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You are a Spartan. You don't look for men; men look for you. The basicbitch frustrations of "Where do I go to find a good man in my city," willnever apply to you. Which e-dating site to sign up for or dating app todownload, are decisions left for peasants not Queens, you don't have to gothrough those motions. Settling for any old date with a random guy becauseyou're bored, giving an ex one more chance because you're lonely, thosebasic thoughts won't even cross your mind. All the stress, all the frustration,all the searching has come to an end. You're about to make it rain men likethe fucking boss that you are! This chapter will serve as the blueprint forbuilding your roster of not one man, not two men, but as many as you wantto bring into the next section's Screening Stage. Now that you have totalconfidence that this world and everything in it is yours, the hard work isdone. Spartans don't have to jump from nightclub to bar to happy hour tohouse party to blind date and back around to find a man worth dating. Thereis nothing extra that you have to do outside of a normal social routinebecause the confidence you are now projecting will bring them to you! Theonly thing you need in addition to this new found Spartan confidence is toadmit what you want. Verbalize it right now:

I Want Something Serious.

I Want Something Fun.

I Want Something Beneficial.

Choose one. There should be no shrug of the shoulder and feeling of"I don't know what I want right now, I'm open to whatever." If you can'tdecide on what you want for your life, then stop reading and pick this bookback up when you're ready to put on your big girl panties and make achoice. Indecision is a sign of fear, and if you're afraid to open up toyourself and clearly admit what you want in a relationship, then you are noSpartan. The ability to create begins with the Will to Power. Power is never,"I dunno..." it's a mental and verbal declaration of, "I want this..." Thereason all these non-Spartans fail, why you were failing on autopilot, is thatyou were conflicted and dishonest. You didn't know who you were. Youwere coasting, attracting a mixed bag of men into your life that netted youmixed results. Be honest and declare what you want. Why is it so hard fortypical women to admit that they want a man? Why would a grown womanpretend as if she's happy with being single when she's really miserablealone? Because if they hide behind the excuse of not being ready or theapathy of "if it happens it happens," it gives them an easy out when theyfail. Losers love to act indifferent because they're already mentallypreparing themselves not to come away with what they really want.If you tell the universe that you don't care about meeting anyone, thengo out this weekend, what will your results be? You will meet no one, meeta guy who never calls you, meet a guy who has a girlfriend and is trying tomake you his appetizer, or meet a guy who turns out to be just anotherpussy hunter. You did that to yourself by being weak and indecisive!Nevertheless, even in failure, you can save face by reminding yourself, "Iwas going out to go out. I wasn't looking for anything." Stop lying toyourself! Women don't get their hair done, buy new clothes, and do theirmakeup so they can sit in the dark and play on their phones. Women wantmen. You want a man consciously and subconsciously, so do you thinkmaking some false declaration fools your true self? Honesty is crucial tothis process because you must kill what's left of this typical bitch ego, letdown your defenses, and allow your world to give you positive results.Women who pretend not to be looking, declare that they're happily single,or swear they're focusing on themselves are full of shit because they arestill out at the clubs, lounges, and other social settings trying to catch aneye. Just because you're not physically looking for love, doesn't mean youaren't wishing for it. I don't care what's going on in your life, if you're ableto have a social life, you're able to date. If you're able to date, you're ableto have a relationship. If you're able to have a relationship, then what's theproblem?

Let me simplify this process. To want a relationship means that youwant something serious. The days of friends with benefits, just talking,hook ups, situationships, and agreeing to see where it goes, are dead! If youjust want fun, meaning hanging out, getting consistent dick, maybe a fewlight conversations; that's college dorm shit. You don't need to tap into anypower to get that. If you want a man with money, fame, or status to helpyou along in life, go get those benefits! You don't need to be a Spartan, goread Ho Tactics. This Spartan road is about revealing someone special. Thatmeans you want one thing, aim for one thing, and verbalize one thing:

I Want Something Serious.

Men who are just "fun" won't make it past the dating stage and men whoare just money tossing tricks won't make it to the relationship stage. Everyguy you invest time and energy in from this day forward must be Top Shelf,A1, Alpha Male, husband material, not a work in progress, not a strugglestory, and never generic Dick! Still, Queens don't just attract Kings, yourmagnetic pull is enormous. For every one diamond, there will be three cubiczirconia trying to break through, which is why we have the Date Like aSpartan game plan. Maybe you're impatient, and you want all this tohappen quickly, snap your finger and the man of your dreams appearstomorrow. You're powerful enough to attract that, but never forget that thisjourney is about a rise to power, not a race to get a ring! You won't find aKing based on some features you paste onto a vision board. You're going tocreate him through the process of meeting, dating, and elimination. Typicalschase men, hold on to men, and fear letting the right man go or letting thewrong one stay because they feel as if life is out of their control. It is out oftheir control because they are not Spartans. No man who is meant for youwill get away. There is no such thing as the right man at the wrong time orany other basic bitch romantic belief that make men into limited editions.You will get the man who is perfect for you, but first you have to declare it.Every morning that you wake up after you look in the mirror at the sexiestwoman in the world, tell your reflection:

I Want Something Serious!

