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You don't really want to date. You don't have the time, the energy, or thepatience to meet new people, chitchat about the school you went to, the cityyou were born in, favorites, dislikes, and other trivial shit. Why put effortinto learning a person's favorite color, current job title, and future ambitionswhen there's a chance that they are just pretending to be interested in you?Does he really like you or does he just want to fuck you? You don't know.Even when you try to be confident in your value or look for hints that he's adog, you can never tell what men think--and that's scary. Dating sucksbecause you've been down this road before and all it did was lead you rightback to the starting point of What Am I Doing Wrong? This is where theexcuses begin to harden around you like armor, protecting your ego. It's notyou, it's your city. The problem isn't with the way you date; the problem isthat men today don't date. You are a good woman in a world where menvalue bad bitches, and men are too dumb to realize how valuable you are.You wish you were born in the era of "I'll pick you up at 7 with flowers"courting instead of "Let's watch Netflix and chill" disrespect. Men nolonger care about the dating process, they expect pussy on the first date, andthat's why you will no longer waste your time attempting to date in thisclimate. "I haven't found a good man because there are no good men tofind," is your story and you're sticking to it.

Weak women make excuses for losing and then set out to rectify theirlosing ways by never trying again. Anytime a girl tells me, "I'm tired ofdating," I hear the agony of defeat in her voice. Napoleon Hill wrote,"When defeat overtakes a person, the easiest and most logical thing to do isquit. That's exactly what the majority do." He's right. The majority ofpeople in this world are quitters. Excuse making, finger pointing, tiredminds, who just want to skip ahead to the part where they hit the jackpotbecause they don't have the fucking guts to push through adversity. ASpartan does not point to her past with bitterness, nor does she point to thecurrent dating scene and cry about fairness. This world isn't fair... for non-Spartans. This world is tailor made for the strong to feast on the weak.These men lie and manipulate typicals because they know that these womenare placeholders. In the presence of a Spartan, his lies fall flat and hismanipulation falls short because Spartans know how to fucking date! Nowthat you've risen to the challenge, it's time to put your power to use.There is no cheat sheet for dating--do this, do that, now do this,congratulations, get the man. Love is a war that only a woman who isn'tafraid to stand up and do battle with men can win. He didn't call you afteryou gave him your number, Spartans don't cry, they shrug. You went out todinner and he was boring and corny, Spartans don't give second chances,they block numbers. You've been having great dates and now he's pushinghard for sex, Spartans don't give in to make him happy, fuck his happy; justfor applying pressure he can wait even longer. Relationships fail becausewomen forget that they should be at the center of the universe. As aSpartan, you don't get tired of dating because it's through dating that youprove your mastery over your solar system!

#1 You Don't Understand How Men Date

Men play too many games, and I don't have time for that! Okay, TinaTypical, what do you actually have time for? Work, gossip, and checkingtimelines? You better find time to date and more importantly, find theattitude that will allow you to embrace this process without reverting intosome annoyed little peasant girl who just wants "boys to be real with me."Dating is not supposed to be transparent and simple, it's meant to test yourintelligence, heighten your intuition, and force you out of your comfortzone in order to flex your power. Confidence builds with every man you areable to break down and figure out, and that confidence opens a new door toa better man. You may be two men away from finding the perfect match ortwelve, the ease of your success will depend on how quickly you pick upthese skills. You are not yet at the level where every man you meet will be aquality catch. This is a journey. You will need to take on this challengewithout getting frustrated or quitting because the one guy you like doesn'tpass the initial screening stage.

