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These steps don't require you to be a carbon copy of Cali, but they dorequire the same confidence, the same communication, and the courage toconfront your own wants. A Spartan doesn't chase, she doesn't hold on, andshe doesn't wait around. Dating like a Spartan takes out the guess work of"is he into me?" If he made it this far, moved at your pace, and opened up ina real way, then he is genuine. A Spartan does not give ultimatums or askquestions about where a man sees it going, she knows where they standbecause it's already been established numerous times over the past severalweeks. Any man dealing with his own trust issues, emotional scares, orimmaturity, is not compatible. A man who isn't compatible will never makeit to this transition stage, he gets cut at the roster stage. You will alwayssniff out his inconsistent, fake, or weak behavior. You will always beprotected from choosing wrong, so long as you put in the work of vetting aman in this manner.

I don't know if I'm strong enough must always be greeted with I Am!Do you want to vacation on a beach with some settle Dick or do you wantto vacation on an island with your name now hyphenated? The days ofdating on a man's terms are over. You will never sit by your phone waitingfor a man to call you. You will never sit on the phone wondering when he'llask you out. You will never worry yourself with basic shit like where to goor what to say. Your thoughts won't be consumed with when to have sex,when to kiss, when to allow him over, when to spend the night, or any ofthe trivial things that do nothing but keep a man in control of your mind!This is your entire universe, your Spartan Avatar is the Sun, and thisall revolves around you. All the pressure is on these men to earn yourattention, to respect your rules, and to endear themselves. The ones whothink their market value is too high to do that, the ones who would ratherchase easy ass, the ones who try to play mind games, you don't stress overthem, you dismiss them. Your aim is compatibility, the manifestation of aman who reflects the new you. Don't cry over a CZ as if he were priceless.You will attract multiple men that want to give you the world, but you needto hit one final thing before you give your top choice the title...

The Final Checklist

Has The Effort Been Established: At the end of six weeks, can you say thathe's been working as hard to win you over as he was during the first twoweeks when he couldn't wait to see you and talk to you? The answer needsto be a resounding "yes," not "I guess," because you know damn well thatyou can sense effort. The first week a man will break plans to see you, stayup late to talk to you, and revolve his world around getting to know you.Over time, if he thinks sex isn't going to come anytime soon, or feels youaren't worth his effort, these things begin to fade. Plans can't be broken, hedoesn't have much time to talk, and you have to basically get in where youfit into his schedule...if this is the case, do not confront him with, "I needyou to step it up," or lay any threats at his feet. A man who wants youshould never be reminded to treat you the way you deserve to be treated.Once a man makes the roster, it's a probationary period. If you show anew employee their job, then they get lazy before they even secure theposition, you don't confront them so they can give you an excuse, you firetheir ass. If a man is getting lazy, you don't yell at him to do better, becauseall that gets you is an excuse, "You know I've been busy...My job has beenstressful...My mother is sick..." When you corner a man who's in thewrong, he will always try to make it right by feeding you lies. The momenthe feels his life is becoming complicated, he should communicate like aman. "Hey, sorry that I haven't talked to you in a few days because..."should be "Hey, I may not be around for the next few days because..."There is never an excuse for lack of effort. Check this off before making itofficial.

Can He Communicate How He Feels About You: "I think he likes me," issomething that women tell me about their guy friends. Don't assume a manlikes you, know! There are women who ignorantly believe that men don'tshow emotions because that's just how guys are wired. That stereotype isbogus. Unless a man is a sociopath, he can and will express his romanticfeelings. Does he want to? Maybe not because guys, like girls, don't want tobe left vulnerable and rejected. Regardless, it is in your best interest to gethim to speak about these things openly. Stop relying on indirect signs likethe way he holds you, the way he kisses you, the way he spends money, orthe way he breaks his neck to see you. Communicate like a human being,not a fucking ape, and use your voice box. "How do you feel about me," isnot a good question. "Do you miss me," will not get you an honest answer.The best way to get inside a man's head is by listening to him talk aboutyou over the course of these six to ten weeks.

Men are romantic, they will hint about missing you or ask you aboutmissing them because they're trying to open up. "What do you miss aboutme," is a real question. "What do you like about me," is a real question.Tease him about falling in love with you and see how he squirms. Listen tohow a man points his words like fingers to tell you what he sees in you,don't let him blow smoke about how he likes you because you're different,cooler, or smarter than other girls. That's generic! Make him communicatethe source of his feelings. A man who risks being emotionally vulnerablehas invested in you. Six weeks in and he can't tell you what he likes aboutyou means you haven't connected deep enough to be official.