The Art of Flirting

To know what you want is to open yourself up to getting what you want. Achain will hold you back at this point will be the links of self-consciousnessbased on a belief that you aren't desired by the type of men who you wantsomething serious from. How can you get a properly vetted boyfriend if youcan't get a date? How can you get a proper date if you can't talk to a man ina way that makes him want to take you on a date? Why attract a man to you,if you don't know what to do when he's face to face with you? Before weget into the power of attraction, I want to make sure that you aren't still aweak bitch that skipped the Spartan steps and read ahead into waters whereyou aren't prepared to swim. Giggling like a little girl, freezing up when acute guy asks you a question, saying something stupid because your mindgoes blank, those are not Spartan traits.

A woman can talk to a guy she doesn't like or a platonic friend aboutany and everything because there isn't a pressure to impress. Flirting isn'tabout saying sexual things, winking, or licking your lips, it's about beingcomfortable in your skin around a man whose dick you want to ride. Givinga man too much power in your mind makes him larger than life, a celebrity,and in response you stumble over words, forget your train of thought, andrevert back to a little girl who uses her sass and attitude to show a boy shelikes him. The key to flirting is to not give a fuck about how you comeacross. Erase the fear of rejection or judgment and embrace the confidenceof how you look and how you talk. Sexiness is a shield, you can't benervous and sexy at the same time; those thoughts can't coexist. To besupercharged with the idea of, "He would lick my plate clean if I let him,"will stop your heart from racing. Try it out with any man. Watch howquickly the idea that the guy in front of you is a slave to your pussy appealwill relax you enough to lead with your true Spartan personality.Embrace your brand, and the moment you open your mouth to speakto that boy push his buttons knowing that he's more afraid of you than youare of him. If you are a seductress, use your sexual innuendo, put a hand onhis leg when sitting, grab his arm when talking, make his dick tingle bysmiling with your eyes when he's in mid-conversation. You will see himreact, he will grin, he will fluster, he will laugh. No man is above beingseduced, he will bend and he may even break. If you are more of a tomboyor someone who doesn't lead with a sex-kitten brand, let body language andwit drive home the fact that he should still want to fuck you. You joke witha smile, you don't "get smart" with an attitude. You laugh at his joke, andremark, "Oh, I like you already," using your blunt words to make up foryour lack of Marilyn Monroe charisma. If you see him squirm or stammerhit him with a "do I make you uncomfortable," challenge and he will chaseback. Men are turned on by women who don't shy away! Never hide yoursmile or cover your mouth as if you're the shy lead singer of a K-pop group,be bold enough to smack his chest or bat your eyes like a baby-doll, to lethim know that he can get it.

Looking down, looking away, mumbling, all that proves is that youare still a coward. Rolling your eyes, talking back, keeping the subject onsomething safe and non-romantic such as business, other people, or anysubject meant to hide that you like him is juvenile. Basicas feel that if theyplay their attraction off, a man won't think she likes him too much, andwork that much harder to win her over. That's not how the male brainworks that's how romantic comedy screenplays are formatted. Furthermore,lay off the backhanded compliments that protect your ego from coming offas soft. I don't usually date guys your height, but... I don't usually talk toguys that look like players, but... I don't really like guys from yourfraternity, but...but nothing! When you add on extras to remind a man thatyou're making an exception, you show a lack of confidence. Don't hidebehind attitude if you're a fan, be a fan. You wouldn't tell Rihanna that youdon't usually give island girls props, but she's cool--it's insulting. It shouldbe the same way with men you like and compliment. Flirt 100% or not atall.

How do you tell a man you like him without saying words? How doyou project "I'd fuck your brains out," with only a smile? How can youdirect your eye contact in a way that says, "You're not ready for me?" Ifyou don't know those answers than you haven't done the work. Stand in themirror and want to fuck yourself. Reach that level, and charisma flows likewater! Spartans don't have to follow a flirting blueprint; they are one bigflirt. If a man doesn't pick up on your eye fuck, doesn't notice that you keepgripping his forearm, or can't read between the lines of your words, thenhe's not a King, he's a moron.

Attracting Various Men in Everyday Life

Let's follow a day in the life of Ashley, a seemingly normal woman in theprime of her life. She's single, dates sporadically, has a few girlfriends whoshe hangs out with, but her schedule is normally filled with work or familyas she's a single mother. Ashley was done making excuses, so she decidedto Spartan Up. Ashley is now Spartan Phoenix, and nothing is going to stopher from her mission to find a worthy King. So where does she start? Doesshe set a schedule to go out on the weekends? Get her girls on the samepage she's on so they can hunt in a pack? Does she ask someone where thebest spot in the city is for a mature crowd? Fuck no. The moment Ashleybecame Phoenix, her life changed internally. She made a choice to go forsomething serious, and the pieces are already in motion. There are meneverywhere. She doesn't need to wait for a weekend, pay to get into a club,overdress and hang at a bar, or plan her schedule around friends. All sheneeds is the confidence of a goddess and the swagger of a warrior Queen.Phoenix sets a goal. Two numbers in a week. She says this aloud toherself but also writes it into her Smartphone's calendar, to make it real.That phone will buzz with a notification come 11:59 pm on Saturday nightto remind her of the goal: Reminder Two Numbers. Old Ashley's fear andanxiety would have never allowed her to go this hard. She would havebecome instantly nervous under the pressure of a deadline and formed acounter thought such as, "If it doesn't happen, it's all good." Ashely was aweak bitch, a fraud, a would be Queen with a peasant's heart. Phoenix isgoing to get those two numbers with ease, no chasing, no going out of herway. Phoenix is letting go, and allowing the universe to guide her to victory.The first day of this Two Number Challenge is exciting, as every manwho Phoenix lays eyes on is analyzed as if he could be a potential meal. Anew neighbor she sees when going to her car...a father she sees eyeing herwhen she drops her daughter off at school...the maintenance worker shespots while walking toward the elevator at work. There are men everywherewho she normally doesn't notice because she wasn't thinking about men inthose settings. Ashley was one of those women who thought that youlooked for men under two circumstances, if they approached first or if shewere in a "night out" environment. She realizes now that there are alwaysnew faces or faces that she never noticed; a buffet of men and two will endup with her number by the end of the week. It's empowering. An entireworld for her taking, and for the first time, she isn't afraid of what thesemen think or hung up on possible rejection. Who should she talk to? Shouldshe wait for one of these men to make the first move or just start up randomconversations on her own? What's the protocol? Phoenix doesn't waste herbrain cells with such basic thoughts. When the time comes she will knowwhat to do. She told the universe what she wanted, now opportunity will bepresented. There are no counter thoughts holding her back.