Understanding how to break a man down on these dates starts withthe Spartan knowledge of the way men date. Men today will always playsome sort of game, even the honest and trustworthy ones because a wiseman isn't stupid enough to treat every girl like a Queen. There are so manypeasants pretending to be royal, who talk a good talk, walk a good walk, butare easy to expose in a matter of days or weeks. A man fears choosing thewrong woman, in the same way you used to fear choosing the wrong man.Even if he's aware that most girls are placeholders, that guy does not wantto overpay. Why would a male walk around offering filet mignon to aburrito bitch? All he has to do is swipe on an app, meet up that night for aMojito, and a girl that claims to be "different" will drain his sack because hehad good conversation. Therefore, men purposely choose dates based on thefollowing things that expose a woman as typical: Privacy. Drugs orAlcohol. Limited Price. Imagine if you were a boy. No matter how pretty agirl is when you first meet her, you don't know if she's just another basicchick. No matter how long you talk on the phone leading up to your date,you still don't know. Only on a date will you, as a male, expose this femaleas either a freak, a ho, a basic, or a Unicorn worthy of respect.Privacy is crucial when setting a date if you want to expose a typical.As a man, you want to make it easy to touch her, kiss her, etc. Therefore,you don't actually want to go out where there are tons of people. Even ifyou plan a romantic dinner, the intent is to get her alone back at your placeor hers. Drugs or Alcohol, dull inhibitions. A buzzed girl will not be asuptight or guarded. As a man, you want to get a girl drinking or high onyour date, because if she is easy sexually, that will reveal her true self.Limited Price refers to the cost of taking a girl out on the town. If a girl is ajump-off who is willing to make out just because she sees you as cute, thenwhy spend a ton of money trying to impress her, when she's alreadyimpressed? With this now in your head, if you were a man, even onelooking for true love, would you be stupid enough to take every girl out toan expensive dinner, drop her off, and then do the same thing a few moretimes before you try to have sex? Or would you test her? You would testher! If she is truly as high class as she professes to be on the phone or whenyou talk in person, she will pass these tests. Therefore, the only way toknow if a woman is legit royalty is to lower the bar initially and see howshe reacts.

If you are a handsome man, you will ask if she wants to come over toyour place to talk and watch a movie, maybe grab something to eat. That's afeeler that men put out. If that girl agrees to come over, he will set themood, pick a good movie, order great food, have the alcohol flowing.Maybe he tries to have sex and that girl doesn't go for it. Nevertheless, theyhad a good time, so he will repeat that "date" a few days later. This timeshe's more comfortable and will most likely do something sexual. If hewould have taken her out to a restaurant like Outback Steakhouse or OliveGarden, gave her a kiss, and sent her home, he would have wasted money.A typical woman, even if she says she needs more, will always settle forless. So understand as a woman, that non-date offer is not personal, a mansimply doesn't know you enough to respect you, so he must test you.Dating is about exposing. From the day a man gets your number, he'strying to expose you as typical because handcuffing thots with lowstandards isn't what quality men do. Spartans have the same mentality.From the day a man gets your number, or vice versa, you should be tryingto expose him as a typical Dick because a Spartan will never give her heartto a man who doesn't pass tests and prove himself to be exceptional. Peopleare rarely who they pretend to be. Men are often times exaggerating to getpussy. Women are often times yapping about what they don't do so theydon't come off as pussy. Only through dating, can you prove what's in theheart of a man, and only through dating (or the lack of real dating) does aman prove a woman's character--Queen or Peasant. Most women areafraid to expose men by being tough because they feel they will scare himoff and lose out on a potential boyfriend. Fuck his potential. You can't goring shopping with potential! As a Spartan, you know the male game andunderstand what the mission is in terms of exposing you by offering lamedates. You don't cry, "men ain't shit," you laugh at their hustle, and youtrain them to respect you. Not by trying to change them, but by showingthese men what you will and won't do in very clear ways. This section is allabout dominating dates by being one-step ahead of the men. You will learnnot only how to say "No" to Netflix & Chill, group dates, coffee meet-ups,and all of the depowering ideas a man comes up with to check a basic bitch.You will show him that you aren't typical, get real dates, and prove that youare unlike any other woman he's ever dated, so long as you follow each steplaid out in the following chapters.

#2 You Don't Understand How Important Dates


There are more women who come to me looking to fix an already brokenrelationship than women who come asking how to date properly. It isn'thard to find a man to give you the title of girlfriend, and that's the problem.Typicals are overly concerned with the bullshit of "I haven't had aboyfriend in years... I want to experience real love." These basic womendon't realize that titles don't mean anything if the person giving it to you isunworthy. Once again, it's that kitchen bitch mindset that makes womenfeel as if they aren't complete unless they find a man who will commit.Think about all the people you know that are currently in a relationship, andbased on observation, how many seem truly happy? The cliche thateveryone goes through problems, all relationships have their bad moments,is another poison that is fed to you by unhappy people who are trapped inmediocre relationships. A friend that calls you crying over a boy who shewas so in love with the week prior. Family members who are gossipingabout how an aunt is being cheated on or taken advantage of by the latestCasanova. Hurt seems normal in bad relationships. Typical women ventabout men days after bragging about them because they don't know whatthey are doing in terms of choosing the proper partners. They don't vetmen, they jump at the idea of finally being someone's girlfriend, and that iswhy they fail!