Is He More Than Attention: Let's be honest, you are not a perfect creator.You are still tied down to immature needs that may cloud your own quest tomanifest true love. Even after you have destroyed most petty insecurities,you may fall into the trap of attention thirst. Most women make the mistakeof loving back those that love first. You are a Spartan; the way you carryyourself will intoxicate a wide range of men. The world will suddenlybecome a buffet, and it's easy to get caught up with guys who kiss your ass,and stop looking for men who challenge you. Butterflies. Excitement.Combustible energy. A feeling that he has something to teach you. Do youfeel that with this man or do you simply love that he loves you more?Without the magic of chemistry, a relationship can't sustain itself.Without the challenge of an equally powerful person, you will grow boredin a relationship. You want real love, so that's what you hold out for not afan. Let's talk about "nice guys" for a moment. A man can be nice withoutbeing a pushover, and you know the difference. A man who gives youwhatever, does whatever, and kisses your ass isn't who you want. You maypretend to like servitude but you want that spark. Sparks don't mean truelove or any other superstitious bullshit. You will see your own qualities oryour most desired qualities pop up in random people, and you will beattracted to them. If you haven't mastered your mind and learned to focusyour thoughts on what you truly need at this point, and are still focused oncreating some hollow dream guy based on lust, those sparks will bemeaningless. You can have sparks with a man who's a total bum and wouldnever take you out on a real date, that's not love, that's the presence of avibe that turns you on. You can have zero electricity with a man that datesyou like a Queen, pays for trips, and opens his soul to you, that doesn'tmean you are a bad person, it means his vibe is off. The solution isn't tofind the spark and deal with the asshole attached to it. Nor is it to ignore theneed for a spark and be grateful for the nice guy. The Spartan way of life isabout finding the perfect balance. You need a man that brings bothexcitement and treatment to the table. If you think that's impossible, thenyou aren't thinking with a will to power. You are still letting settle thoughtsmanifest into half-ass results. If you don't feel your potential boyfriend isthe culmination of that balance by now, don't force it, leave him be.

Do You Complete Him: When a man talks do you listen? A guy's pastpaints a picture that points to the map of his future. It's not about who hisexes were and their faults or the various incompatibilities of his priorrelationships. What was he looking for from these women in terms of love?Not just with women he's slept with, but with the ones that raised him. Aman who was trying to save a ho has a reason for that soft side. A man whospent years with a woman he didn't love has a reason for that sacrifice. Aman who grew up without a mother or treats his mother like his wife doesthese things for emotional reasons. You can't guess, you need to uncoverthese things when dating. For a man to spend a month or more talking toyou virtually every day, there has to be something you take away in termsof what his burning desire is when looking for a partner. Earlier, Imentioned that a relationship isn't a one-way street where a man kneelsbefore you, meets all of your qualifications, and you lay claim. You bothneed to get something out of this union. Knowing his story, can youcomplete this man? The men who I give relationship advice to, they arehonest, noble, and loving. They prove that men do have hearts; but theyhave their own insecurities which causes them to lust after women that usethem or to stick it out with women who don't know how to change. Thereason these men fail at love is because they rush in. They would meet aSpartan like you, become infatuated with how you act, and then do anythingto have you. They fail to see the bigger picture. Any relationship can last sixmonths or a year, but it takes something special to grow year after year. AQueen does not reconfigure herself to fit a man, but she does pay attentionto see if her power source is compatible with his power supply.

Are you the right woman for the man who you are falling for? Justbecause he meets your requirements doesn't mean you spit in the face of hisrequirements as if you can either bend to become what he needs or bendhim to no longer need those things. This is a fatal mistake typical womenmake. They don't pay attention to the details and figure they will make itwork once they are together. Why are you dating if not to test thesepersonality traits out? Women tell me about petty arguments they have withtheir boyfriends ranging from, "He expects me to be like his mother," to"He tries to give me advice about my career when I don't ask him for it."When you date a person, these kinks should be worked out. You shouldn'ttransition into a serious relationship thinking the love you have, which isinfantile at this point, will survive. Know his story, know yourself, know ifit will work? A man may need a woman to give him space to make his ownmistakes without saying anything. If you prefer full transparency, you willbump heads thinking that he's hiding things from you. In reality, it's justhow he operates. A man may need a woman who accompanies him toplaces 90% of the time because he doesn't have friends. If you are a LoneWolf, even in a relationship, then this will become an issue. A man may bevery matter-of-fact about what he wants, and while that attitude is good forpicking restaurants when you don't want to decide, it will lead to riffs whenhe tries to boss you around. How long before him being him, gets underyour skin? Some traits, negative and positive, are so embedded in a manthat you cannot change them, nor should you try. Understand each other,and then ask yourself if you two could co-exist after the lust wears off.

Can You Say the Words: Everything in this chapter boils down to onestatement: I'm ready to be with you. Those are the only words you need.The million-dollar question isn't a question at all, it's a declaration ofpower that communicates what this relationship now has to be in order foryou to continue. There is no waiting on a man to be ready, there is nowaiting for you to be even more prepared. If you aren't prepared to finishthis through then you don't need to date like a Spartan in the first place! Ifyou wanted to play house, cuddle, and get consistent dick, then you couldhave kept down that Tina Typical path. I challenged you to change your life,and you accepted. At this moment of truth, you must Spartan Up. People arebundles of uncertainty that use indirect words and hints to say what theymean, not you. If you want this man, if he has survived cut after cut, andproved himself to be special, say the words that will catapult you: I'mready.

In less than 75 days, you can establish something that can last alifetime. Fully grasp how powerful these steps make you, and own it! Toput this book down, and pretend to understand it or to highlight a fewthings, and take them as suggestions, will get you nowhere. This bookfound you for a reason, do not turn away from salvation because you feeloverwhelmed by the magnitude of this power. Are you a little girl or areyou a Goddess? You are not meant to Spartan Up overnight, read and re-read the first two parts of this book until it becomes more familiar than thealphabet. This is your life now. This is how you date, how you flirt, howyou seduce, how you open a man up, and how you test a man to see if he isworth you. Know the weapons you now have will always work, and usethem! If at any time your thoughts betray you and that inner Basica attemptsto overtake you, close your eyes, and remember how far you've come.Visualize that old weak girl you once called self...Picture her, with all ofher flaws, insecurities, excuses, and doubts standing over a pit...then kickthat bitch in the chest and watch her fall into the abyss. You are Sparta.

Part III

Risk The Dick:

Conquer The Relationship