On her lunch break, Phoenix decides to bask in this new power, shewants to see all the random guys that will pop into her world, so she getsaway from her normal lunch spots, her desk & the break room, and goesout. Phoenix doesn't choose where to go based on where she thinks menwill be, no need to sniff out men; they are already moving towards herbecause she's radiating her will--manifestation on fleek! Furthermore, hereye candy image, even in casual work clothes, is fire! She sat in that mirroruntil Ashley's flaws gave way to Phoenix's sexy. She knows she makesheads turn and dicks hard, and when you know you're the shit, you walklike it. As Phoenix switches by various restaurants, she feels that eyes areon her, but no one is popping out, that means those men thirsting for herfrom a distance are only background extras, not leading men.

Phoenix enters a sandwich shop. It's the lunchtime rush, but shedoesn't feel overwhelmed. Old Ashley would have quickly jumped in line,took out her phone, and checked social media. Why? Because Ashley didn'tlive in the now, she was on autopilot; nervous, bored, phone always in handbecause she didn't know how to interact with her world in a dominant way.Phoenix doesn't plan to take her phone out unless it rings. She steps into theline, but not before she takes in the store to see if anyone pops out. One guylooks up, checking out her ass on the low, but quickly looks away. Phoenixknows she's sex on a platter, but that kind of timid look, then look awaymove won't win her over. She is looking for a real man that won't shy awayfrom the shine of the sun.

Phoenix makes it to the counter to order, and the cashier flirts withher immediately. He hasn't seen her come in for lunch before, and he's allover the possibility of this new pussy. Phoenix isn't surprised, duh Spartan.She flirts back and gets a free drink out of the exchange...she could gofurther; he is cute...actually he's really cute now that she thinks about it.But he's a cashier; she has no time to waste on passion projects, struggledick, or a work in progress no matter his looks. Phoenix is shallow,physically and financially, she has to be. Old Ashley, being soft andunderstanding, is the reason her daughter has a deadbeat father in the firstplace. She plays with the cashier like a cat toys with a mouse, but it's just awarm up, she has bigger prey to hunt. Phoenix exits the line with her freedrink. There aren't any men in the store that pop out, but she's having fun,she feels the high of her power, and that makes this lunch break a success.It will take until Thursday for Phoenix to strike gold on her mission.She brought her lunch for the last two days in order to save money, but herdirect deposit hit, so she may as well treat herself to something special.Phoenix ends up in a nice littler cafe, not as busy as the sandwich shop, butshe still takes her time to soak it in. She gets a tap on her shoulder, anothercustomer asking if she works at his company. The Line Dick, swears shelooks familiar. Isn't that cute...he's trying to run game. Ashley would havebeen nervous, maybe say something corny like, "People say I have one ofthose faces," and giggle. Phoenix doesn't giggle. She expected a man to tryto start a conversation, and here it is. Phoenix lets him keep playing hisgame, he only has a minute before she's in front of the cashier. The LineDick, shoots his shot, saying they should grab lunch sometime. He's okaylooking, nice suit; he probably has money to trick, but there's somethingabout him that doesn't feel right. Phoenix lets him off easy, "Maybe if youcatch me out next time, we'll sit together." Curved. Phoenix never loses hergrin. She's a Bitch, but a sexy one and she takes pride in being able to brusha man off, despite still needing two numbers. Ashley would have jumped toget his number, bad gut feeling in all, just to prove she did it. Phoenix feelsno pressure.

The food is up and Phoenix looks for a place to sit, and there he is.Handsome, dressed okay, but he has an energy about him...she likes thisone. However, what to do when a man is already seated and halfwaythrough his food? A Spartan sits down next to him, of course. Phoenix takesthe seat at his table. She doesn't ask if she can, she does so, then says, "Youdon't mind, do you?" with a grin and the loveliest eye fuck she can muster.Of course, Table Dick doesn't mind. He introduces himself, and the gamebegins. Ashely returns to work with one number down.