Most women are in messy relationships because they didn't set theirvalue during the dating stage. As a result, they are trying to keep a sinkingship afloat so they won't have to go back to the supposed shame of beingsingle. Spartans don't struggle with false-start relationships, because whenthey choose to start one, they make sure he's already passed the screeningstage and dating tests. It infuriates me when I ask a woman who is in a newrelationship, normally for 6 months to a year, deep questions about herboyfriend and she can't answer most of them. It's not that these womendon't care and just want a boyfriend to say they have a boyfriend; they aretoo afraid to ask men questions. Even before the first date, you should knowspecific things and by the third date, you should be all in a man's businessno matter if it makes him uncomfortable or not. You can't afford to wasteyour time with someone that's hiding an entire secret life under the surface.Throughout this dating section, you will learn conversation skills andbecome a master of asking real questions.

#3 You Overthink the Process

What do you say to make him think highly of you? What do you wear so hefinds you sexy? What topics do you talk about to make him see you as thewifey type? Should you spend your own money to show him that you bringsomething to the table besides looks? YAWN! It's time to grow the fuck upand stop dating like a child. You are a Queen. Queens don't audition to besomeone's girlfriend; they are the ones holding the audition. Your past lifewas based on living up to the opinion of men, which then created a fear ofrejection. Your pre-Spartan mind was full of nervous energy, because "Whatif he doesn't like me," was your dominant thought. Your pre-Spartan mouthopened and all you could say were basic words and make obviousobservations. You tried to come off as witty, but all you could muster wassassy. It's cute when a 13-year-old girl is talking smart mouthed and givingoff sass because it's all she knows how to do at that age. For a grown asswoman to sit across from a grown ass man, and be so shy and nervous thatall she can do to show her wit is backtalk, roll eyes, and get smart ispathetic!

Awkward women aren't awkward around their best friends, whichmeans they aren't really awkward by nature. The awkwardness stems frombeing in a situation where you are overwhelmed by your own nerves andself-consciousness. You act anxious, come off as goofy, uninteresting, andcorny because you aren't as relaxed around attractive men. Being awkwardisn't part of your DNA, it's part of your WBW--Weak Bitch Ways. ASpartan is never awkward because there isn't a man that can sit across fromher and intimidate the most powerful force on earth. Wonder Womandoesn't lower her head around Superman, she stares him in the fucking eyesbecause HE is not greater than SHE.

Over thinking is the result of wanting someone to want you and tryingto figure out ways to get that across before you blow your opportunity. Fuckthat. A Spartan is the prize, therefore, the man becomes the one in the hotseat, trying to figure out how to make you laugh, make you listen, keepyour attention, and earn another date. Why should he get access to yourFriday night? Why should he get the pleasure of spending hours talking toyou over dinner? What makes this man worthy of you putting your heels onand leaving your house? What makes this man so special that you wouldever press your lips against his, let alone grant him access to the best pussyhe's ever smelled? You are always in control when you date like a Spartanbecause you never fear if he likes you or not. Dating with no stress givesyou an opportunity to sharpen your wit through banter, and an excuse toshare your knowledge via conversation. Talking to the opposite sex isn'tsome scary concept where you should be nervous or feel the need toimpress. You are a Spartan, and that makes you impressive by default.When you go on a date, you're not just putting on lipstick and eyeliner;you're placing that warrior helmet on. That helmet is an invisible piece ofarmor that gives you the confidence to settle any nerves, and attack that datelike a woman in control.

