the right way. Once youunderstand your true self. Once you become a Spartan. Victory is yours.That happy ending will come so long as you maintain your center in thisuniverse. That doesn't mean it will be instant, but it won't take long either.This is a journey, not a giveaway. There are still things you need toexperience to grow stronger and more powerful. There are men who youwill need to hurdle over in order to understand what you truly want in thatultimate mate. Rose in Titanic doesn't achieve final happiness when shemeets Jack, his ass dies and she goes on to live for nearly a hundred moreyears! Jack was only one part of her story, an experience that revealed hertrue power, he was never her end goal. The men you are about to attract toyou aren't meant to take over your life, they're meant to enhance it for thebetter. You aren't made for a man; men are created for you. As we movedeeper into the art of conquering this thing called love, remember toremember that no matter if you hit a homerun or strike out a few times, it'spart of the larger film you're creating that always ends with you victorious.

The Spartan Mission

The Spartan mission, in terms of love, can best be described as a game ofsurvival of the fittest. You are the prize that must be won over, but standingin front of you are dozens upon dozens of men who aren't worthy, with onlya few that will be revealed as King material. Some will be the mosthandsome men you've ever seen; others will be richer than you could haveever imagined. A few will be so funny or nice that you forget that theyaren't attractive or rich. Some will even connect with you on a spirituallevel where you feel a kinship beyond your character's flesh. Guess what?They're all just players in the game! Their true intentions are hidden fromyou on the surface, their words masking their motives, and it is your job tofilter through them. Survival of the fittest! That doesn't sound like fun, doesit? You want to just pick one that's the compatible and live happily everafter... but that's not the world you've created. You've spent years sayingwhat you wanted in a man, yet you still don't know. Honest, hardworking,loyal, none of that means shit, they're basic characteristics. Handsome, Tall,Big Dick, really? Now you're just trying to build a man like Dr.


I've met several women who were into making lists and on these liststhey wrote down the traits they wanted in a man based on what theyimagined they needed. One friend described to me how she found the manthat met all ten of her checkpoints. It had been nearly a year since she wrotethat list, so she went back to make sure, and on her paper there he was--The perfect boyfriend. She took this as a sign from the universe and the twobegan dating hard and heavy. Before the year was up, he proposed. Then allhell broke loose because she found out while he had all of those qualities...there were tons of things she never thought to ask for in terms of a man'sown insecurities. These traits quickly proved that while he had those 10Perfect qualities, he had a few others that were deal breakers.

The universe, meaning her true self, sent this man to her because shewanted it so bad, and she was so clear in that want that she would havenever let it go. Nevertheless, that man and those bundles of traits weren'twhat was needed in her story. That engagement proved she was stillignorant of her true desires. She wasn't yet ready to find her "perfect man"because she didn't know what perfect truly meant. She needed more time inthe story to play the game, not a rush to marriage.

You may make the same mistakes in an attempt to ignorantly wish orvisualize a desire. Write down a list of qualities, go out and date, and youwill meet that guy who fills out your basic bitch list just like my friend did.Then watch as it falls apart because you can't cheat the climb. This gameisn't meant to bring you a list, it's meant to reveal a partner worthy of Godherself! The boys you were in love with in high school or in college, theguys at your last job you crushed on, they may have been perfect for thatcurrent version of you, but they would have never worked for the being thatyou are evolving into. The number one relationship killer is that peoplegrow apart. Why do people grow apart? Because to stay the same forever isworse than death. You will be fundamentally changed after reading thisbook. At this moment, your mind has already expanded, therefore, the menthat will challenge this Goddess made flesh can no longer be made of pastwants. You will get the partner you both want and need, one that fitsyou forever... but in order to reach that you have to break a few eggs.Spartans do not fear this mission. Unlike these zombies walking the earth,face full of bad foundation, body full of ill-fitting clothes, and a mind full offear, you know you will win! Those other women over think and worryabout men because they are afraid of losing. A Spartan cannot lose!Meeting people isn't fun because you're nervous about how they willsee you. Dating new people isn't fun because you don't know how toseparate the real from the fake. Relationships are a test because you don'tknow if you are being dumb for leaving him too fast or even dumber forstaying too long. This book will delve into all three of these things. MeetingA Man. Dating A Man. Relationship Troubles. However, the foundation isbuilt on fun, not stress. There is nothing to stress about. He won't wantanother date. He won't ask me to be his girlfriend. He's going to cheat onme. He won't want to marry me. Negative, typical fearful thoughts aremaking this entire game called love into something serious when it shouldbe played with a detached sense of freedom to choose without fear ofmistakes! Once you become a Spartan and understand everything written inthis book, then your thoughts will never lead you astray again. You alreadyknow that you win in the end, so let go, and trust yourself.

On Monday's you snatch souls. On Tuesday's you snatch souls. Onevery fucking day of the week, you snatch souls, because these men areyours for the taking, every single one of them! When I say, "snatch hissoul" it means just that. Enchant him, seduce him, shatter his guard, andopen him up until you see what's at his core. Eat, Sleep, Snatch Souls,Repeat! This isn't a race; you don't need to literally pull a man a day or datea man a week, there is no more pressure. They will be there waiting. Somemen will be candy who you want to fuck. Some guys may be companionswho you want to keep for company. Some men will be obsessed with youand not leave you alone. You don't need love from any of these peasants.Remember, you're in search of a King that can pull Excalibur from thestone. Why settle for a great dick, when you can get a great man attached toit? Why settle for friendship, when you could get both love andcompanionship? Do not shortchange yourself!

The old you was weak. She was desperate. She was egotistical. Shewas fraudulent. She was typical. Your avatar was built on a slave characterthat had to be thankful for men, take care of men, and submit to men. Fuckthat! This new avatar, this Spartan Warrior who you are about to unleash onthis world, she only has time for men that reflect her own strength. Youneed someone who mirrors you, who highlights you, who excites you, andwho you can fuck and love like you've never fucked and loved before! Theworld is your buffet, but you must be choosy! You arranged this game ofsurvival of the fittest to net you what you most desire in the long run, notover the short term, so be patient and don't question the process. This isSparta, and your reign has just begun.

Stop. Meditate. Continue.

You cannot rush through what you have just read. This isn't a novel to befinished in a day, this isn't disposable fiction to be scanned through, and itisn't a hodgepodge of ideas to be cherry picked. This is meant to be read inorder and inhaled slowly. Take this time to walk away and reflect. Smallminds, weak minds, distracted minds, they will not retain this knowledgefor long because they don't have the discipline of a Spartan. This is yourfirst test. Relax and unwind for at least one hour. Then continue...