By Saturday, the game is nearly over, and taking her daughter to thepark, netted several looks, a few instances of flirting, but no man that stoodout in a real way. It is only a few hours left before her phone buzzes withthat reminder... Ashley would look at the bright side. At least, she got one,and technically she turned down one, so it worked. Fuck that! Phoenixdoesn't see bright sides, she gets what she wants, and feels excited abouthow the end of the game will play out when she goes out for dinner with hergirlfriends later on. The excited nerves of what will happen don't make thisscary, it makes it exhilarating. On the way back home, Phoenix stops at agas station. She usually pays at the pump, but her daughter wants candy, sothey go inside. A few guys are in line, and one, in particular, looks her up indown before he pays, Phoenix gives him a baby eye fuck because she's nottoo impressed with the way he's dressed. As Phoenix goes back to her carto pump, Gas Station Dick is standing by his car...he's pretending to bechecking his tire, but he was waiting. He walks over, but Phoenix, like theHollywood diva that she is, keeps walking, forcing GSD to follow behind.He begins with the usual: how she's doing, gives his name, asks her name."I don't give my name to strange men," she smirks in a flirty way thatdoesn't come off as bitchy or confrontational. Now that she sees him in thelight, he's handsome, he has a nice car, and she can always forgive hisfashion sense. If Gas Station Dick is an idiot he won't pick up on the vibethat Phoenix is just playing hard to get, and fall back. Seeing that he has toshow her something GSD fires back, "If I pump your gas for you, would Istill be a stranger?"

Phoenix likes that kind of pursuit and instantly warms up. In whatwas only a random stop, Phoenix will leave with her 2nd number of theweek. One was created by being forward, by not settling for the easy man,and going after the man she wanted. The other was created by beingattentive, knowing when to flirt and how to lay out bait, to see if a manwould chase. Two vastly different techniques, two wins. Phoenix neverdoubted herself. She knew she was sexy enough to get looks, she knew shewas charismatic enough to flirt, and she knew that if opportunity knockedshe was confident enough to take it. There was no need to go out of her wayto find men, she simply lived her normal life in a much more outgoing way.

In the real life "Phoenix Story," I was the one that made her set thetwo numbers in a week goal, but that's where my involvement stopped, andher Spartan lessons paid off. She took me up on my challenge and didthings, not like a robot, but like a woman who understood that, she was anattracting force that could have anything she asked her universe to bring.When there were chances to go out and explore her world, she took theminstead of staying in her comfort zone. When she was out, there wasn't alove affair with her phone, a resting bitch face, nor was she rushing to get inand get out of places, like so many awkward women do. This all happenedin regular everyday settings. With Phoenix's confidence and skill, she couldhave unleashed herself on the bar scene, even without her friends, and hadfree drinks all night. She could have gone to a museum with her daughter orby herself, and caught eyes. She could have Yelped the best happy hour intown, and searched for someone there. Nevertheless, she didn't need to.Phoenix, let go of the pressure, let go of the chase, and allowed life to giveher what she purposely asked for. Two numbers. She may never use thosenumbers, or one man may end up being her next husband, it doesn't matter.A Spartan sets her goal then achieves it because she has zero fear of failure.

Attracting Various Men Online

What if Ashley lived a different lifestyle, one where she didn't have manyfriends to hang out with and her job schedule didn't allow to explore lifeoutside of work or school. It doesn't matter. A Spartan will always find away to Spartan Up! I need you to erase any doubt that you can't find lovebased on some social hold up. There is no hold up outside of your negativebeliefs. Let's use a new example with a new kind of Phoenix. She's single,no children, only one friend, doesn't have a job that grants her much freetime, and lives in a tiny city where there are only a handful of places to go.This Phoenix is stepping into the excuse-filled shoes of a millennialgirl who is social media active more than socially active. Meaning that mostof her interactions with men come through a screen as opposed to face-to-face. You don't have to sign up for a dating site to feast online. Forget adating profile where you list all of these asinine facts about your life, whenin all honesty, men your age only care about your picture. As an able-bodied woman, you shouldn't be paying a website to shop for Dick for you.That points to a non-Spartan, last resort mindset, based on the previousfailures. You gave up on finding love in the outside world. You want toAmazon Wishlist a delivery husband because it seems safer than going outinto a physical world where men lie, reject, and mislead. Not in Sparta.There is no fear of failure and no past holding you back. There is no bullshitexcuse about not having time to date, because to not have time to datemeans you don't have time for a boyfriend in the first place. Spartans don'tmake excuses, they just win.

The truth is, technology is more convenient, but it doesn't change thefact that even when a Spartan goes online to attract men, she doesn't do itlike a typical bitch. App hookups like Tinder and the various knock-offswill get any girl with good picture lighting an initial date. Where's thechallenge in that? Why waste the little time you do have, swiping on someCommunity Dick who's just shooting his shot with every girl that willrespond back? You aren't like every other girl, so why play the game likethose basics? Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, whatever you'remost comfortable on can be used to bring all the boys to your yard, in amore subtle way than any traditional dating website.