#4 You Are in Love with Being in Love

Spartans do not look for love. To look for love points to a lack of loveinternally, a need to fulfill something that's missing by finding someone tofill that void. Love is not a goal because love is easily attained at theSpartan level. Every time you wake up and look in that mirror, you arefalling in love. Every time you walk out into your world with your sunshining down, you will know love. Many men will love you, but none oftheir love will ever match the love you have for yourself. This is importantbecause heartbreak still exists in a primitive form, even in Sparta. To breakup with a man who loves you, to lose a man who loves you, to find out aman has stopped growing with you and no longer shares that same level oflove for you, that is enough to break a weak woman. A Spartan may losethe love of another, but it never breaks her, for it is her own self-love thatfuels and strengthens her regardless of what man comes or goes. A typicalwoman is dependent on outside love, she is only as happy as the man that iscurrently loving her, which makes her a slave to relationships. These lowlywomen cannot break up or be broken up with without theatrics and dramabecause they are hooked on a drug known as male love. You are no longeraddicted to this basic feeling. A man's love will never be so necessary thatyou give up your power and betray your Spartan teachings in order to keephim.

The primary goal when dating is to find a boyfriend with the samequalities you have, who exhibits the emotional potential to grow with you.Throughout the deep talks, the outside of the house bonding activities, andthe between date communicating, your mission is to peel back the variouslayers of a man, ensuring that he is who he is pretending to be.

In addition to the exploration of a man emotionally and mentally, youmust also field test him by placing him in calculated scenarios in order toobserve how he reacts. I'm not talking about dumb shit like "does he openthe door for you or hit the unlock button," but real things that defines hischaracter. The mission is to bait these men into exposing the good, bad, andugly, in less than two months. "Wait, you mean I can find love in less thantwo months?" Fuck love! This isn't about love because love is plentiful, thisis about character. You must find a man whose character matches your ownbecause it is that character which the foundation of a strong relationshipmust grow. Stop thirsting for this endgame called "love" and focus onexposing these men early and often to see if there is true compatibilitythere. Dating isn't about falling in love, that comes at the relationship level,dating is merely a test to see if that person is worthy of your exclusivity.Dating isn't about finding out every single secret a man is hiding, again,that's relationship work that comes later, it's about seeing how much of thetruth you can pull from those initial lies that all men tell.

#5 You Are Basic

Basic bitches have a burning need to be wanted because they think it isthrough a man that they are made complete. Basica Alba goes on a datewith these things in mind: I hope he likes how I look. I hope he likes how Italk. I don't want to sound stupid. But I don't want to come off as a know-it-all. I can't come off as quiet. But I can't be loud and ratchet. How muchflirting is too much without coming off like a cock tease? I need him to tryto kiss me at the end of the night so he knows I'm interested. But how muchinterest do I show without coming off like a ho? An endless stream offearful thoughts swirls in those women who aren't in control. When youmake yourself out to be the one auditioning as opposed to the one who iscasting, you feel pressure. Pressure creates nerves, nerves spread fear, andfear makes you weak. It is time to turn the tables, and understand you arecasting for the role of Prince Charming, not these men who are casting forthe role of Cinderella. This idea that a woman has to put her foot in a glassslipper to be chosen by a man is Disney bullshit. You are a Queen, notbecause a man puts that crown on your head, but because you havemastered your own inner Kingdom!

No matter your previous relationship experiences or those things youmislabeled as flaws, a man will be able to see through that forest and wantyou that much more. No one is perfect, but everyone is perfect for someone.In your pre-Spartan life, you tried to hide certain things, become somethingelse. This lead to constant pressure to perform for others, as opposed to thecomfort of being accepted as you are. You must never fake who you arewhen dating. When trying to pass off a counterfeit version of yourself forthe approval of a man, you fail to realize that if this actually works, he willfall in love with the watered down personality, not the actual you. You can'tspend 48 hours before a date trying to say words correctly, learn aboutcurrent events, or change that annoying laugh. Who you are is who you are.Not every man has to love your qualities, but if he wants to earn a seconddate he has to accept them.

When you have been dating Cinderella style your entire life, trying tofit into that slipper, you can't suddenly flip that switch and be a boss, whichis why you must get your mind Spartan strong before you even start thedating process. What do you like to eat? "I don't know whatever you like."That's weak bitch talk. You like chicken, you know you like chicken, sowhy are you waiting to hear what he likes before you answer? I use that as ametaphor for women who just want to say all the right things. I was on adate where this girl would respond with, "What do you think about it,"every time I asked her opinion. Confident women aren't afraid to expresstheir views. If that man doesn't agree with your opinions, so what! Be anindividual, because if you don't really mesh well with him the way you'repretending to, then the relationship you enter will be built on personalitylies. Know who you are, and never waiver. Dating isn't about havingeverything in common; it's about opposing half's coming together toelevate one another. The best thing that can ever happen is that you find aman that can teach you and who you can teach, and together, both of youcan share your opinions with interesting conversation as opposed to timidagreements for the sake of fitting into that glass slipper. What do menwant to talk about on dates? A Spartan does not worry about this basicbitch burden. Typical women see men as scary and mysterious. They don'tknow shit about the opposite sex, which is why their relationships arealways in turmoil. Never try to be what you think men want. If you don'tmatch up, then you don't match up. Don't fear that, embrace it, because thelack of chemistry on either side is proof that he isn't worthy.