Millennial Phoenix sets her goal verbally and she writes it down.She's going to add two men to her roster before the end of the month, aTwitter boo and an Instagram bae. This is extremely easy, so she remindsherself that she won't get caught up with guys who waste her time, Phoenixwants something serious, not a cross country pen pal as if she's a 20-year-old attention whore. This means that both men must meet one furtherqualification--be local. Long distance dating is an easy trap to fall into, shewants someone she can actually see and touch, not Skype. This is the samepower as attracting phone numbers outside, and in the end, Phoenix willcome away with two local men trying to make her date roster. If you reachthe advanced levels where you can juggle long-distance and local guys, gofor it. Have guys across state lines flying you in and out, but let's not evenentertain that complication right now, you should aim for something seriousand fulfilling, and the ideal man is someone you can actually see on aregular basis. At this stage--it's local men, and local men only!So where does this keyboard Spartan start? Add a bunch of randomguys with nice avatars, and see if they react to her following them? Startsending direct messages to the ones that are already on her radar? Uploadher best thirst trap picture and watch the mentions light up? Not at all.Attraction works the same as in person. You decide your goal, and you letthe universe react to your will. This isn't something to rush after, it's TheHunger Games. Social media is 24 hours a day; men discovering you forthe first time and battling for your attention. Know that a worthy victor willappear before your one-month deadline, so long as you move without fear.The internet isn't a scary place, but some women retain their insecuritieseven behind a screen, only able to be bold and flirty when they hide behindsome catfish photo or mysterious avatar. They don't want to put the realthem out there, so they create an online alter ego that says all the wild shitthey wouldn't say in a room full of those same strangers. As a Spartan, youunderstand that life is one big fucking chat room, there is no need to beafraid of what someone thinks, what someone judges as not funny or toonasty. It's your world, and you don't need to hide behind a false image orpersona. Your Spartan persona is the old you on steroids; fear removed andtruth amplified. When starting this mission be proactive. You can't ask theuniverse to bring you anything you aren't first willing to walk towards. You want someone local, you know your city, so start there. What arethe places people talk about, the hot spots, the events, the slang, somethinglocal that is topical? Search the hashtags or specific words that relate toyour city, and follow a couple of people talking about these things. That girlon Instagram talking about the concert coming this weekend will be amagnet for men in that city, so to follow her will show open you up to morelocal men than simply following some dude 400 miles away that's cute andtells good jokes. When things pop up that you may go to, be active and askwho's going. Not because you want to hang with these people, it's simplyletting them know where your sandbox is, because the more local peoplethat interact with you, the larger your box expands because other localpeople who are following them will start following you. Don't thinkbecause you have your location in your bio, the work is done. The game ofattraction uses word of mouth, so don't sit back, and wait for a cute guy topop up, put yourself out there in those online streets the same way youwould if you went outside instead of staying in that break room. Peoplehave to be able to discover you, and you don't get discovered that by sittingin that same old comfortable place.

The first step for Phoenix is to refresh Ashley's online persona. Upuntil now, she's been kind of generic, posting tweets about her favoriteshows, a few joke retweets, nothing that makes her stand out in the sea oftypical fish. Instagram is the same; Ashley was good for a few selfies, acouple of meme posts, and some trite inspirational quotes, again basic bitch101. There are guys who jumped in her mentions flirting, but they're alwaysthe same 4th Quarter Dick. These are the guys who go after women onlinelike a basketball player goes for points when his team is down. He's notworried about quality; he's going for the quantity hoping one of his shotslands. The average man on social media is 4th Quarter Dick. He's not goingafter you based on what you're writing or posting, he's simply casting hisnet hoping that you bite like a starving fish.

When a Spartan is on a mission she doesn't do anything average.

Phoenix takes over, uploads a new avatar reflecting her new attitude, andattacks these sites as if she owns them. Similar to going out and attractingmen in public, Phoenix won't try at all; she will let her magnetic personalityand confidence pull them into her orbit. The second step becomes to takeoff the filter of fear. Ashely was tweeting about redundant shit or makingrandom observations when she was bored. Phoenix is going to use Twitterlike it's her own Spartan diary. Her brand is sex appeal, not humor, she'snot the funniest chick in the world so she's not going to try and be a standupcomedian, she's just going to be blunt and say what she feels. If you wantsomeone to pay attention to you, say something truthful, if you feel itpeople on your level will feel it. You don't have to chase attention, just beunapologetically you.

Phoenix is at work bored; she has time to post a bit what's on hermind, but it isn't about how her day is going, what she wants to eat forlunch, or complaints about her co-workers. Her goal is men, so her mind ison men. She blasts off tweets about how amazing work sex would be, andthe rush of maybe getting caught. She wonders if any of her co-workerssecretly masturbate on their lunch break because some come back a littletoo rejuvenated. She's not baiting for retweets, she doesn't care whoresponds, she's letting her mind take her wherever it wants without fear.Phoenix doesn't have to be overtly graphic, she's not writing a ratchet sexnovel about pulsating cocks and thrusting into showery vaginas, it's safe forwork but with nasty undertones. Phoenix isn't the most popular person interms of a following, but it doesn't matter. The things she's saying are truthtriggers. Phoenix isn't talking hoish to the point where only the thirstbuckets are checking for her; she's being frank to the point where she gets afew responses and retweets, which turn into more responses and retweets.At this moment, Phoenix is projecting her energy out into the Twitterverse,and it's not to get instantaneous responses, it's to rebrand her persona.This same new found freedom spills over into Instagram, where hercaptions are no longer "Bored work selfie," they're engaging. She's takingpictures asking people to, "Caption This." If she is looking for attention, sheowns up to it with, "Can I get some love for the way my ass looks in thismaxi dress?" If she's reposting stories or quotes, she actually has her ownpersonal take that she writes below it. This is done for her own amusement,not to feed her ego. Phoenix isn't thirst trapping with her boobs pushed up,sucking on her finger, or taking videos that show the curve of her ass. She isa Spartan, not a thot. Her energy is fun, wild, and inventive; therefore, she'sattracting respectful comments or compliments. A few thirst buckets willpost comments under her pictures talking about "I need that in my life...You should be over here with me...I'd give that mouth something tocaption." This is what 4th Quarter Dick does, but Phoenix is waiting forsomeone to pop up on her radar that makes her take real notice... someonewho stands out in the sea of likes and comments, that makes her want toclick on a profile. Again, this is a month long goal, so she lets her onlinepersona breath and grow day by day, there is no pressure to talk to all thenew eyes that are on her, the right one will glow in the dark.

After a week of Phoenix's newfound social media swag, she'sbecome more popular than ever in terms of men and women responding toher more often. One guy, in particular, someone she's been following sincebefore she became a Spartan, has begun to @ her more and more. WittyDick, he seems handsome in his photos, is in the same city, and he's alwayssaying something provocative and entertaining. Ashley never reallyinteracted with Witty Dick; he had double her followers and thatintimidated her weak ass. Not Phoenix, she could care less if he was aspopular online as Justin Bieber, he's just another dick. Phoenix decides tohave fun with Witty Dick, she knows his personality at this point, the thingshe loves, hates, and vents about, so she decides to have randomconversations about those things that they have in common. He talks shitabout Rihanna, she stands up for her in a way that's fun and not bitchy. Heloves a Netflix show that she also enjoys, she pops in his mentions not onlyagreeing but adding her own two cents about what she enjoyed. Phoenixisn't trying to make this man like her, she's simply vibing off their sharedenergy. In response Witty Dick can either ignore her, only respond when heresponds to her, or if he's smart, he will pick up on the vibe and do the samethings to her when she's on her soap box. Their interaction grows over thenext week, and while there are a lot of cute guys who she @'s from time totime, he remains a standout. What's a Spartan to do? Drop hints that she'ssingle? Go through his timeline to see if he ever mentions a girlfriend?Stalk his mentions to see if he responds to other girls in the same flirtymanner that he responds to her? None of that basic shit. Phoenix goes forwhat she wants like the Queen of the Universe should, with no fear. Even ifWitty Dick has a girlfriend, she's no match for Phoenix. There is no wayshe's going to get a "No" once she sinks her hooks in. Phoenix DMs himafter their latest back and forth, and gives Witty Dick some of her own wit,"If you keep @'ing me like this, people are going to suspect that we'refucking." It's brash, bold, and tantalizing. If Witty Dick were a simp, hewould probably fumble and come back with a corny line, but he's smoothand he responds with, "Well, let's give them something to talk about." Fromthere she knows Witty Dick is down, and while they could just keep it onthe app, a pen pal isn't her aim, she wants a man. A lot is lost in translationwhen typing and why waste weeks flirting indirectly on Twitter when youcan save yourself the time and see what's good? By the next day, Phoenixonly response is, "Here's my number, use it."With one down, Phoenix is still batting 0 on Instagram. All the menwho comment and direct message don't wow her. She's been curving a fewguys a week, but it doesn't bother her, it's all fun. Old Ashely would havebeen open off the emoji game of that fitness guy who slid in her DMs andwould have given her number to that friend of a friend who said heremembered her from back in high school. Both guys had the look she goesfor, but they didn't have the fire. Phoenix doesn't rush to give out hernumber to just any man; she is okay with saying "I'm good," becauserejecting these men isn't something to feel guilty about. A Spartan doesn'towe a man an opportunity unless he earns it!

While reading over comments on her favorite Instagram Ho's page,Phoenix saw a funny comment from a guy that made her smirk. She clickedon his profile, private. She sends a request, which she actually prefersbecause he knows this will force him to scrutinize her before accepting,meaning that this Private Dick will see the glory that is Spartan Phoenixfrom the jump. A few hours later, she sees that she's been accepted andfollowed back. After going through his photos, getting a feel for hispersonality, Phoenix finds him to be interesting, but unlike Twitter, there'sno way to really gauge his wit or intelligence via those posts. Once again,Phoenix puts herself in the driver's seat and messages him. Unlike WittyDick, she won't volunteer her number; she doesn't have a relationship withthis man or a feel for him. Instead, she baits him with small talk about theIG Ho they both follow, and that leads into other basic subjects like realnames, jobs, and where they live. Private Dick lives in the same state, butnot city, but he says he visits Phoenix's city at least once a month. Phoenixplays her cards, "We might have to make that several times a month goingforward." Got him. He asks for her number, and Phoenix is now able to doher Spartan Screening once she takes it to the phone.