Not every woman has a great personality, not every woman hasinteresting things to talk about... sadly there are so many Zombies withPussies walking around just trying to find a dick. All they will ever get is adick because they don't have anything a man wants other than a vagina.These basic bitches trot around talking about sports teams they don't reallyfollow, ask redundant questions about a man's work hoping he enjoystalking about that and then falls into the habit of sending nude picturesbecause they have zero personality to keep a man focused. Zombies withPussies! A Spartan does not fall into this category because you are alwaysimproving your worldview. You don't sit in the house, you go out. Youdon't just watch TV; you absorb all culture. You don't just see things fromyour POV, you try to understand other perspectives, be it political parties,religions, or unfamiliar music genres. A Spartan grows herself in order tohave a rich lifestyle to pull from when dating; she is never a One-Trick-Pussy there to giggle and bat her eyes at a man.

What makes a girl boring versus enticing to a man? No guy wantsto sit in front of a woman whose most passionate topic on a Tuesday is aReal Housewives show that aired on Sunday. A man doesn't care about theworkplace drama that a woman pretends to be fed up with, but secretly getsoff on and can't stop bringing up. A guy doesn't want to ask where a grownwoman's traveled and have the answer be "Atlantic City." No man wants todirect a late night conversation towards sex and hear an adult shy awaywith, "You nasty, boy." Can you seduce like a woman or are you going toshy away like a high school sophomore? As a woman what life have youlived on your own that makes you fascinating? What thoughts do you thinkthat truly make you unique? If you set in front of Oprah, how long would ittake before she checked her watch due to your dry ass character? Can youbring up culture in a real way to create an engrossing discussion? Can youreference book topics that you want his opinion on? Do you actually go outand create experiences beyond what happened during your shift at work?Can you flirt and mind-fuck in a way that would keep any male engaged? AQueen is a master of many trades, not just work gossip, timeline drama, orTV show talk. Ask yourself if you are indeed well rounded, before you evenagree to go on a date. If the answer is "no" then mentally, you are a Zombiewith a Pussy, not a Spartan Queen.

The Final Test

Are you Typical or are you a Spartan? That's not rhetorical, answer thathonestly based on your last two relationships. How did you get a man, didyou pull or get pulled? How did you get a date, did you wait for him to askor did you let him know that you needed to be taken out? Did you sit aroundguessing if a man liked you for you or did you not give a fuck about whathe wanted and went about dominating him as if he had no choice in thematter? Spartans seduce and conquer; Typicals beat around the bush and getled. A man will establish who you are by the end of the first date, and hewill never revise those feelings. That means that even if he likes youenough to be with you in a monogamous relationship, he will never respectyou more than that first date. If anything, his respect will lower to the pointwhere you become like most women in relationships, a prisoner who criesabout "Why won't he treat me like I deserve to be treated?" As a Spartanyou don't circle back and gain respect, you start strong, and take yourrespect from Day 1 so there is never any room for confusion about whatyou're made of, Steel & Ice, never Sugar & Spice.

Remember to remember who you are. The moment you became aSpartan was the moment you left the past in the past. No more stories aboutwhat happened to you once upon a time, how men treated the old you, orthe laundry list of doubts that held you back. The word "scared" isn't in aSpartan's vocabulary, as a matter of fact, you can't even pronounce wordswith "sca--" because you would feel basic. From now on, you won't justgo on dates, you will destroy dates. These men aren't bigger than you, theyaren't smarter than you, and they don't have more game than you do. Evenif they have more money, more social status, or more education, none ofthese guys are better than you! You are a Spartan Queen, you don't need toimpress, you must be impressed, or off with his fucking head.