This last example ended in the real life girl who I told to do thesethings entering into a relationship with the guy she met on Instagram.Again, this had nothing to do with me giving her a pep talk or blueprint, itwas her going for what she wanted with the knowledge that she would win.All the bullshit she used to give me about how she didn't have time, was acover for her introverted behavior, but I knew from the way she talked tome that she had swagger inside her that she could easily show if she feltconfident around a man. She became a Spartan, took to her social media,and got what she wanted, proof that the only thing holding her back was herown fear. Notice how effortlessly it was to engage with men online withoutspending one cent or suffering through a Tinder date? Phoenix had multiplesuitors flirting with her, as all women will have when a man has nothing togo off but her best-looking avatar picture, yet she didn't settle for just anyattention. The key to social media attraction is to put yourself out there tobe seen not only as a face but as a personality. Men are always watching.The lurkers you never see or who act as if they don't know you exist eventhough they follow your account will become your biggest fans so long asyou are putting your energy out there in a way that pulls them in.Phoenix wasn't being a thot, she didn't need to be half naked, talkabout how good she rides dick, or flood her timeline with random shockstatements in an attempt to attention whore her way to male interest. Sheunleashed her personality, embraced her Spartan brand, and let whateverwas on her mind flow out. By doing that, the world reacted. She wasengaging, comfortable, and open enough so that men would see her asapproachable. At the same time, she didn't have a problem denying hernumber to those she had no interest in. The beauty of online attraction isthat you don't have to pressure yourself to find a man or to look for one; it'salways going to be there. Even if you get out of the house often and aren'tnecessarily looking for love online, this becomes a secondary outlet toattract men. All you need to do is open yourself up to the idea that it canand will work without any stigma, and the universe will move in a positivedirection in accordance with your outlook. Yes, most men will be from outof town, but remember, your world shines on you and will bring you onethat's local, not as a sign that he's the perfect one, but as a reminder thatyour thoughts are power. "All the good ones are from out of state," that's adefeatist attitude that no longer lives within you. If you want it, you willbring it. Let go of the stress, and have fun online, it's nothing but anotherplayground for your amusement.

Attracting A Specific Man or Crush

Attracting strangers is an ongoing mission that's always at your beck andcall, but what about those men who are already in your life? That guy atwork who you talk to but haven't mustered up the courage to actually goafter. The boy at school who you chit-chat with but don't go any further.That person you see at your coffee shop, gym, or on your commute whoyou speak to, but don't even know their name. Men are in your life who youthink you want, but your fear of rejection keeps those relationships stagnantand safe. Even extroverts become introverts when confronted with someonewho intimidates them. Introverts sink even further into a shell when facedwith a person they want. Shyness is a remnant of your past life, your fearbased mind that was so consumed with outcomes and opinions. This isSparta, there is no negative outcome even when you don't walk away withwhat you thought you wanted.

There is no rejection that will crumble you because you will never berejected in a real way. "What if he has a girlfriend... or boyfriend? What ifI'm not his type physically? What if he's nothing like I imagined from afarand I don't like him? What if I have to face him after he rejects me?" WhatIf is the disease of a weak mind. A Spartan is 100% strong; her thoughts donot travel beyond the now, she embraces the moment with confidence.Nervousness projects as strong as confidence, and you must never allowanother person to bring your vibrations down to that low level where youshrink your power. You see someone you like, you set your goal that youwill go for him, then allow your universe to bend to your will accordingly.It all starts with a declaration in your mind, speak it to make it feel real inyour projection, but it is always the vibration of your mind, that voice that'salways speaking to you within, which you must announce your intention.

The opening will be there and I Will go for It.

This is the will to power, that specific declaration made with nocounter thoughts. Notice the words aren't about "marry him" or "get him"because your crush on this man is most likely one formed before you were aSpartan, back when your mind was drifting on autopilot. Therefore, thisman may be simply Fool's Gold laid out by your past self just to tease you.No man is special until he proves it, and at this point, he's just a crush. Youwill go for him, see if he is authentic, and regardless if he turns out to be thereal deal or just another pretender, you win because the victory isn't inattaining these little boys, it's in attaining power over your reality.Start with your platonic/secret crush male friends. You don't know ifclimbing his dick like a tree will ruin your friendship, nor should you care.As a Spartan, you follow your truth. Is this man someone you want becauseyou can't find anyone else? Are you projecting boyfriend qualities on abuddy because he's the only man you talk to intimately? You know thisnow, there is no more confusion. Most likely, your guy friend is lookingcuter than normal because you haven't been fucked in awhile or youhaven't had a man show you affection, and he's in your face. Don't settlefor the closest man to you, know you can now attract any man. Why shitwhere you sleep? If your everything is telling you that he is the one, thentake him. He's right there, a phone call away, bring him to you. Flirt withhim, break the rules, and seduce him. There is no more fear of rejection, sosit on his lap like you own it, he won't push you off. Use your words andtell him you two should do an experiment. Go on an official date, whereyou act as if you aren't friends, and see where it goes. If he agrees, date himlike you would any man, don't fast track him to the pussy because youknow him, relearn him. If he declines, that doesn't mean your instincts wereoff, it means that he needed to go anyway. You shouldn't have been sittingon a man you really wanted to be with in the first place.

Let's return one final time to Spartan Phoenix. When she was Ashely,she was the victim of crush anxiety. This super fine Work Dick started ather company, and every time she saw him, she would get butterflies like shewas a Freshman. Work Dick didn't exactly work with her, he worked at thesame company in the same building but on a different floor. This meant thatAshley would only run into him randomly during lunch breaks, maybe inthe morning, and sometimes in the parking lot. Being this removed from hercrush put Ashley into a Disney Princess mindset. She was free to fantasizeabout what kind of person he was outside the office, his hobbies,aspirations, even his sex stroke.

Work Dick wasn't an obsession, but it was something in the back ofher mind that Ashely gave life to because the fantasy that he would one dayget into the elevator, stare into her eyes, and kiss the soul from her body,had been allowed to fester for over a month. This, of course, was nevergoing to happen, but it was a welcome distraction from her pathetic realisticlove life. Typical Ashley did get her wish, however, as most women whocrush do when they hold the idea in their head for too long. Work Dickhappened to be standing right next to Ashely in the lobby and made acomment about the elevators being horribly slow. By the time Ashleyrealized it was him and reacted, what came out of her mouth was awkwardand corny, "I know right! They're so dumb." This flaccid response got apity chuckle and in Ashley's mind solidified that he now thought she wassome idiot who believed elevators had actual personalities and control oftheir speed. Ashley, as she would always do when she got in her own way,failed. Phoenix would not.

Embracing her place in the center of this universe, Phoenix set inmotion her goal of going for this crush. Note that going for a man does notmean: ask about the department he works, find out his office number, andambushing him at his desk like, "Hey, so this is where you work, huh?" Noris it an excuse to start googling pointless facts about him so you can figureout how to start a proper conversation when you meet him like, "Hey, soyou like the Lakers, huh? And you used to swim in high school?" Spartansnever have to do extra, they let opportunity knock. Phoenix does not changeher schedule to fake a "bump into" nor does she tell any of her co-workersabout her plans so they can help, she simply lives life with the thought thatthe opportunity is coming and she will go for him. By the middle of theweek, she spots Work Dick across the parking lot, but that isn't anopportunity. The next day, Work Dick jumps in the elevator at the lastmoment, but it's full, and all they manage is a whispered "hello" as theystand inches apart. Phoenix is laughing, she feels what's going on, andunlike some typical she knows these aren't opportunities missed, but hermagnet drawing him closer and closer. Her mind is calm, and steady, notworried in the slightest. The next week Phoenix has all but forgot about hermission, that's how relaxed her mind and effortless her power works. At theend of her workday, in route to the parking lot, there he is--Work Dickwalking through the lobby a few feet in front of her. He is within speakingrange; no one else is around...this is what opportunity looks like even froma distance.

"They had you working late tonight, huh?" Phoenix doesn't even yellit, the command in her voice is steady and powerful enough to make himturn. He sees her, that smile, those heels, that messy yet sexy bun, and hecan't help but smile hard. Work Dick stops and allows Phoenix to catch up.He then tells her he always leaves at this time, inquiring why he never seesher leaving at this time. Phoenix locks in the most vicious eye fuck she'sgiven all year, never shying away from his glance and with no little girlgiggle, she admits that she always tries to leave early. This rolls into whatdepartment he works in, then if he likes it, the back and forth continues asthey walk outside. By the time Work Dick walks with her towards her car,they've established names, positions, and a vibe. If Work Dick wasinarticulate, weird, and didn't spark Phoenix's interest, it would be a cutand dry, "Drive safe, see you around," brush off. However, Work Dick isvery articulate, charming, and keeps Phoenix engaged. There are no nervesor any "should I ask him for his number or just let it go," thoughts of anindecisive typical bitch. This is an opportunity, so she does what shepromised the universe she would do. Phoenix tells him they should havelunch one day this week...if they allow him a lunch. Work Dick, bats downthat ego check, he gets lunches, he's no company slave who has to eat at hisdesk. They set the lunch date for the next day and wish each other safetravels. Work Dick opens the car door for Phoenix; he's already trying toearn brownie points. Got him!

This same scenario can play out if a guy works in the samedepartment as you, at your bank, if you ride the train together, if you go toschool together but barely see him, it doesn't matter the circumstance!Declare your intention, and be ready to conquer him when he is drawn toyou! A typical girl will rush in after talking herself up, walk over, tap a guyon the shoulder, and come off like a cornball. You are a Spartan; youunderstand that patience allows for calmness. Let the world work for youand then snatch that opportunity with full confidence. That swagger, thatlooseness, it will project as strength, not come off as some soft bitch, "Hi,my name is..." lameness. Will Phoenix end up liking Work Dick once shegets to know him? Will they go on a real date? Will they not vibe, and itends up being awkward when they run into each other going forward? Itdoesn't fucking matter. Life unfolds in the moment, stay in the moment, andlet your story play out in the way that benefits you the most. No matter ifit's a happy ending or just a chapter in an ongoing story, it's all positive!The goal isn't the man; it's to flex these power muscles, so that any time acrush pops up, you know from experience, he's attainable.

Rising from The Ashes

This is not theory nor is it a remote possibility dependent on outside forces.It does not matter what age you are or what city you live in. These stepswill work 100% of the time when you believe 100% of the time in yourpower. Men are not hard to attract once you embrace Spartanhood becauseyour mind will be clear of counter thoughts that have held you back andlead to mixed results up until now. Confidence is no longer fueled by howgood your hair looks, what outfit you're wearing that day, if your skin isblemish free that week, or if you're in the "right place at the right time," at agiven moment. Strangers will pop into your world, offline and online. Oldflames will come back with new interest. Men who never noticed youbefore will suddenly be all over you. It will scare you at first because thesethings will begin to happen rapidly not long after you finish this book. Thisisn't a miracle; this is your new reality.

The Will to Power was always inside of you, and it will always beinside of you. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to maintain yourSpartan mindset, to not shy away and give your power to the first man whowows you or turn back into just another sheep on autopilot the moment youexperience a situation that makes you uncomfortable. Know what you want.Get what you want. It's that simple! Set your intentions that you wantsomeone as great. Feel your attractiveness, project your sex appeal, andbathe in the confidence of the truth: Life always works out in your favor.

Part II

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